Millionaire Girl’s Club with Jill Stanton

Episode 205: Millionaire Girl's Club with Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton has been building businesses since 2012.  She and her husband created Screw the Nine to Five which has become Wealthy Course Creator.  Throughout her journey she has always had a concept to create a space for women that are smart as f*** and driven but she held back.  Until now!  Listen to her talk about her journey, her businesses and her amazing club for women that are looking to connect with other women to talk business, strategy, and life.

In this episode we will cover:

  • Course creation tips
  • Affiliate businesses.
  • Working with your partner
  • Millionaire Girls Club


If you would like to join MGC, Dm Jill on Instagram and check the  Wealthy Course Creator website.


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Episode 205: Millionaire Girl’s Club with Jill Stanton Transcript

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Andrea: [00:01:36] Hello. Hello. Welcome back to another episode of the Legalpreneur podcast. Today’s guest is Jill Stanton, the founder of Screw the 9 to 5, the founder of Millionaire Girls Club. I don’t know if you guys saw it earlier this year on my Instagram and all the things how I went to Costa Rica with these badass females. Jill was the creator that put it all together. And so I’m really, really excited for you guys to hear from her because she’s just a fucking badass and I just love being around her. So, Jill, thank you so much for being here today.

Jill: [00:02:09] Thank you for having me. I’m so excited. I remember when you and I were sitting in Scottsdale, you were like one of the first people I ever told about MGC. And I think you were the first like verbal. Yes, that I ever got. And I was like, Oh shit guys, it’s a thing.

Andrea: [00:02:23] Yes, I was like other high level women. Like, absolutely. Whatever it is, I’m in, I’m in because yeah, it’s just completely different conversations that we’re having. Like, I love networking with any business owners, but it’s just different conversations and what the community that you put together is just. I think what a lot of us at that higher level are have been looking for because we can find business owners of any size, but to some to have people that are of the same mindset have the same problems. So it’s a huge difference having business owners that are just getting started and like their problems versus million dollar plus business owners and the problems that they’re facing. So to each their own, but like what you’ve created is phenomenal. So first, like great job and thank you for that.

Jill: [00:03:21] I remember sitting on the boat with you on day one and it was like me, you, Liz, Tina and Caitlin and Bridget and you guys are all sitting there talking about selling businesses for like 10 million, 100 million, a billion. And I just looked around and I was like, where in the world does this stuff exist for women entrepreneurs? Normally it’s like at a dude’s event, and then there’s the little like sub pocket of women who find each other and connect. But this was just all ours. And I just, I just remember, like, listening to conversations about how to find a deal lawyer and how to negotiate higher and like all this stuff. And I was just like, what is this life?

Andrea: [00:04:07] Yes. Like the conversations on that trip were like no other. It was a dream. I can’t wait for next year.  The next one.

Jill: [00:04:16] I literally have a sweet countdown.

Andrea: [00:04:18] Yes.

Andrea: [00:04:19] Oh, my gosh. Okay. Okay. So let’s let’s really introduce you like give your story. How did you get to where you are today in business?

Jill: [00:04:28] Oh, man. A lot of day drinking, ugly, crying and throwing shit at the wall to see what makes perfect.

Andrea: [00:04:34] Perfect.

Jill: [00:04:35] It sounds cheeky, but it’s like pretty accurate.

Andrea: [00:04:38] Yeah.

Jill: [00:04:39] I started my first, well, no, my first foray into the online space was 2006. Like the days of MySpace, I started a Web TV show with a producer.

Andrea: [00:04:50] Oh, gee, yeah. Oh, gee, it was.

Jill: [00:04:55] And thank God I shot this when you could erase things off the Internet.

Andrea: [00:05:00] Because.

Jill: [00:05:01] Dude, it was a show around dating, sex and relationships for women in their twenties. And I just said all the things and I am so fucking grateful.

Andrea: [00:05:12] I need one of those shows today.

Andrea: [00:05:14] 

Jill: [00:05:16] So grateful that I could delete it permanently. So that was my first start. And then my first actual business that made money was back in like 2010. And then I ran that business. It was a service business doing social media for bars and restaurants in Australia. And then Josh and I, around the same time as each other, late 2011, we’re starting to get disenchanted with each of our individual businesses. And I remember Josh looked at me and he’s like, We should start a business together. And I was like, Yes, 100%, let’s do it. I’m all in. And I was like, What should we do? He’s like, I think we should do an affiliate site. And I was like, Yes. What is an affiliate site, though?

Jill: [00:06:00] I meant, tell me what I need to do and also tell me what the fuck we’re doing. So that was really my first foray into the online space properly. And he really taught me, like so many of the skills I have today, like how-to, you know, rank, content and rank on Google and create content and build an audience and build an email list and social media and all this kind of stuff. And then from there, like, we really scaled that from one affiliate site all the way up to we had over 30, sold a bunch, and then started getting asked like, How are you guys doing what you’re doing? Like, how are you making money? Like you’re not working like are you drug dealers? Like, what’s happening? And I remember it was actually on our wedding week, which is probably like the one week you’re not supposed to work. But we were just a bunch of maniacs and Josh was like, “We should start a site that details our journey, like, shares our journey.”   Because we were just about to move to Thailand at the time right after we got married. And I was like, “I love this.” And he’s like, “What should we call it?” And it was our wedding week. So I was having some wine on the balcony and I was like “Screw the 9 to 5”.

Jill: [00:07:04] And both of us are like, I wonder if that’s available. So we grabbed it, but we kind of sat on it because we had never had personal brands. We didn’t know what to do. And so the next few years were really like, I’m not joking when I say a Clusterfuck of trying things, seeing what works, seeing what doesn’t, amping up what does, cutting what doesn’t, a whole lot of crying, which Josh just loved.

Jill: [00:07:27] And then finally like learning some hard lessons in that in that time, like really learned a lesson around. Course creation, like we created a whole course shot at, like spent $5,000 doing it. It sold zero. So the first lesson there was like, ask people what they want or create something they actually want. The second lesson was pre sell it. And so once we kind of picked ourselves and picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off of that one, we tried again and from there things started to roll for us. We started to make money and then we just were like, Let’s pour gasoline on this. And eventually we found our way to 2018 where we had just become parents to our little guy, Kai, and everything all of a sudden felt wildly unaligned. Nothing felt like it fit us anymore. We felt kind of sort of suffocated by our business. We had a membership site at the time. We were capped margins wise, like everything just felt like it was coming in on us. And we made the decision that year to shut down everything in our business that no longer served us. And so January 1st, 2019, we kind of hit the reset button. We shut down all of our offers, everything that was making us hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to really build the kind of business we wanted to have as parents, as partners, as humans. And now we have like this high ticket business that is, or a high ticket program, which is a kind of like an amalgamation of like agency style, dumb for you services plus one on one coaching, plus a lot of group and curriculum and all that kind of stuff. We’ve rebranded and it’s just been such a journey. And then on top of that, I had to go ahead and have another idea for our group.

Jill: [00:09:07] So it’s been a it’s been a busy couple of years.

Jill: [00:09:12] And it’s just been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences that I’ve ever had. And I actually think it’ll make my journey with MGC so much easier because I’m less detached or I’m more detached excuse me from needing it to all happen like now. I’m here more so for the journey and the experiences and the connections and the relationships. And just like I’ve learned so many lessons through Screw the 9 to 5, which is now called wealthy course creator, that I just I’m just so grateful for all the twists and turns because now I’m fully all in on MGC and I’m not in a rush with it. I just know it’s going to be what I know it will be. And that’s just like this world class brand of luxury retreats for women like you, like high caliber, powerful women who are supportive and kind and smart as fuck.  And driven and just, you know, like people you want to be around. So I’m so excited to build it.

Andrea: [00:10:09] I love your journey. And oh, there’s, there’s literally so much that we could unpack here, but I don’t want to keep you for hours and hours on end here. Even though I could totally interview you for hours and hours.

Andrea: [00:10:20] We talk for hours. I’ve got all the space in the world now.

Andrea: [00:10:25] So one thing I do want to ask you is when building the affiliate stuff, because I know like back in 2011, building an affiliate business is way different than it is now. And so if somebody is starting now that wants to build something similar in affiliate business, what like what advice do you have for them? Any tips? Like is it like, hey, like don’t even waste your time anymore? Like what? What is like what would you tell them now?

Jill: [00:10:55] I think a couple of things. Like, one, pick products that you actually use like or believe in. That’s like a basic tenant of affiliate marketing because when you share it, you want to share it authentically so that people trust you and they actually take your recommendations. So that’s big. I would say number two, like when we were first getting started, this is like 2011, 2012, right? And so SEO was different, social media was way different, traffic was way different, all of that, it was way less competitive. And so we didn’t really focus on building an audience too much. And I think now that is necessary, 110%. So having some sort of social audience that can engage with you so that you can continuously promote things, share things, create great content, share your reviews, all of that kind of stuff that absolutely needs to go into affiliate marketing. And the final piece I would think is mad important right now is really quality backlinks. So backlinks from relevant sites that have high domain authority is always going to be one of the best moves you can make or the best strategies you can use with affiliate marketing during this time. At least that’s what I think. I am no longer in the affiliate game, but in the few years I’ve been out of it, I’ve seen the transition and those are the three things I would focus on. If I was to get back into that world. I would focus on links, the quality of links. I would focus on building an audience, and I would focus on picking really great products that have search volume and strong commissions.

Andrea: [00:12:23] What if you’re able to disclose, like, what were some of your. Biggest returns when it comes to affiliate programs.

Jill: [00:12:33] One was an anti-aging. An anti-aging skin cream that had a $99 referral fee for just trials. So that’s how one of search traffic and I remember our first $300 a day on just these commissions from this particular cream. And I remember Josh being like, if we could do this every day, that’s $10,000 a month and we’re like $10,000 a month. It’s 9000, but still close enough, you know what I mean? Like, we’re just so like, can you even imagine if we make $10,000 a month now, granted, you know, we hit that. But it wasn’t as sexy as we thought it was going to be, because at that point, we had like all these different sites managing all these different programs and all that kind of stuff. But I just remember those like innocent beginner days where.

Andrea: [00:13:27] Yeah, whoa, we make.

Jill: [00:13:29] $300 in a day on the Internet. And it was just such a cool moment, I remember. I was at my girlfriend’s wedding? It was in June 2012, and it was just like this cool moment of like, holy shit, it’s starting to work now.

Andrea: [00:13:44] That’s amazing. Oh, my gosh. That is so cool. That’s crazy that $99 for a trial. But I guess, I mean, they knew their product and what are the products?

Jill: [00:13:54] Quite good. Like, I trialed it so that I could create like really great content. I shot videos, reviews, like all of that kind of stuff because they had so much traffic and people were actively searching with strong intent to purchase. And so we were like, Let’s just do as much as we possibly can to get those commissions.

Andrea: [00:14:10] That’s awesome. That is so cool. Okay. So switching gears a little bit. So going into I want to touch on like all these different businesses briefly because I’m fascinated. So screw the 9 to 5 when you were really teaching people like what you guys did, what like relating that back to when you did it again versus now like if some and I know that you guys now have wealthy course creator, but if somebody is wanting to well I guess it’s so related to wealthy course creator now but like somebody starting a course now, like I know you said. Build something that people actually want. What are some other tips? Because we have so many listeners that want to create a course. Most a lot of them are service providers, whether they’re in the medical field, whether they are in social media, but want to teach like their service providers, and now they want to teach others what they’ve done. What advice do you have for making that switch?

Jill: [00:15:11] I think the biggest thing when you’re thinking about creating a course or doing anything, one too many is you have to figure out what they think they need, not what you think they need, what do they think they need? And so, so often people come to us wanting to work with us and be like, Yeah, my course helps people get unstuck. And we’re like. What? Like, that’s that’s not what they think they need. And it’s if it is, it’s so surface, right? And so you can’t build a course around that because it’s there’s no real clarity. There’s no clear outcome other than I’m unstuck. But what does that mean? What are they looking for? Clarity around, right. Do they want clarity around their business model, which therefore what they really want is sales, right. Or customers, or do they really want to feel unstuck in their relationship? So what they really want on that base level is either in a relationship or out of a relationship or whatever that might be for them. Right. And so really drilling down to the root of it and getting clear on what they think they need. And then also just really like I said before, pre selling where you can like if you can a lot of people won’t do this in the beginning because they’re scared to teach life, but I think it’s so powerful to teach live.

Andrea: [00:16:23] I love teaching live.

Jill: [00:16:24] It’s so much better. You’re in the moment with people, right? They don’t expect. I feel like courses have also changed. Like I know some people preach like all these high production courses and they spend like 50 fucking thousand dollars shooting it just to create a course where some of the people that I follow and love their content the most, it is so like it’s on their webcam with like no real light, no proper sound, but their content is so strong that I kind of forget about the background and all that kind of stuff. And so really making sure that your content is strong teaching live, like I said, and pre-selling, I think those are really key. And then making sure that you have like bonuses that address objections so that when someone says, I want to join but you’re like, but you know, time, money, can I do it? I’ve tried before. It hasn’t worked. Like all the key ones that we always get have bonuses to knock down those objections so that when you do get them, you can be like no stress. That’s why I created this bonus. And so there’s a lot of moving parts. And then finally I would just say, like putting it out there, like messy action, just getting it in motion because it’s not like you’re going to sell it once and then be done with it forever, right? If you really want to create a course, you’re going to create the course and then you’re going to have to figure out the sales process for it because who gives a shit about a course if you don’t have a way to sell it? And so really detaching from the course, needing to be perfect the first time around and focusing more on selling it so that you can serve more people, so you can get more results for people, so you can get more case studies and testimonials, grow your income, and then you can start to create some flashy course that you know. Has like a nice, blurred background and shit.

Andrea: [00:18:06] I love that. And people ask me the same thing about trademarks, like when should I file the trademark application? And I’m like, You don’t want to spend a lot of money up front if you’re just testing. Same thing with creating a course. You don’t want to spend $50,000 if you’re still like finding product market fit. Find the product market fit and then spend that extra money down the road. Yeah. So same thing.

Jill: [00:18:29] It’s so funny. When we went through our trademark process, it took us like, this is in Canada. It took us like two years, right? We started it in 2018, 2019. And then when I was just home in Canada, my, my dad’s like, this came for you. And it’s like our trademark certificate for Screw the 9 to 5. And I was like, well, that was a waste because we switched the brand name.

Andrea: [00:18:53] Hey, but you can always sell it, but you can always sell it.

Jill: [00:18:56] That’s true.

Andrea: [00:18:57] You have the audience, you have the brand. You can always sell it.

Jill: [00:19:00] That’s very true. And that’s one thing that Josh is actually doing as he takes this side of our business and really hones in on like scaling out our program, is what does it look like to sell it down the road?

Andrea: [00:19:14] I actually probably need to connect to you guys if you’re interested in selling it, because I actually just interviewed a guy that owns essentially a brokerage company, but they work with creators. And so if there’s still a lot of IP with “Screw the 9 to 5”, it may be something that’s worth looking into. But yeah, yeah. His interview is going to be coming out soon. I’m really excited for that.

Andrea: [00:19:49] 

Andrea: [00:19:50] Okay. One other thing that I would do want to touch on is you and your spouse that have been working together for many years, something that you said really stuck out to me because you were like he said, hey, we should start this business together. And you’re like, Absolutely, I’m all in. What is it? What are we doing? And I want to hear you talk more about your relationship, working relationship with your spouse, because I actually saw this video on Tik Tok and it kind of reminded me of this. It was a couple of weeks ago I saw this video and this girl was talking about how her boyfriend broke up with her because she hadn’t done the healing, wasn’t in her, wasn’t her highest self. And he basically told her, like, I am 100% all in on you. I would bet every last dime on you. But the healed version of you and the fact that you were already all in, you’re like, Absolutely, I’m all in. And you guys have. And I’m sure it has not been gravy the whole time. I’m sure every relationship has ups and downs, but I just want to hear more about that working relationship together because it’s not easy working with a spouse like I told you, like I worked with a former significant other and it like we’re on the other side of it and we’re still like we’re still friends, but it’s not easy and y’all have done it for so long. And so I just I want to hear more about working with your spouse.

Jill: [00:21:17] Yeah. I think we learned some hard lessons. I mean, we started our business together the year we were getting married. Holy shit. That’s two big life events in one year. I would not suggest it to anyone else because there were some days where I was like, Should we get married? Like, I kind of hate you today.

Andrea: [00:21:36] Yeah.

Jill: [00:21:36] And that has continued throughout the years. But we really had to learn some hard lessons and draw some strong boundaries. Like we are big believers and we really split the business for a long time. And Josh had ops and automation, tech strategy, team management, that side of things. And I very much focused on relationships, connection, coaching, content, like doing podcast interviews, all the stuff like we really divided and conquered with our unique strengths. We are polar opposites. Like even on Myers-Briggs, he is an INSJ and I am an EMFP like actually the exact opposite. And so we have a lot of complementing strengths, so we really leverage that and use that to our advantage in a big way. And so we had to trust each other to have our own side of things and then not really mess or override someone’s decision in their department. Now, has it always been easy? Absolutely not. We’ve had some huge blowouts, and now that I’ve made the move to MGC, I remember when I was like first in the like the River of misery, right? Like I had just come back from MGC. I was so aware that this is what I wanted to be doing forever now, but I was still working in, well, the course creator. I was doing sales calls. Like it just all felt so unaligned to me after I had experienced MGC and I couldn’t I didn’t have the clarity or I didn’t give myself the courage or the permission to say to Josh, like, I really want to go all in on on MGC because I was nervous. He would think I was abandoning him. And so I said to him, I’m worried you’re going to think I’m abandoning you. And he’s like, What? I want you out. I want you out because I’m ready to take this myself. I’m ready to not compete on decisions anymore. I’m ready to run it my way. And I realized when he said that I kind of had this like. Like decade long flashback of how much I’ve in the previous years like overrode his decisions and really kind of like. Kind of swept what he wanted under the rug to just like, I don’t know, it was done from a place of maybe not feeling fully confident in my role or whatnot, or intimidated by how smart Josh is and his strengths and all that. And I couldn’t quote unquote measure up to that. And I realized how long I have been holding the business back and kind of like they want to pump the gas. And I’m like sitting there pumping the brake kind of because I’m trying to override Josh. And so when he said that to me, I was like, Oh my God, this is just like this beautiful moment where we each have our things now. And so now we are just in this, like, collaborative, like, cheering each other on. And we talk about business, of course, obviously, but it’s no longer like, No, I think we should do this. No, I think we should do this well, I think we should do this because of this and this and this and that. And you said we could do this. You know what I mean? Like, it just was such an energy, energy zapper. And when we became parents, that really became important to us because we didn’t want to continue battling over it, because then we also had a tiny human to take care of and we wanted to have some semblance of a marriage and normalcy and time for ourselves. And so we really had to kind of curb the like head butting. And I think the stage we’re in right now is just one of like space permission and acceleration. I’m so excited to see what happens with it. I mean, I’m two weeks in so.

Andrea: [00:25:00] That’s amazing. I’m so excited for y’all because I know like we kind of had these conversations in Costa Rica, but hearing that now, it’s like, oh my gosh, like that’s it sounds like it’s perfectly aligned for both of you. So that’s like that’s amazing. And I love to hear that like you because I know, like, it’s not easy working with a partner, whether they’re romantic partner or not. And like you all have, obviously you’ve had your ups and downs, but the way that you have. Not exited, but have Grace still with each other for sure.

Jill: [00:25:37] It’s something I’m so grateful for.

Andrea: [00:25:39] Yes. So, MGC. Tell the audience. Like, I feel like this is our grand finale for the podcast episode because it’s like, ooh, these luxury retreats and oh, you guys like Costa Rica changed my life for so many reasons. And the relationship’s like, I don’t know if you know this, but so Kourtney, she’s in Houston, so we’ve been hanging out. I’m sure she’s told you we went to Austin on 4th of July weekend to go see Liz. Like you guys. Like great friendships and relationships were created as part of this. And for like, I’ll give me my moment, Jill, to talk, about how you affected me.

Andrea: [00:26:20] So my best friend you guys know is Kayla and she’s my operations manager, but she lives in Kansas and it is so hard, I’m sure, if you’re listening to this like it is so hard to find friends. On your level, not like you’re at a higher level than other people, but on that level of being a business owner, possibly being a solopreneur or a small business owner in the online space, just like finding somebody that gets it because there’s like, Oh, somebody may have this side hustle, but they still have this 9 to 5. Like, no. Finding people that are all in million dollar business owners. And just like like I said, there’s different topics of discussion when you get together with these women. And now I have Courteney, who’s a great friend. We hang out all the time and we went to Austin for a girl’s weekend over the 4th of July. And that all came about because of this retreat in Costa Rica. So, Jill, like, tell everybody what it is, because I will always shout it from the rooftops, because I’m so grateful for Costa Rica and the next retreat to come.

Jill: [00:27:20] Yes. Oh, my gosh. This means so much to me. So these kind of these moments of feedback like I live for this because I. I sat on this idea for a long time, like I had this idea in 2019 and I just was not ready for the vision yet. Like, I was so intimidated by it. I was so intimidated and scared by holding space for powerful women. Like I had just had a lot of strained relationships with females in the past, and it really affected my ability to move forward with something that really called me. Like, I was just so drawn to the idea, but it intimidated the hell out of me. And so I sat on it for so long. And then finally in early 2021, I finally got out of my own way and opened it up. And like you said, like the experience itself was just magic. I don’t even know how it all came to be that way, because I was saying this on a podcast, actually, I was talking to Tina’s audience yesterday. Tina is for anyone who’s not sitting in the room with Andrea, and I is one of the other members of MGC. I was saying, you know, when you’re at that level, your circle gets smaller. It does you don’t have as many people who understand the sacrifices or understand the boundaries or understand the standards or the ideas or the moving you have to do or the pivots and the agility you need to have and the mindset you need to have and the relationships that matter to you and all these kinds of things.

Jill: [00:28:44] Very few people understand that when you’re at a certain level, which is why a lot of women experience their circles getting smaller, which can feel lonely and isolating. Right. And so that was a huge driver for me, was to be able to surround myself with women who match my future and to just create epic experiences because kind of like what we were saying before, normally at these badass retreats or these badass events, it’s mainly dudes. And then there’s like a small subsection of women and we all find each other, but most of the stuff is held or created or hosted with dude energy. And so it’s just like, it’s not for us. I mean, it is, but we have different desires, at least the ones who find themselves into MGC. And so this year was like a huge eye opener. I remember day one, day two of the retreat, Bridget And maybe you on the boat were like so and it was like maybe a few hours into the experience. You’re like, okay, so you guys are you’re hosting this again, right?

Andrea: [00:29:42] Yeah.

Jill: [00:29:43] I don’t know. Like, I just I don’t know if I’m going to go all in on it. And I realized in that moment, like, how much I was holding myself back, because it’s almost like I was scared to let it be so good. Yeah, because with WCC and with Screw the 9 to 5, I think I subscribed to the struggle. 

Jill: [00:30:05] You know and then all of a sudden this thing comes flooding into my life and it’s so easy and it’s so effortless and it’s so purposeful and joyful and connected and all of that. And I was just like, it almost was me working through my own bullshit to allow myself to experience that kind of. Those relationships and that kind of ease and that kind of flow. And so the next one, really, Millionaire Girls Club, is these ultra luxe retreats for women at a million plus who crave wild expansion and deep connection with other powerful women. My next one is in Bahamas in March 2023, which I am so excited about. Like I was saying to Andrea, we only have like two spots left once everyone kind of gets all their stuff in, which is crazy to me because it’s still eight months away. Like the fact that it only has two spots left is wild to me and I’m finally along for the ride of it, allowing it to be easy. And then outside of that, MGC is also meant for women who want to make their first million. And so I do some select coaching with that. For women who are hungry for it, they want to go. They just need some mentorship or someone to help them spot their blind spots, give them some strategy so that they can hit the gas and make magic happen. And so.

Andrea: [00:31:17] Yeah. And to be clear, one thing I want to make sure we touch on is the fact that, like, it’s not a mastermind, like we’re not going there and we have, like, these sessions and like, no. Like, I think it’s very much an UN mastermind like you are there to just be. Yeah. And whatever comes about comes about like we had very, very powerful conversations, but there was no structure. Like, we’re going to talk about this at this time. We’re going to talk about this at this. No, like we go, we eat, we drink, we party, we vote. We, we sunbathe, cry, cry. Lots of crying. So many breakthroughs.

Andrea: [00:31:54] And, oh, my gosh. Like, it’s, don’t like think this is oh, it’s a mastermind you’re going to go and talk about like no like whatever comes about comes about and lots of crazy stories. Lots of fun.

Jill: [00:32:08] Hashtag millionaire host club. Yes. Oh, my gosh. I went to another woman the other day who was reaching out to find out about it. And I feel like she would fit our world so well because her business is so cheeky and it’s just got so much humor to it. And she was like, So tell me about it. Like, what do we do? And I was like, Yeah, we do nothing. We literally there are no structured sessions, there’s no like whiteboarding, there’s no funnel mapping, there’s none of that. And yet we talk about funnels, we talk about strategy, we talk about selling businesses, we talk about relationships, we talk about marriage, we talk about.

Andrea: [00:32:49] Sex and stuff.

Jill: [00:32:51] You know? Yes, all of it.

Andrea: [00:32:54] It’s just this.

Jill: [00:32:56] I don’t I, I’ve really tried to find the words to explain it. It’s really quite difficult because a lot of people have asked me about it in the last few weeks and I’m like, how do I describe this? It’s magic. And they’re like, No, okay, yeah, I get it’s magic. And I’m like, No, no, I know. You say you get it, you don’t get it. It’s fucking magic.

Andrea: [00:33:16] Yes.

Andrea: [00:33:17] And I honestly, I think, like there’s really no better name for it either. Millionaire Girls Club, because it really is. It’s just like, hey, it’s a girls club. But to the next level, like, you have to be making $1,000,000 plus. So, like, you really just can’t even come up with a better name.

Jill: [00:33:33] Yeah, I love it. I remember one chick said to me when she was thinking of coming, Well, I’m not a girl, so I guess this isn’t the right fit for me. And I was like, okay, that’s the dumbest reason, but okay, totally cool.

Andrea: [00:33:48] Gosh. Yeah. Like, we just have fun and just be like, it’s the best. So if somebody is listening, they’re like, Oh my gosh, I’m in. How do I sign up? I want one of those last two spots. How do they get in touch with you?

Jill: [00:33:58] Yeah. So your business has to be at a million plus. Like, I just want to be ultra clear about that. And then if if that is aligned with where your business is, then come hit me up on IG. I’m at the Millionaire Girls Club and then we can have a discussion and make sure it’s a good fit. We’ll hop on a call. I just. I always want to do a vibe check. This group that we have is like. Everything to me. And so I’ll protect it at all costs. And I just want to make sure anyone who’s finding their way into it, you know, doesn’t take themselves too seriously and wants to have fun and really wants to indulge in some epic, luxurious experiences and doesn’t get offended by, like, a lot of swearing.  You know, and they don’t have like our expectations and our values are aligned. And so if this feels like it’s calling you for it, then just hit me up on IG at the Millionaire Girls Club and we’ll take it from there.

Andrea: [00:34:50] Amazing. Jill, thank you so much. I could literally talk to you for hours on this, but thank you. Thank you. We will link everything in the show notes, you guys and Jill. Here at Legalpreneur, we’re committed to providing a supportive legal community for all business owners. I know how scary the legal stuff can be. If you found this information helpful. I would be so grateful if you could share it with the fellow business owner. And quite frankly, it doesn’t cost anything to rate, review or subscribe to the show. Your support helps me reach more listeners, which allows me to support more business owners in their entrepreneurial journey. Have any questions or comments about the show? Feel free to drop me a line on Instagram, I promise. I read all of the messages and comments and if you want to be a guest on the show or know someone that would make a great guest, simply fill out our application form and a team member will reach out if we think it’s a good fit. I’ll see you in the next episode.

Episode 205: Millionaire Girl's Club with Jill Stanton