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If you are one of these entrepreneurs or amateurs who want to start a podcast, you should know that there are some legal issues involved with doing so. In this post I’ll explain what they are so that when you do decide to take the plunge into podcasting land, you know what is required of you legally speaking.

Do I need an LLC for my side hustle?

If you’re like most people today, you have a side hustle that helps fill in the gaps between your regular job and whatever else is going on in your life. You might be a freelance writer, a podcaster, a social media consultant, an influencer or user-generated content (UGC) creator doing brand deals, or maybe even an app developer or digital marketer. If you work for yourself, then you need to make sure that everything is set up correctly from day one so that nothing falls through the cracks down the road.

Welcome to the final episode of The Legalpreneur Podcast as we take our long-awaited hiatus. This is the end of the podcast..for now, as we step into a new chapter of our startup. Our team is spread thin, and to reach our goal of uprooting the legal industry for small businesses, as the founder, I must give my full attention to the grand mission so that The Legalpreneur can continue doing what it does best, supporting small business owners.

Before I leave you, I am giving your the full legal checklist, to ensure that you have a foundation to legally start, structure, and keep your business on track. As a small business, you are held to the same standard as any Fortune 500 company, which may be overwhelming, but this list will empower you to confidently start and maintain legal protection of your company.

Thank you for supporting The Legalpreneur podcast for these three amazing years. It’s been a pleasure answering your questions, concerns, and simplifying the legal process. Without your support, The Legalpreneur would not have grown into the success it is today! You can still find everything you need in our podcast library, and I hope to be back soon!

Today on The Legalpreneur, I am excited to announce our long-awaited interview with George Ploss, the Global Director of the NetSuite Accelerator Program. Oracle recruited George through the diversity hiring initiative that targeted Veterans. He was brought on as a solutions consultant and quickly became the Senior Program Manager at Oracle in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Veterans. George’s commitment to inclusivity led him to his current position in the NetSuite Accelerator, where he helps minority-owned companies like The Legalpreneur grow and expand their potential.

NetSuite is more than a financial planning app, it goes beyond the abilities of QuickBooks. George demonstrates how this unique platform is helping small businesses access enterprise resource planning. In the NetSuite Accelerator, George helps shape founders into leaders to attract venture capitalists so they can get access to the funding they need to revolutionize their industry.

We reminisce about The Legalpreneur’s deal day. George explains how he helped The Legalpreneur master our financials and our pitch before we spoke to any VCs. The NetSuite Accelerator is a game changer for small businesses. If you want to learn more about the world of start-ups, venture capitalists, and the future of accelerators, listen now!

Are you clear on what qualifies as defamation? It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot in the entrepreneurial space, but today on The Legalpreneur, I am breaking down the five criteria to prove a defamation case. I clearly define what qualifies as defamation and break down common misconceptions about negative statements.

The main criteria of defamation are whether or not the statement can be proven as true or false and if it is made public. People are allowed to have negative opinions about you and your business, so not every rude comment calls for legal action.

Sometimes words travel farther than people intend, but everyone is still responsible for public statements made. I break down one of the most disputed criteria for defamation…fault. With social media, it is easy to post something, but once you do, the ripple effect can reach further than you intended. I am here to tell you that you can still hold the original person responsible if they were the catalyst for your public defamation.

Each criterion is nuanced and case-specific. if you suspect you are a victim of defamation, be sure to enlist an attorney to see if you have a civil case. As always, this is something that we at The Legalprenur can assist you with, so be sure to check out our membership plans to see if we can help you with your legal needs!

If you want to understand what qualifies as defamation, listen now!

Do you have clarity on why you want to accomplish your goals? Today on The Legalpreneur, I want to inspire you to evaluate your goals, in order to understand your deeper motivations and decide if the life you’re leading is the life you want.

As we enter a new chapter of The Legalpreneur, I am thinking a lot about why I started this project. My goal is to sell The Legalpreneur for a billion dollars, so I can start a venture capital fund for underrepresented minorities. The dream is bigger than the money, and the billion-dollar valuation is only because I know this business will change the legal industry forever. The money is great, but staying focused on the mission behind the money is what lights my soul on fire.

I have never been more financially unstable, but this has also been the most abundant time of my life! You can create a life that makes you happy! Get to know yourself and dig deep into why you’re doing what you’re doing. No matter what you want to accomplish in life, be sure to evaluate the deeper meaning behind your desire, so you don’t build a life or a business that is unfulfilling. Join me today to discover how to lead a life with intention.

Are you feeling burnt out? Today on The Legalpreneur, I welcome our longstanding member, Nicole Bensen, to discuss burnout, retreats, and mindfulness training. She got her start at Google, managing the well-being program for women. Working in big tech can be stressful, so Nicole took a leap of faith and started Tentacles and Tea, a wellness retreat and coaching business that helps you escape the grind in some of the most beautiful locations around the world.

Everything runs on divine timing, Nicole started her business the moment the world shut down, but that did not phase her! She shares how she pivoted her business model to online coaching and persevered through the past two years. Her hard work paid off, so today she is announcing her first in-person retreat in Switzerland! This trip will be an amazing opportunity to reconnect with yourself, have some fun and meet great people in the process.

Nicole reveals how helpful her Legalpreneur Membership was to the formation of her company, and the benefits of having an attorney on hand! Join us as we dive into the world of Big Tech, woo-woo, and personal development.

Are you in alignment with your purpose as an entrepreneur? Often your identity gets wrapped up in how you make money, but there are a million ways to make your fortune! Today on The Legalpreneur, we discuss identity and entrepreneurship with Cat Golden, founder of Nurses Inspire Nurses. She is one of The Legalpreneur’s first members and today she shares how her membership helped her with everything she didn’t know that she didn’t know! Her unique perspective on authenticity and business will have you reevaluating how you make money.

When you shift your focus from money to living authentically, you will be amazed at the opportunities that manifest for you. Cat had no intention of being an entrepreneur, but she did have a purpose, and from that purpose, she created a company centered around helping nurses recover and prevent burnout.

Cat discusses how she does not let her ego make business decisions, which is why her company has evolved into the success it is today. She teaches you to make decisions based on personal alignment rather than ego-driven goals. By separating your identity from your business, you will allow yourself and your business to blossom.

If you are ready to step into authentic entrepreneurship, listen now!

Are you prepared to handle a PR nightmare? In today’s internet culture, your public image is a delicate thing that must be protected and sometimes recovered. Today on The Legalpreneur Podcast, I give you examples of how you can handle a potential PR nightmare and recover from cancellation.

If you have done nothing wrong, I often recommend taking the high road and avoiding public acknowledgment of the attack on you or your business. You must be honest and take responsibility if you have genuinely made a verbal blunder or done something to bring about public scrutiny. Often a genuine apology goes a long way to win back approval.

If you are the target of public defamation, then your strategy will be much more involved. I teach you how to keep your cool and handle the situation professionally. Even when you have done nothing wrong, defamation will damage the image you have built in the public eye, which can cost you business, clients, and opportunities. Having a well-thought-out strategy is vital to the recovery of your good name.

To learn how to effectively handle a PR nightmare, listen now!



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