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Today on The Legalpreneur Podcast, I am clearing up some confusion around what defines a business owner. Unfortunately, many freelancers and entrepreneurs are operating without the legal protection they deserve, simply because they aren’t aware of their status as a business owner.

If you are working towards earning income from the goods or services you provide then you are characterized as a business owner. Even if you haven’t officially launched a company or you aren’t making money from your enterprise yet; it is the pursuit of profit that legitimizes you. In this episode, I help you determine if you are a business owner and what legal steps you should take to protect yourself in your venture.

Today on The Legalpreneur Podcast, Gina Onativia simplifies online course creation. Founder of the Course Creation Boutique, Gina helps experts quickly produce high quality online courses in as little as 90 days. Formerly the digital strategist and course creator for Tony Robbins, Gina has perfected the process of developing a fully functional online learning portal. Once her former client Amy Porterfield suggested that online courses were the future, Gina left her job to become a full time course creator consultant.

In this episode, she shares tips for how to utilize sales funnels that steer clients from a starter course to the heights of your expertise. She helps you configure tiered price plans that hook clients with an introductory course, or even a freebie that leaves them eager for your more valuable programs. With Gina’s help you can develop, launch and market your knowledge in a digestible online package.

Today on The Legalpreneur Podcast, I am guiding you through common practices to deal with copyright or trademark infringement. I review the difference between a cease and desist letter versus a demand letter. Before you send a cease and desist letter, I encourage you to evaluate the alternatives. As an attorney, my goal is to inform you of all your options so you can resolve your issue in a way that suits your individual needs.

It is important to understand that many people don’t realize they are infringing. So, If you are looking to resolve an issue in the most cost effective manner, it benefits you to personally reach out and educate a violator before paying an attorney to do so. More often, these issues can be resolved without getting the courts or an attorney involved.

In instances, where you may need to be more forceful, The Legalpreneur membership is a great tool that allows you to involve an attorney early on. Most businesses don’t want to go to court, simply, having a Legalpreneur attorney on your side can help you resolve any issue efficiently and cost effectively. In this episode you will learn everything you need to know to make the right decision for you and your business.

Today on The Legalpreneur Podcast, I provide some tangible tips for TikTok. For many years I struggled to gain an audience, until I truly understood who my audience actually was and began news jumping on the topics that mattered to them. I discovered that to tap into the full potential of TikTok, you need to identify your niche in order to create informative and relevant content that they were already searching for. You can do this on your own or you can even stitch with similar creators to gain followers and increase your notoriety.

This platform has rapidly become an essential resource for businesses to attract clients on and off the platform. Using these strategies, I have developed momentum, increased my followers and also connected with clients, otherwise unreachable. TikTok is an ever expanding global platform so it’s never too late to start!

Are you too old for TikTok? Maybe not! Today’s guest is Dena Greenbaum, co-host of the 2 old 4 TikTok podcast! Working on the business side of film, Dena found herself searching for more creative freedom. As a woman in her 30’s, TikTok was a revelation! The platform offered new and exciting opportunities to create and engage with a larger audience which was exactly what Dena was searching for.

In this episode, Dena breaks down the latest trends and future predictions of this fun tool. We discuss how millennials can tap into the potential of the social media platform of the future. TikTok is so much more than dancing teenagers, although we do think that trend is here to stay!

Dena reveals how to get the most out of TikTok’s creator fund and when you should consider leaving it behind. TikTok offers access to a global audience and financially rewards creators who transcend language barriers. She discusses some of the most profitable creators and what makes them stand out on this competitive platform.

In today’s episode, I unfold the reality of the FTC’s proposal to nationally disband the non-compete clause. As it stands today, non-compete clauses are notoriously difficult to uphold so this proposal is arguably inconsequential. There are much more reliable ways to protect your business. Regardless if the proposal passes or not, I am teaching you alternative ways to safeguard your company from former staff seeking to recruit your employees or solicit your customers.

A non-solicitation provision is more effective and enforceable in the eyes of the courts. You cannot prevent a person from working but you can protect confidential information from being appropriated. This episode will help you strategize your onboarding agreements and prevent future litigation with former employees working in the same industry.

In today’s episode, I make content creation simple with two easy strategies that you can implement right now! TikTok is the easiest way to go viral but with its quick turnover rate you need to have a content strategy prepared so you can be posting as often as possible. Creating content around the most googled questions of your niche is a foolproof way to ensure your videos will have an audience. Regardless of your niche, these tools will help you grow your audience and get the most out of TikTok.

In today’s episode, I speak with the founder of Needles Eye Media, Dorothy Hollabaugh. She shares her journey to entrepreneurship and everything she has learned along the way. Dorothy took a leap of faith and hired a mentor that helped her get clients, strategize and expedite her success in a way she couldn’t have done alone. When you’re starting a new business, it’s not just helpful to have an experienced mentor by your side but it can be the difference between success and failure. Today, Dorothy offers her own mentorship by sharing her methods for getting clients, saying no to clients and how loyalty can build an unstoppable team.

In today’s episode, I am discussing why small business owners should be concerned by the latest Disney Lawsuit. I will teach you how to obtain legal licensing so you can avoid litigations with big retailers. The laws of copyright and trademarks are unyielding to those who attempt to circumvent the legal outputs available to small businesses interested in selling products of protected images. If you want to venture into this retail space, be sure you are creating products that are either licensed or are unique enough to be differentiated from copyrighted material. This episode will prepare you for the legal ramifications of copyright infringement and how exactly you can avoid receiving a cease and desist letter.



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