Happy 3 years!

For three years, The Legalpreneur podcast has been helping educate small business owners on the legal side of the business. It has been a labor of love to do this show, and as The Legalpreneur membership grows, so does the need to focus on that expansion. Today, I am announcing our upcoming hiatus of The Legalpreneur Podcast. 

You will still have access to hundreds of episodes filled with everything you need to know about legally protecting your business! We hope to join you again soon. As our team grows, so will our capacity to reintroduce the podcast. 

We welcome you to reach out and let us know what you want to hear in our final episodes. For the next month, we strive to address all your questions as we shift into this new and exciting phase of The Legalpreneur! 

Key Takeaways:

[0:30] Celebrating our 3rd anniversary of The Legalpreneur Podcast

[1:30] Envisioning becoming the go-to attorney for small businesses 

[3:00] Putting the podcast on pause Focusing on the startup 

[5:45] Let us know what you want to hear on the podcast before our hiatus 

[6:30] The Legalpreneur memberships 


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Legalpreneur transcript:

Andrea Sager  00:03

Welcome to the Legalpreneur podcast. I’m your host Andrea Sager founder and CEO of Legalpreneur Inc. As a serial entrepreneur and someone that works exclusively with small business owners legally protecting their business. I’m dedicated to covering common legal issues faced by business owners, providing you with the business knowledge you need to catapult your business’s growth, and showing you just how some of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs have handled these legal and business issues themselves. In true attorney fashion, the information in this episode is not legal advice. This is for informational purposes only. And you should always consult with your attorney before implementing any of the information in the show. Hello there, welcome back. Happy Friday.


Andrea Sager  00:49

This is a very special episode.


Andrea Sager  00:53

It’s pretty crazy. Actually, I realized earlier this week, that today is the three year anniversary of the legal corner podcast. I have enjoyed this so much because it’s given me a platform and a voice to continue teaching and educating when it comes to the legal side of business. Because when I started my first business, I was in law school. And there were mistakes that I made. Even being in law school, as a small business owner going through law school, I knew Wow, I’m having these issues. I know there’s so many more people that don’t even have the education or background that I do that are making, you know, 100 times more mistakes. And so from then on, I knew small business owners just needed to be educated. And then when I started at the big law firm I was at this was actually during the retail apocalypse. And so my first business was a clothing boutique. And I saw the rise of boutiques, when major big box stores were shutting down left and right malls were completely shutting down. 


Andrea Sager  02:06

And even I remember sitting in this office on the 38th floor in Cincinnati, looking at all these headlines of it’s the retail apocalypse. All these stores, all these malls are shutting down, did it at it. But I saw a complete opposite story. Because I was on the other side of it. I saw the rise of small businesses. And I remember sitting there in my office, daydreaming like Oh, that would be so cool. If I could be the go to attorney for small businesses. And I think was about a year ago sitting in my house in the heights. And I was like holy shit. I just remember that vision that I had in the office, I was like, wow, like I am actually living that, like I am this go to attorney I’ve educated and empowered so many small businesses to not be scared and to truly embrace the legal side because it can bring in revenue. It doesn’t have to just be a cost factor in your business. And so when I had that moment, a year ago, 


Andrea Sager  03:05

I was like, wow, that’s really cool. And basically for the past year, I’ve been putting out three episodes a week. I’ve missed a few here and there. But I’ve put out basically three episodes a week for the past year. And all that to say I have decided, at the end of April, we are actually going to put the Legalpreneur podcast on a hiatus. This decision was not come to lightly. But I do want to explain. We’re very small team. Right now we’re a team of four. And we’re in true startup mode. I’ve talked about my vision for Legalpreneur, I want to sell for at least a billion dollars. I think we can sell for way more than that. And my goal is to truly empower small businesses to not be scared of the legal side. I want to empower solo and small firm attorneys to be able to create the law firm of their dreams. And then connect the two through our Legalpreneur membership. And doing that being so small. It’s a lot. Basically, like I love creating content. Don’t get me wrong. I love creating this content for the podcast. 


Andrea Sager  04:19

I love creating tiktoks social media content. I love all of it. But I’m spread too thin. My entire team is spread too thin. And we’ve had to just get really real and figure out okay, what is going to produce the most ROI at this time. And I’m not saying we’re never going to bring back the Legalpreneur podcast. But right now, we have to figure out what is producing the most ROI. And I know so many people love the podcast. I know so many people get great information from it, and it’ll still be there like you I’ll still be able to go back and listen to all 200 and something yet, but almost 300 episodes, but we won’t be putting out any new content for the foreseeable future, I think 100% will eventually we’ll start creating content again. But until we’re able to hire more people until we raise money to hire more people, we have to put this on pause right now.


Andrea Sager  05:23

Because creating three episodes a week is not easy. It’s a lot of interviews. It’s a lot of just me creating content sitting here and talking to the camera, which I love. I’ve become very fond of staring at myself on a computer, actually. But no, seriously, I’ve enjoyed everything, and you still have new content coming for the next month. So if you have a topic that you would like covered, reach out on Instagram, or you can email us and say, Hey, I before the podcast is put on hiatus, I would love to hear an episode about this. I would love more information about this. And I will do my best to create an episode around that before we go on a hiatus. And I don’t know how long I mean, it could be it could be a couple of months. It could be a year. Or it could just be Hey, we we actually decided not to go on hiatus. But no, I think we do need to pause this for now. But I will create I will release new episodes up until the end of April. But just know that the end of the Legalpreneur podcast for now is coming. And of course, if you need more resources, more education you need help of we’re still here, like the Legalpreneur is not going anywhere. Just the podcast is being put on a hiatus.


Andrea Sager  06:48

So we have our legal premier membership, two tiers now all access to your own attorney for 349 a month, or all the resources and education for 99 a month. And of course we still have our DIY trademark course we can file your LLC. Don’t get the Legalpreneur book. Of course, that is always there. All right. I hope that you all have a wonderful day. Let me know if there’s an episode you would like to hear. And yeah, I will see you next week. And we will, again put out new content for the next month. And then we will be on hiatus after that. But happy three years to the Legalpreneur podcasts and have a great weekend. Here at Legalpreneur we’re committed to providing a supportive legal community. For all business owners. I know how scary the legal stuff can be. If you found this information helpful, I would be so grateful if you could share it with a fellow business owner.


Andrea Sager  07:48

And quite frankly, it doesn’t cost anything to rate review or subscribe to the show. Your support helps me reach more listeners which allows me to support more business owners in their entrepreneurial journey. Have any questions or comments about the show? Feel free to drop me a line on Instagram. I promise I read all of the messages and comments. And if you want to be a guest on the show or know someone that would make a great guest simply fill out our application form and a team member will reach out if we think it’s a good fit. I’ll see you in the next episode.