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Let us take care of the paperwork for you, we know the process best!

We have made it easy to remove your personal liability and file as a Limited Liability Company without the attorney fees.

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What will forming as an LLC do for your small business?

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[Your Business’ Name], LLC

Good News BOSS

You can now protect your personal assets by forming an LLC easier than ever before.  We created the ultimate legal resource to help the small business owner – form as an LLC without long processing times, complex price plans, or the overwhelming price tag of an attorney. 

Andrea Sager- The Legalpreneur founder and serial entrepreneur, started as small business entrepreneur and understands how important legal is for small businesses.  She did more with less and that is exactly what she is teaching small business entrepreneurs to do.  The Legalpreneur gives you the freedom to legally protect and grow your business while saving thousands!

If you can retrain your brain to see the opportunities for growth with legal,  as clearly as you can see the problems without legal, growth becomes immeasurable!

How do I get started?

Just. One. Step.

Complete the Legalpreneur LLC Information Form and you are ready for us to do what we do!  The Legalpreneur’s processing time for LLC’s is no longer than 5-10 business days. We promise to keep it simple and straightforward. 

Once your LLC has been filed you will receive:

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The Operating Agreement Template for Your Biz

The document that will outline business operations for [Your Business’s Name], LLC.  Every small business is different and this template allows you to create a unique operating agreement to suit your small business’ specific needs.

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[Your Business’ Name], LLC Articles of Organization

Your state’s Secretary of State official document recognizing the formation of your business!
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Your Employer Indentification Number

The IRS assigns every business a unique nine digit number for your business’ tax purposes.  We take care of the IRS’ application for your business with no added fee!

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Your FinCEN Identifier

All Limited Liability Companies are required to report beneficial ownership information to the U.S. Department of the Treasury as of January 1, 2024. The Legalpreneur BOI Reporting Form Service is included with your File My LLC service.


  • What's Included:
  • Operating Agreement Template
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Articles of Organization
  • FinCEN Identifier
  • $1800+ Value

Andrea is so knowledgeable! I am just getting started with my blog & business, but The Trademark Course is answering so many of my questions and it’s really getting me going! For example, I was able to start the LLC process and will be soon filing for trademark protection. I’m enjoying the Trademark Course a lot! It’s a pleasure! And the Contract Vault gives me peace of mind, which is priceless.

The Contract Vault has provided me with the legal tools needed to branch out in my podcasting and feel more confident in inviting people to interview on my show.

The Legalpreneur helped me set up my LLC and I am working through the Trademark process with my company name.

Helped me become confident and comfortable with talking legal with those that I hire to help me with my brand and business. Helped me take the steps necessary to trademark my podcast and name, and also the contract vault is full of excellent resources to use. The Legalpreneur Podcast has also equipped me with the tools necessary to know what you should look for in contracts, and also has taught me many legal terms in a way that it is easy to understand.

Love the Legalpreneur! I can't believe all of the legal resources that are in one place. Beyond amazing!

Incredible! The Legalpreneur has protected my business on more than one occasion!


File My LLC with the Legalpreneur is for small business owners who recognize the need for legal protection from the START of forming their business, but don’t want to pay to work directly with an attorney.

When you File My LLC with the Legalpreneur you receive the Operating Agreement Template, your Articles of Organization letter from the Secretary of State, and your EIN #. 

One payment of $399 plus the state filing fee is due at checkout.  Each state’s filing fee varies and is shown as you select your state in the checkout process. 

Note: New York, Nebraska, and Arizona have an additional fee of $50 included at checkout because it is required that LLC’s be published in newspapers for 6 weeks before finalizing the LLC to notify the public of the formation in these states. That publication will also come with additional fees but it is all dependent on the newspaper’s individual pricing. We choose the newspaper based on the county the business is formed in. You will be invoiced for the amount requested by the newspaper after the filing of your paperwork.

Post-purchase you will complete the Legalpreneur LLC Information Form.  Upon completion of the Legalpreneur LLC Information Form, you can expect a 5-10 business day processing time (dependent upon no delays with the Secretary of State office).  

*New York, Nebraska, and Arizona businesses have a 6-week publication requirement notifying the public of formation. Don’t worry we take care of this, we know the process very well!

State filing fees are not included in the $399.  You will make one payment of $399 plus the state filing fee at checkout.  Each state’s filing fee varies and is shown as you select your state in the checkout process. 

*New York, Nebraska, & Arizona have a $50 additional fee due to extended publication requirements of state.

Yes. HIGHEST of fives to you, small biz boss!