Finally get the exact answers you need on how to legally set up and run your business.

No more guessing, no more analysis paralysis, and no more Google rabbit holes. Just straight answers.

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Legal redefined by Legalpreneur founder, Andrea Sager – ranked #12/40,000 trademark attorneys in the US.

You’ll discover all of the protection you currently have and all of the protection you need in your business.

Stop wondering if your business is properly set up and in compliance with relevant business laws. Get the answers you’ve been looking for!

The most common questions that cause entrepreneurs just like YOU to delay growing your business:

You can finally have all of the legal answers your business needs TODAY!

If you’ve been experiencing overwhelm, stress, and the dreaded Google rabbit hole trying to figure out the legal side of your business, your personal Business Audit will give you all of the answers you need, plus more!

What exactly is included?

Audit of the Legal Side of Your Business

Legalpreneur tells you exactly what protection you currently have, and what protection you still need to legally set up and grow your business.

Business Audit Review Packet

One-on-One Call With Andrea To Review The Results

Your one-on-one call with Andrea will prevent the overwhelm and stress that comes with legally protecting your business.  

Your Business Audit coupled with Andrea’s 1:1 support will empower you to confidently legally protect your industry-specific business!

Value of $499

The Lawyer behind the Legalpreneur

Hi, I’m Andrea Sager. As a serial entrepreneur and a lawyer, I know first-hand how important it is for businesses of any size or stage to have legal support. That’s why I left my big law firm to follow my true passion: helping other entrepreneurs meet their fullest potential by leveraging the power of the law for an affordable price.

When you sign up with The Legalpreneur, you’re not just getting an affordable attorney, you’re getting another entrepreneur with years of experience running multiple businesses who can relate to your unique needs. I’ve walked miles in your shoes, and then some. The Legalpreneur is just what its name suggests, the best of both worlds: legal and business expertise.

B.B.A., Business with an emphasis in Accounting
J.D., NKU Chase College of Law Admitted in Ohio


Exactly everything you need to legally set up and protect your business from infringers and the government with one-on-one support from Andrea.

On Sale Now: $99

Don’t just take it from us!

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Online entrepreneurs that built the biz, want to legally protect the biz, AND SAVE THOUSANDS!

Legalpreneur has simplified the process for you. We know the stress and anxiety that show up immediately when you think of legal.

Post-purchase you will complete a Business Audit Information Form. On the form you will provide links to your website(s) and social pages, and we take it from there! 

Yes! It is never too soon to consider legally protecting your business. The Business Audit + Review Call with Andrea will help you proactively legally protect your business!

The Business Audit that includes your Review Call with Andrea is $450 $99.

As soon as you complete the Legalpreneur’s Business Audit Information Form post-purchase, 5-10 business days!

Your Business Audit Review Packet will include:

✔️ Information pertaining to your official legal entity and identify entity red flags.

✔️ An outline of your current contracts and industry-specific contracts you may need.

✔️ Details about your most-valuable asset, your intellectual property. This includes valuable information about your current and potential trademarks and copyrights.


Yes! Legalpreneur has included a 1:1 Review Call with Legalpreneur Founder, Andrea Sager.

Andrea’s main priority is helping you meet your fullest potential as an entrepreneur by leveraging the power of the law while empowering you to legally protect your business with CONFIDENCE!

A confident entrepreneur is a successful entrepreneur!

When the Legalpreneur completes your Business Audit you will receive an email with a call scheduling link to schedule your call at your convenience based on your schedule! 

Yes, as soon as you schedule your call – add your call to your calendar – and show up to review your Business Audit with Andrea. Please be respectful of your own time and Andrea’s.

No. In order to receive legal advice, an attorney-client relationship must be created. If requested, Andrea may provides resources on how to create an attorney-client relationship.

The Business Audit and Review Call is solely to provide you with the answers on what legal protection you need. There are certain protections Legalpreneur may be able to help you with after the call, which can be discussed in your call. 


The Ultimate Business Legal Checklist For Entrepreneurs Terrified Of The Legal Stuff

The legal know-how you need to confidently set up and legally protect your business.

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