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What is ADA Compliance Blog Post

What is ADA Compliance?

Are you running a business that follows the laws, codes of conducts and professional ethics of your respected industry? Is your business inclusive of all people? Is your website accessible to those with disabilities? Clients often ask me what it means to be in compliance, so let’s start with ADA Compliance.

The Mindset Blocks that are keeping you stuck as an entrepreneur Blog Post

The Mindset Blocks that are Keeping You Stuck as an Entrepreneur.

Sometimes, we’re so afraid of our own success, that we sabotage ourselves before we can even start. It doesn’t matter how high achieving you are, or the degrees on your wall — there’s something about starting a company that will trigger all of your insecurities, and mirror to you the ways you’ve been holding your own talents hostage.

Legally Creating a Legacy Brand Blog Post

Legally Creating a Legacy Brand

Legalpreneur member Tiffany Neuman is changing how we see branding, one company and one legacy at a time. A visionary entrepreneur, she founded Tiffany Nueman Creative as a means of helping founders cement their mark in the world of business through her Legacy Brand Method. Not only is she the go-to branding expert, she’s also penned articles at top-tier media outlets, including Forbes and Entrepreneur, and has yielded impressive results for small business owners.


What exactly is IP? No, it’s not your IP address..

For so many, the term “IP” is a part of everyday life, but most Americans may only have the vaguest idea of what the term actually means. No, the IP I’m referring to is not your IP address that identifies your computer network. Be it in news reports, common usage, or in the disclaimers on many products, “IP” impacts our lives on a daily basis and in many ways we don’t even consider. The IP I’m referring to is intellectual property. Intellectual property is an intangible creation that may be protected with a trademark, copyright or patent. When you’re a creator, this is the most important type of protection you may ever need to be concerned with. Below is a brief explanation of the types of intellectual property and where you might see them.


What to do when someone rips off your work

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) allows anyone with a claim to unique work to help preserve their ownership and use of it through what is known as a DMCA takedown notice. This notice serves to alert companies hosting your copyrighted work that it is being used illegally and without your consent to serve the purposes of another. 


3 Things You Can Do When Someone Uses Your Photo Without Permission

Have you ever been browsing through the internet and you find a photo that you have taken and you realize it’s not your account that posted the photo? If so, you’re not alone. What’s even worse, it may not even be someone reposting your content and giving you credit. When this happens, there are typically 3 routes you can take to rectify the situation. 


50 Things That Can Be Copyrighted

Every single day I have a client say, “Oh! I didn’t know that could be copyrighted!” Because of this, I’ve decided to compile a list of 50 things that can be copyrighted. I won’t go into the details about copyrights here, but you can read about the basics of a copyright here.