From PE Teacher to Millionaire – Jess Glazer’s Entrepreneurial Journey


Business coach Jess Glazer’s entrepreneurial journey is an amazing story. In 2017, she left behind her life as a public school physical education teacher in order to invest full time into her side hustle as a personal trainer. That decision allowed her to grow her income from $60k to $1 MILLION a year… within just three years! 

Jess’s incredible entrepreneurial success served as a calling for her to pivot into business coaching. She now focuses on helping new small businesses launch and grow through her Empower U(niversity) program. 

In this episode, we’ll cover: 

  • How a realization that she was already living her ‘worst case scenario’ gave her the courage to take the leap into entrepreneurship

  • Covid-19’s affect on the personal training industry, and how it has resulted in BIG income growth for both her and her clients 

  • The unique hands-on way that Jess runs her coaching program in order to ensure sales and growth for her students

  • Why Jess believes that all new businesses should take their legal needs seriously from Day One. 

  • Why it’s never okay to copy someone else’s contracts or disclaimers 

For more about Jess, visit or find her on Instagram @jess.glazer

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