Legally Creating a Legacy Brand

Legally Creating a Legacy Brand Blog Post

Featuring is a new series of blog posts that spotlights Legalpreneur members who are crushing the small business game. Read these posts for inspo, member-tested tips, and compelling narratives from the Legalpreneur community.

Legalpreneur member Tiffany Neuman is changing how we see branding, one company and one legacy at a time. A visionary entrepreneur, she founded Tiffany Nueman Creative as a means of helping founders cement their mark in the world of business through her Legacy Brand Method. Not only is she the go-to branding expert, she’s also penned articles at top-tier media outlets, including Forbes and Entrepreneur, and has yielded impressive results for small business owners. 

If the branding industry is seemingly portrayed as a moment among the flashing-lights, Tiffany’s Legacy Brand Method is, instead, steadfast sunshine. It’s timelessly innovative, yielding lasting and out-of-this-world results. Her bold, enduring vision perceptively reaches beyond the hurried next step. 

This refreshingly, invigorating approach is likely a byproduct of the legacy Tiffany chose to create for herself when she left her former career in pursuit of something more—something that would last beyond the confines of time. 

In fact, about four years ago, the Legacy Brand founder was at a crossroads. “I was living my dream life as a creative director, yet I found myself miserable having to go back to work after only six weeks of maternity leave,” she said. It was then that Tiffany knew she had to make a change, so she left the position that once defined the majority of  her professional identity.   

Her decision proved to be groundbreaking. It altered her career trajectory, and now serves to impact and inspire the paths of her clients. The Legacy Brand Method is Tiffany’s signature, one-of-a-kind method through which Tiffany has positioned business owners as thought leaders, so they can leave a long-lasting legacy with their work. This changemaker has led countless entrepreneurs into success on their terms – whether it’s a fully-booked waitlist or tripling revenue.  

But first, there were growing pains. The former creative director was so focused on building her business  that she forgot to protect her assets, leaving room for another company to start utilizing her intellectual property. That’s when Tiffany lawyered-up with attorney Andrea Sager and The Legalpreneur. Through Legalpreneur services, the trademark issue was resolved and Tiffany soon owned exclusive rights to her IP. 

We are honored that trail-blazing Legalpreneur members like Tiffany have made the decision to join our community at The Legalpreneur to help navigate the legal side of their biz. While we ensure Tiffany is legally secure, she can focus on helping entrepreneurs live out their destinies so they can leave behind a legacy. 

Learn more about Tiffany at  Check out the Legacy Brand website for more information about her signature method that transforms brands into legacy makers.  Until then, we’ll leave you with the brand wizard’s number-one piece of advice for entrepreneurs: 

“Always focus on foundations first. If you build your business on a solid foundation, nothing can shake it. This means getting clarity on your brand, protecting your assets and learning to lead.  All the rest you can learn as you go and evolve!”

Tiffany Neuman

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Legally Creating a Legacy Brand Blog Post