FINALLY! The peace of mind your business needs for less than the average hourly rate each month.

The best part? All of this is available to you whenever and wherever you need on the MyLegalprenur app.

Coaches | Ecommerce | Fitness | Beauty | Photographers | Podcasters | Spiritual | Copywriters | Influencers | Marketers | Designers | Consultants | Authors | Speakers | Events | Bookkeeping | Accounting and more!

We’ve tailored our services for every level of business.

The New

“I needed to find out more about legally getting my business started, but I was so overwhelmed that I had no idea where to start. I almost went back to my 9-5.”

The Side-Hustle Entrepreneur

“Local attorneys didn't understand my online business and thought my side-hustle was a joke. It was obvious they didn’t see me as a valuable client.”

The Established Entrepreneur

“My business is growing so much faster because I know that my business is legally protected. I no longer fear the legal stuff, it’s my growth strategy!”

The Serial

“I’m constantly coming up with new business ideas and I needed a better way to ‘do legal’ that was financially responsible.”

No matter what stage you're in, legal protection is easier and more affordable than ever before.

Ever have one of these situations?

Maybe you didn’t know what to do then, but now
–we’ve got your back.

Why Legalpreneur?

We’ve been on every side of this problem – the small business owner, the BigLaw attorney, and the small business attorney.

We’ve combined every experience to create a solution that meets the legal needs of every business owner, no matter what stage they are in. 

Legal may have seemed scary and intimidating in the past, but we’ve broken it all down to be understandable and affordable!

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Legalpreneurs Save on Legal!

With Legalpreneur

Without Legalpreneur


Lawyers aren’t just for lawsuits, you don’t have to wait til you ‘need’ an attorney to have one (or an entire team!) on your side.

We can be on your side TODAY.


Lawyers aren’t just for lawsuits, you don’t have to wait til you ‘need’ an attorney to have one (or an entire team!) on your side.

We can be on your side, today.

comes with over $25k worth of protection including…

The priceless peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is on the right side of the law

Unlimited email communication with your attorney—because you shouldn’t have to pay extra for your lawyer to read or think about your email***

One 30-minute call per month, so you can talk through an issue when you need to—no extra charge***

Document Review every month, so you can cover your business bases while we cover your contracts

The Contract Vault: 100+ industry-specific contract templates drafted by real attorneys

Free perks and discounts the longer you stay a member, because we believe in rewarding our loyal subscribers

Monthly legal trainings to help you focus on making money and growing your business alongside like-minded entrepreneurs

The Contract Vault Generator to custom generate contracts for the specific needs of your business





+ Monthly Legal Trainings W/ Q&A

+ The Contract Vault W/ 100+ Contract Templates

+ The Contract Vault Generator

+ Legalpreneur Document Review (5 pages per month)

+ Annual Business Audit 

+ Annual Basic Trademark Search

+ Attorney Marketplace

+ 15%-off the DIY Trademark Course 

+ 15%-off an LLC Filing

$999/year -or- $99/month

*requires a minimum 12-month commitment


* Not Yet Launched Or Just Starting

* In The Creative Stage

* Sole Proprietor Looking to Become An LLC

* $0- $10k in Annual Revenue

* In Need of Contract Templates

* No Employees

* Not Sure What Legal Protection Is Needed

* Looking To Learn About Intellectual Property




+ Unlimited Document Review

+ 1:1 Attorney Client Relationship

+ Unlimited Email Communication with Your Attorney

+ 1:1 Monthly Calls with Your Attorney

+ 15%-off All Legal Services with Your Attorney

+ 1 FREE LLC Filing
*does not include State filing fees

+ 1 FREE Trademark Application
*does not include filing fees

+ 15%-off the DIY Trademark Course

$4,999/year -or- $499/month

*requires a minimum 12-month commitment


* Deliberate Planning to Meet Long-Term Growth Goals

* Need Specific Legal Advice

* Sole Proprietor Looking to Become An LLC or create an additional LLC

* Need Custom Contracts

* $10k+ in Annual Revenue

* Bringing on Contractors and Employees 

* Payment Issues With Clients

* Assets Need Protection (logos, podcast, courses, etc.)

* Affiliate Relationships

* Need Help Managing Tough Situations

* Want To Mean It When You Say “Let Me Run It By My Lawyer First”

The Legalpreneur Difference


Legalpreneur is a legal subscription plan for all small businesses. The Base Membership plan is designed to help entrepreneurs begin building a legal foundation for their small business. The Advanced Membership plan is meant to provide access to an attorney each month at a low cost.

Your membership gives you various resources based on the membership plan you select.  Resources range from monthly legal trainings, annual Business Audit, annual Trademark Search, access to The Contract Vault, discounts on Legalpreneur products, Document Review, and all-access to an attorney, which includes emails, phone calls, with discounts on other legal services.

If you choose the 12-month payment plan, your card will be charged on the same day every month.

If you choose the annual plan, your card will be charged on the same day every year.

12 months, and then you may cancel at anytime.

Document Review is meant for those times when you’re supposed to sign a contract, but you’re really not sure if you should sign it or not. In contrast, you may also use your monthly Document Review to have the Legalpreneur translate the contract that you are using to make sure it says what you think it says.

Advanced Membership: You can submit unlimited pages per month and you will receive feedback regarding what’s inside the contract.

Base Membership: You can submit up to 5 pages per month and you will receive feedback regarding what’s inside the contract.

The Legalpreneur Business Audit organizes the process of legally protecting and growing your business. This is meant to organize all of the protection you currently have and all of the protection you still need in your business.

This audit, coupled with the other resources, will ensure you’re setting up your business for success and minimize legal issues as you grow!

Invest time and money in the trademark process with confidence!

Your Trademark Search Report will give you an outline of current trademark registrations or applications that may interfere with the future registration of your mark.

The My Legalpreneur app simplifies the process of legally protecting your small business by creating a customized member experience. The app makes accessing the legal resources you need to legally protect your business easier than ever– custom contracts, business audits and trademark searches, communication with your attorney, schedule monthly calls, document review, and MORE– ALL from your My Legalpreneur app.