Find all the ways we can help you cover your assets below!

We went to law school so you don’t have to.

Corporations have teams of legal professionals to ensure their assets are protected.

We get you cannot afford nor need a team of lawyers… but you DO need legal representation. Let us be your general counsel (for a crap-ton cheaper) than the crazy hourly rates those dudes charge!

Can you put a price on peace of mind?
Sleep easy, knowing you’re protected.

Check out all the ways we can help you cover your assets below!

Legal Protection Playbook


If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and take empowered action legally protecting your business and growth plans, then you have to take the FIRST step.

One step that will lead to the next building a strong legal foundation for your business to PROSPER!

And we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for to ease your anxiety with the legal stuff!

The Trademark Course


We’ll teach you everything you need to know to strategize, apply for, and enforce your trademarks.

Get 6 Modules of bite sized videos of Andrea + 1 Bonus Module and worksheets to practice your new Legalpreneur skills!

The Trademark Course also includes FREE bonus access to:

✚ The g[LAW]ssary
✚ Andrea’s Specialized Search Method
✚ Licensing Agreement Contract Template

Contract Vault Bundle


We put together bundles of 3-7 general AND industry specific contract templates for you!

Select your Contract Vault Bundle option below to explore what contract templates are included. Purchase your contract templates , add your unique business information to highlighted portions of the contract template, and you’ll have access to your very own, attorney-vetted contracts that will keep you and your business protected. 

Copyright Takedown Service


We get it, you want to protect your work, but you do not have the time to complete these takedowns on your own. That’s why we’ve created the Legalpreneur Copyright Takedown Service to help busy entrepreneurs, just like you, takedown infringers and protect your work!

LLC Filing

$249 + Your State Filing Fees

We’ll take care of entity formation for you. Choose your state below and we’ll guide you through the rest.

This includes the LLC filing, getting your EIN number, and your operating agreement.

Protect your business as you grow and evolve

Go ‘all in’ with your complete legal solution, and have an all access dedicated attorney

Join the

Your all-access subscription service that puts a team of attorneys in your back pocket, for a FRACTION of the typical legal fees. Get affordable and on-demand legal counseling so you can focus on running your biz – on our app!