Sheena Works: Prioritize Legal Protection To Accelerate Your Business Launch

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This episode I’m joined by Sheena Works, a sales and education expert who educates sales professionals on how to sell their offers with more authenticity. She is the founder of Working Moms Co, a community for ambitious mothers looking to start and grow their own businesses.  Sheena launched Working Moms Co. less than a year ago, and in this episode she shares with us how prioritizing legal protection has allowed her to move quickly and with confidence as she  grows her business.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Sheena’s desire to leave the competitive corporate rat race behind in order to embrace a lifestyle of professional collaboration

  • Why so many women are killing it in solo entrepreneurship

  • How prioritizing legal protection at the beginning of her business gave her the confidence she needed to move forward as a business owner

  • ‘Likelihood of confusion’ and how it works in trademark infringement disputes

  • The offerings of the The Legalpreneur Membership 

Sheena has an amazing freebie that she is offering our listeners this week! Visit to receive her free sales training focused on building your confidence to share your offer. Also, please screenshot this show, share it to your Instagram Stories, tag and @andreasagerlaw, and tell us what you like most about this episode!

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AndreaSagerpsodcast - The Legalpreneur