Miss Jordan Soul Activator

Episode 207 Miss Jordan Soul Activator

Miss Jordan’s mission is to awaken you to understand deeply who you are and to help you express your essence.  It isn’t about becoming, you already have everything inside of you.  She is here to  connect you to the highest version of yourself led by the truth of your soul.  Are you ready for the journey?

In this episode we will cover:

  • Jordan’s journey and growth
  • Surgery on your soul
  • Potential in your children.

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Episode 207: Miss Jordan Soul Activator Transcript

Andrea: [00:00:03] Welcome to the Legalprenuer Podcast. I’m your host, Andrea Sager, founder and CEO of Legalpreneur, Inc. As a serial entrepreneur and someone that works exclusively with small business owners legally protecting their business, I’m dedicated to covering common legal issues faced by business owners, providing you with the business knowledge you need to catapult your businesses growth and showing you just how some of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs have handled these legal and business issues themselves in true attorney fashion. The information in this episode is not legal advice. This is for informational purposes only, and you should always consult with your attorney before implementing any of the information in the show. In case you missed it, our flash sale for Dream Bigger is now over. That crazy good deal that you’ll never see again. It’s gone, however. Tickets are actually now 50% off. General VIP. Whatever you want. 50% off. Get them now because this event is going to sell out. I don’t know when, however, it will sell out. We are so excited for this. We have Ali Webb, Danielle Canty, Pauleanna Reid. We have Chris Harder, Lori harder and so many more big names that are going to be announced soon. So stay tuned. But for now, go get your ticket 50% off and get those rooms booked as well. I cannot wait to see you in Phenix October 5th with the seven. Hello there. Welcome back to another episode of the Legalpreneur podcast. Today’s guest is Miss Jordan. She is a spiritual ascension guide and empathic healer. Essentially, she is your soul surgeon, really helping you just channel your inner divine being and helping you become the highest version of yourself. You guys know that I’ve been on the ultimate healing journey over the past year and a half, so I’m really, really, really excited for you to hear from her because we actually had a call like even before I left my ex-husband and she was just like opening my eyes to so many things. So I’m I’m really honored that she’s here today and to share her message with you guys. So, Miss Jordan, thank you so much for being here.

Jordan: [00:02:18] Oh, my goodness, Andrea. Thank you for having me. I’m actually super tuned in and very excited to talk to you and speak to your audience. And I just want to share out to your audience what magic you are. I know, like in the entrepreneurial world and especially anything logistical, legal, all the things it’s really easy to observe, like our humanness. And you are one of the purest spirits, the fullest hearts and the most magical beings I’ve ever met. And I am so honored to be here. And I’m really, really excited to connect with your people and share my observations of that part of you.

Andrea: [00:02:54] Oh, thank you so much. Thank you. We’ll tell everybody how you got to where you are today. I know you you have had quite the journey, so I know part of it. I know I don’t know all of it. But what you’re willing to share, please share it with our audience so we know how you got to what you’re doing today.

Jordan: [00:03:11] Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Wow. So I’ve I’ve been on quite the journey, like career and education wise. I really think on my way to purpose, I have, quote unquote quit many things and I never saw it as quitting. I always saw it as like ascending and moving to the next calling, essentially. So I started out I started college right after high school, and I went full time year round, over 21 credit hours, and I received my bachelor’s degree in science before I even turned 21 years old. I worked three jobs during college to get it done. And then when I finished, I became the youngest court reporter in the state of New Mexico. And I don’t know if you knew that. I did not know that. And so that was me originally. And interestingly enough, like, I was really proud court putting schools really difficult and now they’re being replaced by recordings and all the things. But back then it’s, I mean, my starting class of like. 25, only two of us finished and it was really, really challenging. And so I felt super accomplished and I felt like I made my parents proud and all the things. But here I am. I’m sitting in criminal court and I’m supposed to be the fly on the wall, right? I’m supposed to be like non biased and all these things. And I, we would get called recess all the time.

Jordan: [00:04:27] So I get reprimanded for rolling my eyes and like slamming my head on the table. I was so young and the professionalism, I was probably lacking that a little bit, but I would tell it, especially my favorite judge, I’m like, Can I curse on this podcast? I’m like, He’s fucking lying. He’s fucking lying, of course, because I was like in charge of all of the exhibits and everything. And so I decided very quickly that I am not somebody who should be in a position where I don’t have an opinion that’s waited. So I thought it would actually going back to law school and I had had so much schooling and I was so tired and a job for an adult. Felony probation and parole officer came up and I had the education for it. I just had to do like the tactical training. And so I ended up taking that job during the recession. So I had a caseload of 98 felons at one time, and I was like this little £95 right out of college spring chicken. And that’s when I really started to connect to this me that I am now. Because they say when you’re a parole officer, you really take one of two hats, either a law enforcement hat or a social worker hat. And I was really strict because I was so small. And these some of these men and women had been in prison for years and years and years.

Jordan: [00:05:41] Right. And so I had to be really strict. And my core value was rehabilitation. I really believed that anybody could be rehabilitated. And I put my whole heart into that career until I thought I wanted to have children with my first husband. I’m on number three now. And, you know, it was just it was getting seemingly dangerous. I was in a small town with three prisons. And like I said, I had a really large caseload. I had like 15 sex offenders at one time and I’d have to do house calls and all these things with no backup because we were in a recession. And I was in a couple of situations where I just felt like I this is a ticking time bomb and I could potentially get hurt. And so as much as I wanted to work in the social work aspect of it, the other side of it, which is the law enforcement aspect, was not aligning with where I needed to do so. I decided to go back to beauty school and then I became a hairstylist and at the same time I was a professional fitness trainer and professional fitness competitor and did that for a while after high school, didn’t do hair. I ended up owning an entertainment magazine and modeling agency and really going into that and more play and more fun.

Jordan: [00:06:52] When I divorced, my first husband and I met my second husband, I helped him with his custom homebuilding company and there was still something missing. Like, I miss the social work aspect, right? I missed actually probation, parole, and I thought about going back, but I did want to do the tactical training again. It was really hard. I got maced in the face and all the things, so I decided to open a hair salon, a day spa, and I did that and I had that for three years and it was beautiful. But I realized very quickly that the part I liked was the service was the connection, was the making people feel beautiful, but not from the outside, like from the inside. And I didn’t really like to cut hair or, you know, I loved like again, the social work aspect. So after that I went to and I was an advertising agent for a big magazine. And all the while I was doing that, I was feeling more called into my soul. Well, as you know, my second marriage was a super abusive and really toxic marriage. And I got in the space where I was groomed and I was like stuck in it. And so through hitting my rock bottom, like, I started realizing, like, I needed to dig myself out. And so simultaneously, I’m missing this aspect of social work that I’m so called to.

Jordan: [00:08:07] And also I’m trying to find myself my worthiness, my purpose. I’m trying to dig my way out of this marriage. And so I started going to women’s events. They started doing some things and step by step. And I went to Lori, who, you know, I went to the Bliss Project with Lori Harder. And the first year I canceled, I started that marriage a whole nother year. And I went back the following year was my first time ever being on a plane by myself. And I sat in the back of the back of the of the crowd at the VIP night. And I watched her on stage and I watched how she was speaking and how she was impacting people. And I watched these women shift and I felt a shift inside of me. And I resonated back all the way to when I was sitting in a courtroom thinking that if I had voice here, I could make shifts. And I couldn’t then. Right. And so I decided to write up the magazine job for a little bit, but open my own business doing kind of coaching, self help, etc., etc. That was the unicorn way know started six years ago and I ran that company for a little bit. It started kind of like a life coaching program, women’s empowerment, kind of like Lori. And then as I moved into my own process, my own spiritual opening, I realized that I had suppressed gifts and really was super in tune with the divine and able to to work on such a deeper level because of some of the work that I had already done.

Jordan: [00:09:35] So then I started specializing in breaking social conditioning, childhood trauma, narcissistic PTSD and all of these things, and really moved into more spiritual space and became like a spiritual guide and then started moving through my healing gifts. And now today, like fast forward, that was like the first part. But over the last six years I’ve ascended to like a true divine channel and I am a breakthrough coach and guide for elites, celebrities and high functioning entrepreneurs. And I choose to impact the impact makers because I can impact anybody. I know that. I know I’m impacting you just by the way I’m speaking in this moment. I it’s a gift that I’ve been given. And I’m also trained to do this in many different facets. And as much as I would love to impact everybody, I realize that my deepest reach would be by impacting the impact makers. And so now I work primarily one on one with high functioning and high level individuals, and I host like leadership trainings and immersions, and that’s basically a mouthful. I don’t think I’ll let you get a word in edgewise, but that’s the back story.

Andrea: [00:10:45] No, I love it. I love the background because that’s I love to make sure the audience knows, like the full picture. And I never do it justice to just introduce with the normal bio. It’s like, hey, let’s get your full picture in here. So I love it. Now one question that I would love to ask because I’ve had a number of. People in the spiritual space lately on the podcast. And so I’ve never had what you would call a spiritual guide. And so I would love to hear more about what is. A spiritual guide. What how would you say that you differ from a lot of other, quote unquote, coaches or whatever, whatever else is out there?

Jordan: [00:11:29] Yeah. I mean. I think the potency of my medicine and my magic is what sets me apart. Initially, that’s that’s a major point of difference. But the reason I go by guidance and we were talking about this before the call, I don’t like the title. I’m a spiritual centric guide, empathic healer. But what I really do is like surgery on your soul and the difference between a guide and a coach and the coaching industry. Let’s just throw. It’s a fucking shit show right now. Everybody is coaching in areas where they don’t really have expertise because they see a market and I don’t want to be that. So I actually remove coach from my experience. I do coaching, but it’s guiding because I’m not your guru. I’m not telling you what to do, teaching you what to do. I am guiding you back to yourself. I am guiding your highest version of self, your highest frequency, your purest spirit. I am. I am teaching her or him to surface because you’re not trying to become anything. It’s already within you. It’s remembering, it’s relearning. It’s reclamation of who you can be in this life, what you’re worthy of, where you can impact, who you can touch, how you’re expressed, how you’re connected, and it’s already inside. And so a spiritual guide, a spiritual ascension guide is guiding you to that ascension within self. So you’re not reaching out here for it. You’re not you’re not being coached to do this, do this, do this. I am guiding you to tune inward and allow her to show up fully.

Andrea: [00:12:56] I love that. I love that. And that’s what I’ve been learning a lot as well, is like we’re not becoming anything, we’re just coming back to ourselves like who we were as children. I’ve been learning so much about just how we’re conditioned at such a young age, and I’m so glad that I’m I’m learning about it now that and I of course, I wish I would have learned about it before I had kids, because I know like sometimes some days it’s so stuck in me, I’m like, oh my gosh, I’m already traumatizing my kids. And so it’s like, how do I already like they’re three and five? So I’m like, how do I already like d condition what I already taught them without when I was unconscious. Like now I’m becoming more and more conscious every day, but obviously their minds are being programed from day one.

Jordan: [00:13:44] So I have a response for that. If you want to hear this is amazing because we’re all always in our own process, right? We’re always learning. And so last night I you know, I was bickering with my husband yesterday, third husband, not the abusive one, just to bicker. And so we’re like bickering when we have twin babies. And I thought, I’m taking I’m going to prioritize myself. I’m going to walk my talk. I’m going to take time for myself and my twin. And so I spent in the bath, I had a glass of wine. And I’m reading this book. It’s called Women Who Run with the Wolves. I don’t know if you read it or not.

Andrea: [00:14:12] I haven’t I have not read it.

Jordan: [00:14:14] Oh, sister. Oh, you got to. So through this and I’ve read it before, but not when I had children. And so what’s interesting is like, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how ascended you are, how spiritual you get, how wealthy you are, what your money mindset, how even it differs from your childhood, what motivation you have. Regardless of all of those things. We are prone as humans to condition our children. We’re going to condition them to our mindset, whatever our mindset is. And even in Senate or a conscious mindset that we are now embodying could still be a limitation on their potential. Right. And so one thing I was learning through the book last night and I was really like picturing my daughter, you know, my son was sleeping and she’s like screaming. She’s watching up and she’s like screaming at the TV, and she’s so interactive and she’s not like that really with movies, she’s like, talking, and she’s talking to the dogs and talking to the bird and talking to the old man. And at one point I shushed her and I was like, you know, because he’s sleeping. And I’m listening to that book last night. And I realized like, oh, my goodness, like even in this little moment, like, she got really sad when I shushed her. And I’m like, I’m suppressing her voice. I’m suppressing her voice. And we think about just, okay, we want you to behave or okay, we want you to be good people, and now we’re learning all these things.

Jordan: [00:15:26] But the key is to not limit their potential and still condition them as little as possible. Even from our Senate mindset, the key is to allow them to be as primal and wild as they can be. Now, it doesn’t mean that they get to run them off in restaurants and throw things everywhere. But it does mean that when they are in a space of full expression or when they are really connected to what they’re doing, if they’re enjoying it, like who gives a flying F? If they’re having sugar at 8 p.m. and you have to stay up an extra hour, like if they’re having the ice cream and they’re in a Seoul moment where they’re experiencing allow them to do that, allow them to be primal and allow them to be wild in nature. And so, you know, she’s run amuck screaming all morning this morning. And I didn’t shush her once and she was driving me crazy, but I’m like, I had to refocus back to my inner girl. And how many times have I been shushed and is it this shushing throughout different periods of my life that allowed me to be in a space where I was groomed and I was contained in this environment that I thought was. It’s going to be good for me, but it was literally just a cage and then ended up closing in on me as an abusive relationship. Had I had more voice earlier, I would have probably caught the red flag earlier. Right.

Andrea: [00:16:40] I love that. And I actually catch it now with my parents like my dad was is very, very, like restrictive. He’s the no man. Like, no, no, no. And I catch that. And I’ve caught it so much with my kids. I’m like, no, like. Let them be like just be and let them be. So I love how you worded that because I still catch myself, obviously, but I try to let them let them express whatever they want. So yeah, thank you for that.

Jordan: [00:17:10] So yeah, you’re welcome.

Andrea: [00:17:11] Transitioning a little bit. I don’t know if you’re able to explain a little bit more about I don’t know if I want to call it a spiritual awakening. But if somebody comes to you and they’re like, Jordan, I want to find my soul, but I can’t exactly afford to work with you one on one. Like, what advice would you give them?

Jordan: [00:17:33] I mean, I tried to serve anyone to the best of my capacity while maintaining my value and holding my my worth, because that part of the exchange is important. So I do things like I just did a free 11 day intensive. I have I had almost 200 women in it on Facebook. And the source called me and I just did it and it was like an opening. So that’s for me. But if someone can’t, like they say, Hey, I can’t afford to work with you right now, but this is what I would desire. My goal is to give them enough tools to be able to shift enough to push their edges into a quantum leap. Because I can’t afford you is I mean, it’s mythical. It’s it’s all a matter of decision, right? It’s all a matter of decisions. So I have an annual women’s event in New Mexico every year. I’ve had it for five years. Usually that’s a nice starting point for people because they get to come experience me speaking, experience other speakers. And then also and this is one thing that differs me from coaches I don’t serve where I don’t know how to serve.

Jordan: [00:18:35] So if there is somebody that is in a space and I’m not the right person to serve them, I go to my Rolodex, I see who I’ve worked with, who are the upcoming spiritual teachers are what people are specializing in. And I go where my heart guides and I gift like I refer people because there’s room for everybody. And the thing in the coaching industry is everyone wants to be so competitive. I’m like, It doesn’t matter. Does it matter if they resonate with me? They could have just as a profound spiritual awakening with you from this podcast, even on a logistical podcast, when we’re not talking about spirit because all it takes for somebody is a word. So basically when they answer a question and come full circle, when they approach me, if someone approaches me like online, I’m looking for what’s the word that they’re looking for? What is going to be that igniter within them to aid in their in their becoming in their process. And so sometimes that leads them to me and sometimes it doesn’t, but it leads them down the rabbit hole to start discovering self. And that’s the.

Andrea: [00:19:27] Goal. I love that. Oh, my gosh. I remember our phone call. I mean, it had to be two years ago, more than two years ago. I remember I was just having so many issues with my ex husband now, who is my husband at the time. And I remember you telling me like, you can’t change him. You cannot do anything to make him change. Like you have to be the change and you have to reflect that and you have to be the mirror. And he will see. Oh, wow. She is like living her best life. Like she is her highest self. Like I want that. I see how amazing how amazing she looks and how how she’s glowing. And I remember I will never forget that phone call because I just I feel like I was so desperate at the time, like, what the fuck do I do? Like, I am like I’m stuck. Like I don’t even know what to do. And that phone call just really awakened me to realize, like, I really can’t change him or anybody. I have to be the change and become my highest self. And so that was definitely something that helped me. Go down that path of becoming my highest self. So thank you for that.

Jordan: [00:20:38] You’re welcome. And, you know, I don’t know. We haven’t really talked about where you’re at in this process. I know that you’re you’re a part now and you’ve moved on. And and he’s still the father of your children. Right. And so here’s the thing. Is not ever counting anybody out like you don’t have to allow them in your field. And you are still if you continue to embody you continue to write the permission slip for others to do the same. And you never know. There are people that I thought fell off the fucking deep end. Like I was never going to speak to them again. And and, you know, years later, they’ve taken me as a loss. They’ve done their own, or maybe not just because of me, but because of whatever else in their life. And then they circle back around and they’re in a space where they can energetically meet me and then we get to come back into unison in a really harmonious space. And, you know, that can be you with your husband and for anyone listening if you share children or if you’re a mother or a sister or whatever, if it’s a family member and you’re like, I don’t want to completely write them off forever, like, you know, continue showing up. And at some point it will click, it will click and they will be gifted. The invitation to elevate their own life.

Andrea: [00:21:51] Yeah, I like that. I love that. So switching gears a little bit now, can we talk about maybe not even the legal side of your business, but you are in a position of. I don’t even want to say like a great secret keeper, but I mean, people tell you things. So how like from the legal side of your business, like do people are are they questioning questioning a lot of things? Like is this confidential? Like what are their concerns or are they they just feel your energy and they know like, hey, I’m safe here.

Jordan: [00:22:26] I mean, like I said, I work with really high level clients. And so there’s typically a really large financial investment. And what I found is that when people are making that type of investment, they are already in a space of trusting, right? Because they’re investing like a significant amount. And yeah, I mean, of course you got to protect yourself. And so, you know, a lot of this, like I was just flying by the seat of my pants for a long time and I think I met you and you’re like, you got, like, contracts. You got to like, you know, someone almost died in a retreat. What? You know, so, you know, like connecting to the contract ball and making sure that like every one on one client and even at events and stuff, the people are contracted in on not just that confidentiality that I’m going to hold confidence, but that anyone else in the space is going to. And then also they’re going to hold confidence with my work. Some of my work is really unorthodox, you know, and from certain spaces it could be like seen, seen in a certain perspective or judged. I utilize medicine sometimes there’s different things that happen and it’s important that I make sure that I’m covered for their health, that I’m covered for confidentiality, and I make sure that they feel safe in a space.

Jordan: [00:23:35] And so contracts are key. And, you know, my energy is also it’s very prominent in that I’m not fucking around. So like, if I have you at a retreat and we’re doing like this healing work and this woman opens up about being molested or something, and then this one opens up about abusive husband or whatever. Like, they already know. Like, I will call Andrea, and I will like you to the fullest extent of the law if you fuck with my contracts or you break the other the other woman’s thing. Because that’s not what tribe is. That’s not what core is. And so typically when people are entering a healing space of any kind or even an ascension space, like we do a lot of money talk, we do a lot of things. I know people’s finances, really high level entrepreneurs. I know what they make. I know these things and I make sure that they’re safe and they’re also contracted in. And so it’s it’s a really. Secure spot. And I come with a forward energetic of like, I will see you like you will not mess with anyone else in the space and you won’t mess with my business because my business is in my business. This is my life work. I’m here to change people’s lives and allow them to surface as their elevated self, you know?

Andrea: [00:24:42] Yeah, I love that. That’s amazing because it really is one thing that people have to realize when you’re in like these group spaces, it’s not just confidentiality and respect for the facilitator or the guide, it’s also with the other group members. Like I know, like any groups that I’m in where personal information is discussed, like typically I’m the one drafting the contract, but we always make sure it’s not just a matter that the facilitator has this level of confidentiality. However, every group member as well has this agreement of confidentiality with each group member, because we know it’s a sacred space, this is a safe space. We have to feel safe to express whatever amongst the group, especially like Chris is mastermind. I’m actually you’ll like this. I am doing a plant medicine retreat in September. Have you done Kona? I think it’s Kona.

Jordan: [00:25:43] I have not done Kona.

Andrea: [00:25:45] I’m doing Kona. It’s a plant medicine retreat. And again, same contract and millionaire girls club. Same thing in the contracts. So yeah, if you are listening and you do any type of like group retreats, you have to also make sure that you’re not only. Ensuring your and keeping the confidentiality, but also the group members are ensuring confidentiality. That’s a big one when there are group spaces. Thanks for bringing that up. I don’t really touch on that a lot.

Jordan: [00:26:18] Yeah. And you know what else? And this will be like a little like a little a little ego hug for you. Like, I’m not afraid to even, like, throw your name at all. And, you know, I know, you know, like, recall a couple of years back, I had a client that kind of turned rogue, and she, like, tried to steal some of my stuff, and then she was, like, contacting all my people. And I’m like, I have the best attorney, like, do not fuck with me. And it was like such a good scare. And this is before I mean, you are like still, I think practicing. Practicing at that point you weren’t it wasn’t the Legalpreneur was just taking off. But I was like, Yeah.

Andrea: [00:26:54] I know, I know. It’s always fun. Like, I mean, I think that’s honestly like what a lot of small business owners really enjoy is the fact that they have. A true attorney to say like I actually have an attorney. Like it’s not just an empty threat and many. Like when people try to take advantage. They really do think it’s an empty threat and it’s like, no, no, no, no.

Jordan: [00:27:16] Yeah. Because I think I sent her like one email and I just see on it. And at the time we were still friends. I don’t even think I had to like hire you for anything at that point. She was like, you know, great. And it’s great. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Andrea: [00:27:28] So before we go, please tell us about the event, your retreats. Like how can people get in contact with you to work with you or see like how do they get into your circle?

Jordan: [00:27:41] Oh, so this is this is amazing. I love that we’re bringing this up because talking about like differentiating from the coaching industry, like, I don’t advertise, I don’t my website is outdated by probably two years. I all my, my, my leadership immersion is sold out. It sells out a year in advance. So we’d be booking for 2023. It’s an invite only with people that I’ve worked with in some capacity. I have a Scarlett Circle, I have one seat left for that. It starts in September. It’s a nine month program. And so I, I don’t sell like people connect to me. You can connect to me on Instagram or Facebook. You can add me, you can message me. I don’t have an assistant. I write back all of my own stuff. And yeah, I mean, I booked 100,000 clients like through Instagram. I don’t advertise, I don’t do any of it because I’m not trying to sell like I’m here to serve people who are fully in alignment. And so if someone wants to be in my circle like they can watch my social media, sometimes I offer like little free givebacks and stuff. Sometimes I do like small programs. Right now I’m doing a six week program called Ignite and it’s really intimate. I have like seven women in there. We just go through six week program and that stuff. I never I pop up maybe one graphic or I just get on my stories and Instagram and say, Hey, I’m going to do a container anyone wants to join.

Jordan: [00:28:59] And then like, that’s your opportunity to say, I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready. And then from there, once you worked with me, you can come to like the leadership training or we can consider a one on one container. My, my annual women’s event. I haven’t planned it this year in New Mexico. Last year I held it in Phenix. You know that. I do share that, but mainly I just share it out on social media and friends share it out again. I don’t I don’t even have like a link. I don’t have links. I do have you can go to the mastodon dot com. You can see my bio, you can kind of see my offerings and there’s like stuff to click to to talk to me or set up like a phone call with me. But I’m really informal and, you know, it’s it’s so interesting. And I want to speak to I know a lot of the people in your audience are entrepreneurs. And we have this common misconception that we have to, like, do this stepping stone and do these things and have the right logo and have the right graphic and have the right connections and do the right mastermind and and then have our website up and all this stuff to be successful. It’s just bullshit. The thing is, is if you’re working from your heart and if you’re truly operating your purpose and your authentic people feel that and, you know, to work with me one on one, it’s $100,000 for a one year minimum contract and.

Jordan: [00:30:10] My website is outdated by two years. I don’t sell to anybody like someone connects to me and they’re like, Let’s have a conversation. Is it a fit? And so you can be successful right where you are right now. And my my advice, my I know that you’re going to ask me for business tips. I’m going to give it to you. My business tip is. Operate from your soul. Operate from your soul in everything that you’re doing. How you do one thing is how you do everything. You don’t have to have all the bells and whistles. You know, dessert is good, but it’s it’s after the mill. Like the bulk of your what you’re feeding is what’s important. And you don’t have to get lost in doing all the things. The one thing you do need to do is make sure you’re protected and open to our membership. You do need to do that. But all the logo, all the thing, all the marketing, all the pictures, it’s bells and whistles. It’s it’s glitter. And not all that glitters is gold. There are a lot of people with a lot of good marketing that I know will not serve the same capacity that I do because I just eliminate the bullshit and I go right into literally operating on the soul space, you know?

Andrea: [00:31:16] I love that. I love that. Oh, my gosh. Jordan, thank you so, so much for this. I know it is speaking to people and seriously, go follow her on Instagram. You can check out her website. And Jordan, thank you. Thank you.

Jordan: [00:31:29] Thank you. You’re welcome. Yeah, they’re just both Miss Jordan and Miss Jordan like Michael Jordan. Only cuter. Thank you, sister. It’s so nice having you. I’m so proud of all of your success. It’s such a it’s such a heartwarming and beautiful thing to watch. You continue to rise, continue to elevate, and most importantly, continue to impact. That’s the that’s the element. That’s the piece that a lot of people leave out. And that’s the important part in our world right now. And so I just want to acknowledge you and honor you for the work that you’re continuing to do and show up. And you’re making all of us very, very proud.

Andrea: [00:32:00] Thank you. Here at Legalpreneur, we’re committed to providing a supportive legal community for all business owners. I know how scary the legal stuff can be. If you found this information helpful, I would be so grateful if you could share it with the fellow business owner. And quite frankly, it doesn’t cost anything to rate, review or subscribe to the show. Your support helps me reach more listeners, which allows me to support more business owners in their entrepreneurial journey. Have any questions or comments about the show? Feel free to drop me a line on Instagram, I promise. I read all of the messages and comments and if you want to be a guest on the show or know someone that would make a great guest, simply fill out our application form and a team member will reach out if we think it’s a good fit. I’ll see you in the next episode.

Episode 207 Miss Jordan Soul Activator