The 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge

Is your small business legally in check?
Begin 2022 legally protected & prepared for exponential growth in the new year!


When is the 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge?

Who is the 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge for?

Inside the 5 Day Legalpreneur Challenge:

Day 1: Do you have an LLC?

What is it, why you need it, and more.

Day 2: What contracts does your business need?

Learn which contracts your unique business needs & what must be included.

🧨BONUS: Have you ever signed a contract and not really read the whole contract first? 😱 Learn what to look for in the contracts you are asked to sign, Before. You. Sign.

Day 3: Do you have a trademark?

Trademarks have tons of power. Learn the superpowers of trademarks!

Day 4: Are infringers taking you seriously?

Do you have exclusive rights to reproduce and monetize your own work?

Day 5: The Legal Circuit!

Arms, legs, core... we are targeting it all!

Spend the day targeting small businesses most vulnerable, overlooked, and ignored areas when it comes to legal compliance.

Brave the legal circuit and your small business will avoid expensive business liabilities and experience major GAINS!

Valued at over $7k

5 FREE Downloadable Support Guides:
⚖️The Legal Success Framework
⚖️ The 4 Things Your Contract Must Include
⚖️ The Trademark Info Ebook
⚖️ DIY Copyright Takedowns
⚖️ Annual Legalpreneur Checklist

Access to the Legalpreneur Members-Only Community
Picture this as an informal “business legal school” where you also have unlimited access to small biz peers to grow with.

Our members-only Facebook group is THE place you’ll learn everything you don’t yet know so you’re in the know.

LIVE Monthly Group Q&A Calls
This is free legal expertise, people!

Grow with your small biz peers as everyone gets their questions answered by attorney, Andrea Sager.

You need education. Ignorance is no defense. As a business owner, you’re automatically held to a higher standard, and we’re going to make sure you live up to it!

The “thing” about Legal,

when overlooked and ignored — 

Legal becomes an expensive business liability!

when embraced and understood — 

Legal creates exponential business growth!