Announcing The Legalpreneur Podcast

Welcome to The Legalpreneur Podcast, the weekly show dedicated to navigating your small business attor-needs, premiering Tuesday, March 24th!

I’m your host Andrea Sager, former big law attorney turned lover of all things small business, the owner of Andrea Sager Law and the founder of The Legalpreneur, the legal subscription providing small business owners, like you, all-access to me and my firm.

This solo show will release a new episode every Tuesday with bonus episodes on some Thursdays. Solo episodes will cover topics every small business owner needs to be aware of such as: When should you file as an LLC? What exactly is a trademark and do you need one? Can you use that photo you found on Google? And so much more!

Thursday bonus episodes will be interviews with some amazing entrepreneurs who are willing to give back and help the next business owner avoid the same legal issues that they have encountered. Guests include Chris Harder; Cayla Craft of Mommy Millionaire; Megan Everett, the former sales badass for Mark Cuban; and so many more!

The Legalpreneur Podcast will be available for FREE everywhere you get podcasts.

Subscribe, rate and review to help us raise money for Hope for Depression!

To celebrate the launch of The Legalpreneur Podcast, between now and April 7th, I will be giving $5 to Hope for Depression for every subscribe, rate and review that the show receives. Hope For Depression is a research foundation geared toward the most advanced developments in the United States for depression. Follow this link to subscribe, rate and review!







The Legalpreneur Podcast is advertising/marketing material. It is not legal advice. Please consult with your attorney on these topics. Copyright Andrea Sager Law 2020

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