50 Things That Can Be Copyrighted

Every single day I have a client say, “Oh! I didn’t know that could be copyrighted!” Because of this, I’ve decided to compile a list of 50 things that can be copyrighted. I won’t go into the details about copyrights here, but you can read about the basics of a copyright here. *NOTE – these things CAN be copyrighted, but they still must meet the copyright requirements. 

1.    Photos

2.    Logos

3.    Promotional brochures

4.    T-shirt designs

5.    Course content

6.    Website content

7.    Website design

8.    Jewelry

9.    Fashion prints

10.  Movies

11.  Poems

12.  Song lyrics

13.  Books

14.  Artwork

15.  Paintings

16.  Recording

17.  Blog posts

18.  Architectural works

19.  Sound recordings

20.  Plays

21.  Computer Software

22.  Articles

23.  Essays

24.  Directories

25.  Advertisements

26.  Speeches

27.  Catalogs

28.  Scripts

29.  Screenplays

30.  Operas

31.  Sketches

32.  Drawings

33.  Cartoons

34.  Paintings

35.  Greeting cards

36.  Maps

37.  Charts

38.  Sculptures

39.  Wallpaper

40.  Fabric Designs

41.  Live webcasts

42.  Podcasts

43.  Magazine designs

44.  Advertising art

45.  Mp3 files

46.  Youtube videos

47.  Blueprints

48.  Product description

49.  Ebooks

50.  Videos 

This is not an exhaustive list of what can be copyrighted, but it contains a lot of works that many modern-day entrepreneurs may be creating. 

If you are someone that regularly creates works that are protected by copyright, I highly suggest filing for a federal registration. This blog post will explain why you need to file for the registration ASAP!

If you’d like more information on filing for a copyright, shoot me an email – [email protected]

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