The 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge

Is your small business legally in check?

Are you ready to level up your legal game?

The 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge

Is your small business legally in check?

Are you ready to level up your legal game?

Get legally protected & prepared for exponential growth!


Is this Challenge for me?


Are you an entrepreneur?

start-up entrepreneur.

established entrepreneur.

side-hustle entrepreneur.

serial entrepreneur.


Do you desire legal balance for your biz?

Relax knowing your business is set up correctly!

Stop living in fear because you did not take care of the legal stuff when you got started.

Start NOW with true legal protection, so you can scale & grow without fear!


Want legal protection without the big law prices?

Get Your Business Legally in Check.

Balance the Legal Investment & Your Budget.

Maintain Legal Compliance.

Get the Legal Support Small Businesses Deserve.

Challenging ALL Entrepreneurs


Startup Entrepreneur

What if you could..

Confidently answer questions about the structure of your business.

Implement contracts your small business needs based on it’s unique products and/or services.

Never worry about when to Trademark and what to Trademark again.

Make infringers think twice about attempting to make money off of your content.

Create an annual legal review list to maintain unquestionable legal compliance each year.

Established Entrepreneur

What if you could..

Maximize your tax benefits and reduce your exposure to liability.

Review a contract and know if signing it was in the best interest of your business.

Unlock the superpowers of your Trademarks.

Exclusively reproduce and monetize your work.

Create an annual legal review list to maintain unquestionable legal compliance each year.

Hi, I am Andrea!

The Legalpreneur is your very own go-to for the legal support your small business deserves. After spending just 7 months at a large law firm, I quickly found out “Big Law” was not the place for me. I was told from the beginning that small businesses were not “quality clients.” As a serial small business entrepreneur myself, I knew that was NOT true.

It was that defining moment that made me want nothing more than to fill the gap between small businesses and affordable legal services. I'm glad you have found the Legalpreneur! Let's get started today saving you $$$ and implementing legal into your small business.

See you inside the 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge where I will challenge you to level up your legal game and prepare your business for growth!

Inside The Challenge

The 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge will target the most important areas of legally protecting and growing your small business.

Getting your biz legally in-check with 5 daily legal training modules.

Day 1: Do you have an LLC?

What type of entity structure is best for your small business?

We will go over the ins and outs of Limited Liability Companies, what LLCs are, why you need to file as an LLC, and how to file as an LLC.

We will go deeper to understand tax benefits and how specific entity formations will limit your exposure to liability.

Day 2: What contracts does your business need?

Learn which contracts your unique business needs & what must be included.

We are taking a deep dive into your business’s contracts to ensure your contracts have the most important provisions for your legal protection!

We will also go over what to look for in the contracts you sign, Before. You. Sign. Them!

Day 3: Do you have a trademark?

Trademarks have tons of power. Learn the superpowers of trademarks!

Learn more about trademarks, how to identify what needs a trademark, the trademark search & application process, and why monitoring your trademark(s) is SO important!

BY the end of the day, the trademark process will seem far less daunting.

Day 4: Are infringers taking you seriously?

Did you know that you don’t automatically have exclusive rights to reproduce and monetize your own work? Nope, you don’t!

A copyright gives you that right and is the warning sign to infringers to beware.

Spend the day learning how to build a fence of legal protection around your small business’ content!

Day 5: The Legal Circuit

A heavy lift of the most vulnerable, overlooked, and ignored areas of legal compliance.

What you don’t know, that you MUST KNOW, about legal:
🗣 Where to Begin
🗣 Business Finances & Taxes
🗣 Contract Red Flags
🗣 Trademark Search Mis-Haps
🧨 Protecting Your Legal Investment
🗣 And More!


BONUS5 FREE Downloadable Legal Support Guides 
Valued at $99 each

BONUS: The Legalpreneur Members-Only Facebook Group

BONUS: Live Monthly Group Call; aka free legal expertise
Valued at $600 each month

More about the Bonuses!


5 FREE Downloadable Support Guides
Valued at $495

The Legal Success Framework Guide

The 4 Things Your Contract Must Include

Trademark Info Ebook

DIY Copyright Takedowns

Annual Legalpreneur Checklist


Access to the Legalpreneur Members-Only Community

Picture this as an informal “business legal school” where you also have unlimited access to small biz peers to grow with. 

Our members-only Facebook group is THE place you’ll learn everything you don’t yet know so you’re in the know.


Live Monthly Group Call
Valued at $7,200 per year

This is free legal expertise, people! 

Grow with your small biz peers as everyone gets their questions answered by attorney, Andrea Sager. 

You need education. Ignorance is no defense. As a business owner, you’re automatically held to a higher standard, and we’re going to make sure you live up to it!

Take the Legalpreneur Challenge


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take the 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge if my business is still “just an idea”?

Absolutely! We created the Challenge so that all entrepreneurs would be challenged, including you- future-Entrepreneur. This Challenge will help you get your business started legally in check and save THOUSANDS later!

Where will the 5 legal trainings take place?

Inside your course! There is so much content to be shared throughout the challenge that we had to create a course to keep it organized for you.

The 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge Course is complete with support materials for you to get your small business legally protected!

Is everything available immediately?

The 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge Course is accessible immediately to begin the process of escaping your fears and anxiety surrounding legal!

Each day for the next five days a new training module will unlock to keep you focused on an organized approach to leveling up your legal game.

I train better when I am training with others. Does the Challenge involve a community of entrepreneurs like myself to train with?

Yes. YES. YES! Who doesn't love a community of small business entrepreneurs on fire to legally protect AND GROW together.

Outside of your Challenge Course, where you have lifetime access to the legal resources to legally protect & grow your biz, we built a private Facebook group to connect and train together each month. BONUS!

How much is the 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge?

With a value of $8k+, the 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge is only $99!

That's right, for less than $100 you will have lifetime access to downloadable guides, legal trainings, group calls every month, access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, AND a course FULL of support materials to help you get your small biz legally in check and maintain legal compliance.

Who will be teaching the legal trainings?

Andrea herself! Andrea is passionate about the success of small business entrepreneurs just like you. Andrea is an Attorney, Serial Entrepreneur, and the Founder of the Legalpreneur!

The Legalpreneur is currently helping to legally protect and grow the businesses of 220+ small business entrepreneurs in 43 different states and 3 different countries.

How long will I have access to the 5Day Legalpreneur Challenge Course?

You will have lifetime access to the training videos and support materials inside your 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge Course immediately available after purchase.

I do not know much about legal- I am fearful that, even after I complete the course, I will still be sitting in this anxiety, confusion & FEAR!

"I went to law school so you didn't have to!" -Andrea

You are not alone! The 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge is all about challenging yourself alongside other entrepreneurs JUST. LIKE. YOU.

We used the feedback from thousands of entrepreneurs attending past-trainings to build this challenge targeting the areas that most commonly prevent small business entrepreneurs like you from taking action & legally protecting their biz.

I signed up for the Challenge but have not received a confirmation email.

Double check your promotions, spam, and junk folders inside the email account you registered with. Not there? If you still haven’t received an email within 24 hours, email our Operations Manager at

What if I have questions that are not covered here?

We would love to hear from you and get your questions answered as soon as possible. Email us at! Expect a response within 1-business day.

Celebrating Legalpreneur Success

Picture of Christine Papas: Cozy Happy Healthy

Christine Papas: Cozy Happy Healthy

"The Legalpreneur gives me the confidence I need to legally protect and move forward with my business in an affordable way. Andrea and her team are amazing and it gives me so much peace of mind knowing that I am covered - everything from asking questions, document reviews, to contracts and more. The step-by-step approach is exactly what I needed to get things done and now I'm checking things off my list one by one! I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without my Legalpreneaur membership.

The 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge has opened my eyes to so many things I wasn't aware that I needed to do to protect my business and I feel so much more comfortable knowing things are in place. This Challenge made me realize just how important it is to have a great lawyer like Andrea and her team!"

Service: People seem to be more stressed-out than ever before and my mission is to help you embrace self-kindness and self-care while easing stress and finding bliss. -Christa

Picture of Christine Nichol: Writing Serendipity

Christine Nichol: Writing Serendipity

"I signed up to learn more about legalizing my business. I’ve held back on creating my website, and expanding because I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right.

I am incredibly grateful for The Legalpreneur! I’ve learned so much about how to run my business the legal way for my own protection. With the help of Legalpreneur, my LLC was filed today and I couldn’t be more excited and proud of myself.

It’s ok to ask for help! I learned to do things the right way. The legal way. Investing in myself and in my small business will only lead to success! Thank you!"

Service: Calligraphy, hand lettering, and digital lettering.

Picture of Misa Ledguies: Perfectly Kept Books

Misa Ledguies: Perfectly Kept Books

"Legalpreneur has helped me protect my business by giving me a sense of calm and security knowing that I have my legal foundation in place and I am set up for success."

Service: I help women running a business as a creative, freelancer, or agency know and understand their numbers so they have the freedom to create and grow their business.

Picture of Lee Chaix McDonough: Coach with Clarity

Lee Chaix McDonough: Coach with Clarity

"In addition to creating a customized contract for use by my members, I also love having access to the contract vault. Being a Legalpreneur brings me peace of mind, I love knowing my attorney is available to me if/when I need her."

Service: I help innovative, intuitive coaches grow their coaching and business mastery. I have an ICF-accredited initial certification program as well as an ICF-accredited continuing education program. I work with a limited number of private clients in a high-end mastermind program.

Picture of Jessica Fields: White Fox Creations, LLC

Jessica Fields: White Fox Creations, LLC

"The Legalpreneur has given me support by giving me an attorney by my side when I have a difficult client."

Service: I help soulpreneurs create intuitive design that makes an impact in the world !

Picture of Sheena Works: Works Learning

Sheena Works: Works Learning

“The Legalpreneur is an absolute game changer. It has made it so incredibly easy for me to make smart business decisions & protect myself and clients.”

Service: I am on a mission to have a positive impact on the lives of 100,000,000 people and to help 1,000 businesses align their financial flow through their Business Sixth Sense. (

Picture of Elaine Lou

Elaine Lou

"The Legalpreneur helps when dealing with difficult situations, contract writing, my LLC, and trademarks. I've been so happy with Andrea's team that I consistently refer her to clients and friends."

Service: I help heart-led, high performers create a legacy defined by their own terms.

Picture of Chris Harder

Chris Harder

“Andrea's contracts have been INCREDIBLY helpful. She has helped save us six-figures in past contracts. I recommend Andrea to all of the businesses I work with!”

Service: Investor, Biz Coach, Philanthropist

Picture of Danielle Uhl

Danielle Uhl

"I’m blown away with everything I’ve received from the Legalpreneur. I filed my first trademark, have a go to for contracts and updates to legal terms, and I love being a part of the Contract Vault as an affiliate for my clients. It’s a perfect additional resource to have for them! Thank you for everything you guys do for entrepreneurs!"

Service: Build a Business & Thrive. I help my clients radically align to their goals to transform their confidence, opportunities & income.