Understanding Patents with Patent Attorney Diana Mederos


Today I’m joined by Diana Mederos to dive into one of the most important and confusing elements of intellectual property, patents! Diana is the founder of Mederos Legal. She is highly experienced at all aspects of the patent process and is my go-to recommendation for any of my clients who are interested in pursuing a patent. If you’re interested in pursuing a patent or just want more information on what the patent process is all about, this episode is for you. 

In this episode, we’ll cover: 

  • The steps a patent attorney takes to determine if something is patent eligible 

  • The three main categories of patent applications

  • Time and budget expectations for a patent filing 

  • Specific considerations to keep in mind if you’re hoping to pursue a formula or software patent

  • The necessary elements of a patent filing 

  • The huge risks of DIY-ing a provisional patent application without a qualified attorney 

  • When you should consider speaking to a patent attorney 

Interested in learning more about Diana’s services? Visit www.mederoslegal.com to book a 10-minute consultation. 

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