Bringing Ideas to Life with Legalpreneur’s Chief Operating Officer Kayla Bandy


Do you need an operations manager/ best friend for your business? Today on the Legalpreneur, I welcome back our operations manager, Kayla Bandy to chat about her role at the firm. Kayla is the one who brings my ideas to life and makes it all happen! She details what it takes to be an effective operations manager, and how she balances business, friendship, and bowling!

Yes, bowling! Outside of The Legalpreneur, Kayla is a professional bowler and coach. After competing in her first bowling tournament Kayla was scouted for the jr USA team, which propelled her into the national bowling arena. The skills she learned throughout her career have contributed to her success at The Legalpreneur. 

Kayla evolved into her role as operations manager after managing the affiliate program. As The Legalpreneur grew, so did our need for an organized operations manager who could uphold the vision of the company. We discuss how small businesses can assess talent in order to develop positions that grow with the strengths of each individual employee. Join us as we discuss the evolution of Kayla and her role at The Legalpreneur!

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] How Kayla made Jr team USA for bowling after her first tournament 

[4:00] Earning college bowling player of the year 

[5:40] Coaching NCAA bowling program

[8:00] Starting work at The Legalpreneur as the affiliate manager

[10:30] Working with entrepreneurs, while figuring it out herself 

[13:40] The integral functions of the operations manager

[20:00] Creating positions around the strengths of employees

[23:35] Learning when to speak up or be quiet

[26:00] Finding a suitable investor is like hiring an employee

[29:00] Celebrating the significant others of every entrepreneur 

[32:40] Assessing how you are holding yourself back

[36:00] Tone is everything 

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Legalpreneur transcript:

Andrea Sager  00:03

Welcome to the Legalpreneur podcast. I’m your host Andrea Sager founder and CEO of Legalpreneur Inc. As a serial entrepreneur and someone that works exclusively with small business owners legally protecting their business. I’m dedicated to covering common legal issues faced by business owners, providing you with the business knowledge you need to catapult your business’s growth and showing you just how some of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs have handled these legal and business issues themselves. In true attorney fashion. The information in this episode is not legal advice. This is for informational purposes only and you should always consult with your attorney before implementing any of the information in the show. Hello there welcome back. This is part two in our series of Kaelyn. Andrea going at it, Kayla, welcome to the show.


Kayla Bandy  00:55

Thanks for having me again. Oh, wait, you can’t get rid of me.


Andrea Sager  00:58

Yeah, never getting rid of you ever. Not even if I tried, but I wouldn’t want to try. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the interview last week. I’m excited to interview Kayla, because she’s just all things amazing. And I’m excited for you all to learn more about her because even though I am the visionary, I am the idea person. As you learned last week, I come to Kayla and like, Hey, I have an idea. None of it would happen without Kayla. She is very much the integrator, the person that just gets shit done and makes things happen. So I’m excited for you all to hear from Kayla. Kayla, can you get started and give everybody your background because what you all don’t know. Well, she didn’t mention that last week. But of course we met in college, but now she does bowl on tour. She’s a professional bowler. And she also is just like incredible and incredible bowler. So I went to college on a bowling scholarship, but I just went like our coach only gave me a scholarship because I had good grades. Not because I was a great bowler. On the other hand, Kayla got a scholarship for her skills in bowling. So Kayla give us the background like I want to know how you’re so good at bowling growing up. When it like


Kayla Bandy  02:25

fun fact I actually didn’t go to college on a bowling scholarship. I actually went to school on a volleyball scholarship. Oh, boy, I was just emerging when I went to college, and it was really not a thing back in the day. But yeah, my parents were super invested as you are with Allie and Thomas and all the things. So we played softball, we played volleyball, I was probably better at softball than I was volleyball. And then I did the same I bowled and my parents really didn’t know how good I was until they took me to a national tournament after someone in the community said hey, you should take her into this national tournament. We end up going and I make Team USA.


Andrea Sager  03:05

What’s your first tournament?


Kayla Bandy  03:07

I don’t think it was the first one but it was pretty much like the first time we went to a national tournament. We were like, Oh, she’s okay. And then like soon like maybe the second one I don’t even know a year was I made junior team USA. My parents are like, Okay, I think she’s alright at this. Like, so yeah, that’s how that happened. And then while I was there, we met coach Dameron who ended up bringing you to Pikeville as well. But I crossed with his daughter and he’s like hey, you should come look at Pikeville. And see about bowling and like what? Like they offer bowling scholarships. So yeah, I ended up going actually stopped at Morehead State University on the way to visit them. But they couldn’t offer scholarship money at that point. Like I needed because my parents were poor. My dad, at that time, had survived colon cancer, a lot of the funding, I mean not all of our financial dollars anything extra we had were going towards medical bills and my other two brothers. So yeah, I got a scholarship to go to Pikeville. So that’s where I went and ended up being the best thing that ever happened. So I graduated, the professional tour wasn’t a thing. It had gone bankrupt in 2008. So Ron offered me a job as the Director of Residence Life Coordinator student activities and basically said, Hey, if you’re going to do this, you got to grow up a little bit faster. And you can’t do all the things that normal 25 year olds however old I was at the time do so. But I could


Andrea Sager  04:36

Well Wait, wait, you gotta go back to college and talk about how well you did in college like brag on yourself.


Kayla Bandy  04:43

Yeah, this is where this is like therapy session. I guess. It feels uncomfortable to talk about that stuff. But yeah, we won a national championship in 2008. I was a two time player of the year


Andrea Sager  04:53

like play like I hope you all understand like Player of the Year throughout the entire bowling like college bowling Not just like on the team. Yeah, all of college bowling. That’s how amazing she is at bowling.


Kayla Bandy  05:06

Ah, but uh, you know, so back in the day, like Pikeville, we were a contender, obviously at the national level. But I would say that part of who I am was defined by that experience and that our program was pretty good. We weren’t the best program. But Ron, Coach Dameron taught us how to do things, right, yeah. And on the lanes and off the lanes. And because of that, I may not have been the most talented like, there were a couple of players that were up there for Player of the Year each year. But I won because Ron told us how to figure things out and how to be a good person doing it. So because of that, I ended up winning to player of the years and found some success which transpired into success long term in the sport. So yeah, I graduated, didn’t go on tour, because there was no tour. Then, six or seven years after Andrew, even after Andrea had graduated, I got this call about coaching an NCAA bowling program. It was my senior year. Okay, so yeah, you’re still there. But yeah, I was like, what, I’m not going to coach a, on the east coast. I’m not going to coach a bowling program. Like that’s crazy, like the vision that just didn’t match where my plan had me go, like what I had envisioned. So I changed that after conversations with Gary justice, who was over the admissions department who I mean, he was far beyond his time at Pikeville as far as like he was a great mentor for us and coached ever basically said, go check this out. So I went checked it out, ended up coaching there for seven years, which was an incredible experience. Like I had my own program, I could do with it what I wanted, they had had success before this program had won numerous national championships. So the fact that they wanted me to come was pretty cool.


Andrea Sager  06:58

I mean, the fact that they even reached out, I know the audience doesn’t understand, like this was the number one program in the country. They were an NCAA D one program. And they called Kayla, like they called Kayla. And they were like, hey, we want you for this job. Because they knew how incredible she was.


Kayla Bandy  07:16

Well, they knew my strength before I did. It was cool. I was young, I will say that, like I learned a lot. Being a young coach. My first few years, I had no idea what I was doing. But I figured it out. And we had some success. Once we coach over the years, we won the conference championship a couple of times made it to the Final Four. It was hard to because they had won some a national championships. Yeah, you know, you’re coming into this program that’s like at the top of all things, and you’re brought in and expected to uphold that standard and take it to new heights. So it was rough. But it was an adventure that, again, helped define who I am today, not what I would have played. So yeah, and then COVID hit. And then as you all know, especially your listeners, times are hard, I was scared to death, like, I’m not gonna have a job. Like, you know, like, what’s happening here. The opportunity presented itself for me to step away from the program in a healthy way. They had time to hire a coach. And then I started


Andrea Sager  08:21

I will never forget that phone call though. Like COVID hit and you were like, Andrew, I don’t know if I’m gonna have a job. Like, I don’t know what the fuck I’m gonna do. And I was like, well, I need your help. Oh, hi. Are you like I need some help. And the


Kayla Bandy  08:34

first phone call, I think was with Laura’s pretty cool affiliate call. And I’m like, What are they talking about? And then we had Krishna who was to she was great, because she really like showed me how it was done. And hey, do this. Figure this out. Do this. So.


Andrea Sager  08:55

So for those listening, if you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, Kayla interviewed me. And I hired her right after COVID hit because this is when we started Legalpreneur the company. So up until this time, it was just the law firm Andrea Sager law. And I had this huge vision of what I wanted Legalpreneur to look like. And by this time, we had the Legalpreneur membership, but it was only in the law firm. And I wanted to eventually grow this Legalpreneur brand to be this huge billion dollar brand. And that’s what we’re in the middle of right now. And our first product was the contract vault. And what I wanted was Kayleigh to come on and manage the affiliates essentially be our affiliate manager, because I knew that basically a lot of our clients and the law firm came from, like business coaches, referrals from business coaches, so I knew, hey, this business is going to be great. It’s going to be in a great affiliate stream for business coaches. And so I wanted to have a huge affiliate program and that’s what I hired kala for initially And that’s what So Laura sprinkle. She’s like the affiliate queen. She teaches affiliate programs how to run them. And I don’t think she runs them for people anymore. But she used to run like Selena Sue Amy Porterfield like she’s done all the biggest affiliate programs. And we hired her to teach us. And basically, that’s how Legalpreneurs started. And so I brought Kayla on. And yeah, so tell them about your first month.


Kayla Bandy  10:25

What’s crazy is I just thought about it. I mean, part of like, I was a good fit, because I also was trying to start my own business for prospective student athletes trying to get into higher education. So I was the ideal client, I can relate to all of you guys and I need to trademark this, I need to be an entity. And Andrea saying, Do this, do this do this. So it was a good fit, because I would come on working with entrepreneurs in the exact same stages that I was in. So yeah, I started and I had zero background in running a business or website design or Active Campaign, sending out emails, whatever the platform was, I’m like, Alright, let’s figure it out, as Matthew McConaughey would say, all right, all right. All right. Which, by the way, was a great book, green lights. Did you tell me about that book? We’re always sharing books back and forth. promo for that. Yeah, green light, great book, especially for entrepreneurs. Okay, I’ve


Andrea Sager  11:24

never even read that. And so you guys, she started as the affiliate manager literally just learned everything. I remember telling her, I was like, hey, like, I just need somebody that’s going to figure this stuff out. Because I don’t have the time to teach you. And she did. And then so we had somebody, we’re literally launching a new brand. Like, this isn’t just like this new product, like it’s a whole entire brand, new website, new everything. And so we had somebody like build the website. And then the first web developer, she just took on too big of a project. I remember my last call with her. She just she was crying. And I was like, anyways, so we really just had to figure it out from there. And after we got it launched, she learned the affiliate program, then she just started taking on more and more and eventually became full time.


Kayla Bandy  12:17

Yeah, basically, I felt like the first few months was all the contracted things that we had, that you had had done. It was figuring out how those things were done. Because there was a lot of dollars being paid to conjure, we could save on Yeah, like, we don’t need to be paying this amount of money for this, these different things that we can figure out. So but it was a blessing that I came on during that time, because I was able to figure it out and see from the ground up. How was Bill and from an operation side? How it all functions into today.


Andrea Sager  12:47

Yeah, so and then I remember because the law firm was growing just insane. Like it was insane how quickly the law firm was growing during this time. And I mean, it literally went from like me and Cassie to, like 10 people within a matter of months. And so there weren’t very good processes, or weren’t very good procedures. And so Kayla also helped out with that as well. And so that’s how she slowly just started taking over operations for both companies. And I think now, Kayla, I want to touch on operations as a whole. Like, what do you because I know, neither one of us intended like, Oh, you’re gonna be the operations manager? What is your vision of an operations manager?


Kayla Bandy  13:36

Like, you mean, like, what the ideal characteristics are of that person?


Andrea Sager  13:39

No. What do you like? What’s the role? They do? Yeah, what’s, what’s the role?


Kayla Bandy  13:44

I mean, basically, you just have to provide structure to it. Like you have to be a good listener. Number one, which I wouldn’t say is my strong suit. But like, you have to like listen to like how all the different branches, how everything is functioning, take inventory of it. And then you have to figure out what’s working good, and what can work better and most efficiently deliver product services to your client. That is the most important thing is to provide a good experience for all the employees make things function properly, and deliver the best experience possible for your clients. Yeah, yeah, that sounds so simple. I think that,


Andrea Sager  14:25

like I said, last week, I’m very much the visionary Kayla is the integrator she makes the vision happen. And as you grow in business, it is mission critical that you have somebody on the operation side. And you know, as you slowly grow, you can absolutely start with somebody part time, which is how Kayla started. But eventually, like that’s going to become your right hand person in your company, your operations manager, and you have to make sure that you have a long term vision because I think that’s what helped me was Hey, this is what I want now. But this is the long term vision that I have. And because you can’t just be looking at what’s happening right now, you honestly, you always have to keep the long term vision I don’t, I was gonna say the end in mind, but there’s never an end. So you have to have the long term vision in mind. And keep in mind that it can change, like, it can always change. Like, we’ve Oh, my God, we’ve shifted so many times, but still knowing that, hey, we have a really big long term vision. Yeah, that’s what I have to say about that.


Kayla Bandy  15:33

Yeah, I think that like the like, the whole, like, where you just started with that was, like the whole part time thing, like when you’re bringing on especially an operations person, especially at the stage that we were in, like, as a startup, it’s really hard to bring on a full time person immediately as operations. Number one, the long term, like most of you, who are entrepreneurs, if you’re anything like Andrea, you’re very much focused on the long term goal. And so providing structure to that short term, like the steps that you take to get there, it’s hard to find someone immediately that you know, is going to be a good fit. So I think that the part time, position first was a good like, Okay, make sure it’s a good fit, like, part of what works with us, is you figured out, is this person going to be good at implementing this? And it’s just going to be a good fit for both parties? Like, are they going to be able to implement the steps to get there, you got to build some trust that what’s happening, they can make it get there.


Andrea Sager  16:36

Okay, so now talking characteristics of somebody in the operations role, what you got? Well, number


Kayla Bandy  16:43

one, we talked about it several times already. And you’ve talked about it on other episodes. But number one, you have figured out like there, if I had to rely on thank goodness, Cassie was a good teacher, when I came in, that is one of her, like, she’s really good at teaching about where things are, and how they operate at that point. So


Andrea Sager  17:02

she’s also really organized, um, like me? Yes,


Kayla Bandy  17:04

yes, she bird brings a lot of structure and teaching. And anyway, so you got to be able to figure it out. So you have to be given a set a task, or like, this is the long term vision, and you got to figure out how to get there. And I think we figured that out from any of you athletes who are listening, in order to be the best. Like, it’s not some magical, you know, the difference between a professional athlete that’s really good at what they do, versus someone who hasn’t really had a lot of success, a lot of it just comes down to figuring it out. Like it’s not that they have some magic answer to it. It’s, you’re ambitious, you’re resilient, figure it out as you go. And that is the number one thing that you have to have as an operations person is the desire to figure it out and the skills to do so.


Andrea Sager  17:51

Yeah. And for somebody that’s listening, like, I need an operations person, like, where should do you suggest they even look? Because not all friends and family can work together? And so like, what are your suggestions? Do you have any welfare


Kayla Bandy  18:09

marking with you, like, obviously, you can put feelers out there, I really think that it comes from hiring smaller positions and getting to know that is first like you can’t hire an operation person, as your first person, I do not believe Yeah, because you first have to figure out who you work well with as the CEO and the founder, and then hire from there. So where that person is, I don’t have that miracle answer. If I did, we would launch the website tomorrow and start that as a service. But number one, you have to figure out what you’re looking for before you can go out and find it, I guess. And that comes from experience working. So I don’t really know that I answer but


Andrea Sager  18:52

why? I mean, we’ve gone through that. When hiring, we’re like shit, like we need. We know we need somebody in this role. We just don’t even know exactly what they’re going to be doing. And so, we, whenever we were doing a lot of hiring in the law firm, I would always tell Kayla, like okay, let’s post this job posting. And she’s like, Okay, well,


Kayla Bandy  19:14

what do you want them to do?


Andrea Sager  19:15

What are the requirements? Like? I don’t know.


Kayla Bandy  19:19

Yeah, we had dream bigger. I can’t remember when somebody was talking about it. But people create the positions kind of like you know, like it’s, you find out what someone’s strengths are and then you kind of like, facilitate their position from that like the growth immeasurable comes from somebody who you figure out what they’re good at. And then their position kind of evolves from there. You may hire somebody with into of virtual assistant that ends up being your operations person because


Andrea Sager  19:48

you really know everything. Yeah. And that’s basically what Cassie has come which I’m going to I am going to interview her on the podcast, but she started as an assistant, and then did all the paralegal stuff and Now she she really, pretty much is like operations like the actual legal services. So I do like your answer where it’s like, you really can’t just outright hire an operations manager, especially when you’re new, you’re small, because you have no idea what they’re going to be doing. And you probably need to grow into that position as well. So if you don’t already have an assistant, whether that’s in person or online, you don’t have different roles already, you probably need to start with smaller roles and then grow into an operations position. So keep in mind you guys, I started my law firm, April, May of 2018. Kayla didn’t get come in until April, May of 2020. So two years in, and then she didn’t become full time, I would say the end of 2020 or early 2021 is when she became full time. So don’t think like, oh, I just started my business. I need somebody in operations. Know, you’ll work up to it. But keep in mind, you’re gonna get there eventually.


Kayla Bandy  20:58

Right? Like we’ve all grown into the roles that we have. And I think that’s why we’ve been those that last the longest in your company are going to be the ones that grow in that position. And then they, you know, evolves into other things. Yeah. So my next topic is characteristic prepared for anything.


Andrea Sager  21:19

Yes. prepared for anything. Oh my gosh.


Kayla Bandy  21:22

Yes, the good, bad, ugly. As a sub note, I put like problem solving skills. Yeah, but one thing that I


Andrea Sager  21:29

would like to ask and I so you guys, this is completely unscripted. Like Kayla was prepared to interview me last week. I was like, prepare some questions. I have not prepared any questions. I’m just asking whatever comes up. So you have seen a lot in in my personal life and my business life but business you saw obviously the launch of Legalpreneur, the brand us really growing the Legalpreneur membership and now changing gears to Legalpreneur, the company. And you have seen me many times being kind of frantic, like, What the hell are we doing here? Like, is it time to call it quits? And so I’m curious, like, what has been your point of view in those really tough times when I come to you? Because so I will tell you guys like, sometimes it’s hard. It’s like, okay, I have to go to Kayla for like, business shit and personal shit. And so that’s why we call each other so many times a day. And so we have to separate and having one person literally be or everything like, it’s not always easy. So I’m very curious, like, what has been your point of view when I come to you with those like, oh my god, like, What the fuck are we doing? Is it time to call it quits?


Kayla Bandy  22:40

Yeah, I okay. So most recently, you came to me and I’m like, Okay, you’re back of my mind. I’m like, you’ve lost your mind. But I think that like,


Andrea Sager  22:50

by the way, she was very calm about this, you guys, I literally, so this was the first time I’ll you know, I’ll just straight up say it. So last week, I told Kayla, because it’s been a struggle, like we’re we haven’t made huge leaps and bounds the way I have wanted to the way that I’m used to. And so now we’re trying to raise money again, what happened was I started pitching a lot of investors again, and when I was pitching these investors, I was like, You know what, like, damn, I just, if this doesn’t work, like, I can’t keep doing this in my head. I’m having this conversation with myself. And I finally tell Kayla, I was like, I think I’m done at the end of this year. And she’s like, she said, You mean, like done with the investment stuff? And I said, No, like Donald’s legal partner. If I said, I think I’m gonna shut it down at the end of the year, if we don’t have more momentum, or if we haven’t raised a seed round. Like in my personal life, it’s been a struggle. I, like I took it, I was like, I haven’t paid myself a full paycheck and like a year and a half. And many people think like, Oh, her life looks great. Like she’s got this going on and that going on? Like, I haven’t paid myself in a year and a half, if you want to know what pays my bills, pretty much as poker. I’m just like, damn, like, I am. Like, is it all worth it? So I tell this to Kayla, and


Kayla Bandy  24:04

yeah, it’s just like, in that moment, I’m like, Okay, and so part of what works about this, though, is that you learn the times to speak up, and you learn the times to be quiet. And at that moment, it wasn’t the time wasn’t right, I need to get my thoughts together. Because, obviously, I’ll share in a second, like what it came from. But anyway, it just wasn’t the time to like, say anything. And obviously, like, I know where it’s coming from, because I’ve been with you during those investor conversations and so on. But then you have a different friend who speaks up coordinate and says, You’re crazy. The same thing. I’m thinking in the back of my head like you’re trying to change his industry. But what’s happened is, this is going to kind of go a different route from your original question, but like, what in these investor meetings, especially when you’re trying to like grow something to the next level? It’s kind of like getting on Facebook or social media as a teenager. are like teenagers are getting on social media and comparison itis is like going crazy. Like it’s their brains are in overdrive. Like they’re constantly comparing themselves with someone else. So in this journey and trying to raise money, we are comparing ourselves to, you know, who we think, is getting the investment dollars. And so, no, like, we’re not shutting this down, because that’s crazy. Because we know that we have something really, really awesome. And an investor’s decision to invest in us has everything to do with them, not us. Like we know where we’re at, and what we have to offer and what we’re going to grow. But it’s just like hiring someone investing, like you got to get to know somebody before you hire, especially for like, you know, a small business, they’re looking to hire somebody for 100k. Okay, that’s a big deal to hire somebody at 100k When you’re just starting off. So you want to get to know this person to make sure you’re not going to fail. So the investors are the same way. And right now is a really hard time in the world. And so if I was an investor wanting to invest millions, like, I’m protecting my investment and making sure I’m investing in the right places, but anyway, long story short, like, No, we’re not quitting, because we know exactly what we want. And it is hard as your best friend and operations person to say, know when to be quiet and when to provide feedback. Hopefully that answered,


Andrea Sager  26:24

tell him what Billy said. So that night after I told her, I called my friend Courtney, and I was telling her I was like, because you all listeners, like I’ve talked about my spiritual journey. And so I was talking to Courtney about the like, like, spiritually what was coming up for me, I’m like, I just feel like I’ve been struggling for so long. And so I just feel like there’s a spiritual meaning that maybe I’m just not meant to be doing this. And she basically was like, Shut the hell up. Like, you are literally trying to change an entire industry. You’re not just like trying to improve something you are doing something nobody has ever done before. And then I told Kayla the next morning, and both of them kind of just like really helped me change my perspective. And I was like, yeah, yeah,


Kayla Bandy  27:06

you’re right. Yeah. I mean, it’s kind of like, okay, so my significant other, he is a good bit older than me, and he is the compromise storm. I told Andrea the other day, she was talking about someone. And I was like, listen, we are a lot. And I think that those of you listening can agree, especially if you’re like startups, or entrepreneurs, like, you have to be a lot to be crazy enough to venture out and do this. So the significant others of all of us, including the listeners, like we need to take a moment to celebrate them, because we are alive. And Billy when I said this, in his very calm tone, or whatever, I don’t know exactly what he said. But he was like, You guys are awesome. And you can do anything. What are you talking about? And she lost her mind? And I was like, Yeah, basically. But sometimes you need that like, kick in the butt to like, really, it’s kind of like on tour, the last like two or three years I wasn’t doing, I haven’t been doing well. And so when you were talking earlier, this kind of crossed my mind. Like, I have to do a good job of like, recognizing when things don’t work, and being honest with ourselves. Like, we’re so good at winning, we’re so good at creating things that sometimes when we do something and it doesn’t work, we’re like, Holy hell, what, what now? Well, on tour, things weren’t going well. Well, I was emotional and crying and angry and mad, and all the things. And finally, one night, Billy was like, hey, like, stop it. Either. You’re gonna stop being emotional about this, and put in the work to make this work. Or you’re going to stop doing it. And so like, your conversation was very much like my professional career and that, okay, cool. It’s not working. But we’re not going to get anywhere until we identify what’s not working. And work harder. Like, okay, cool. You’re working hard, but obviously, it’s not hard enough. Yeah. So you know, yeah, we want it to be easy, but you sent me some screenshot of something that’s like, you know, yeah,


Andrea Sager  29:06

it was a Gary Vee screenshot. I’m gonna pull it up. Because it was really good. I was like, Oh, this is so timely,


Kayla Bandy  29:13

the slower you need to go or something. Like when you’re trying to accomplish really great things like it’s not going to be easy or everything would everybody would be accomplishing really great things.


Andrea Sager  29:23

Yeah, I saw this on LinkedIn Gary Vee had posted. Remember, the bigger the ambition, the slower you need to go. And I was like, Oh my gosh, like nothing could have been more perfect to see at that time, because I’ve said it before, but I just want to make sure that all the listeners understand like, we will sell Legalpreneur for at least a billion dollars. And we are in the process of changing the legal industry for small businesses and attorneys. And now when I think about like what I told you and Courtney, it does sound really silly, because I’m like I’ve been at this for I haven’t fully paid myself in a year and a half. And you hear all these stories about entrepreneurs that have been going at this for like 567 years. And then they finally, you know, get a break, and then they blow up. And I was like, Okay,


Kayla Bandy  30:20

right. And to each their own, like, they might blow up in five to seven years, we might blow up in a decade, like we don’t, that’s not to each their own. And I think that we can very easily as entrepreneurs, especially in this space, get so caught up and like, what our wants and needs in that moment, and comparing ourselves to what we think everybody else is doing. That’s not always true. So, yeah, that was an interesting start. Was it this week? Or was that last week? I don’t know. But I was like, Oh, my God, here we go. Oh,


Andrea Sager  30:52

my goodness. But then I did. So then I talked to Kayla, and I was like, I gave my you know, I kicked my own self in the butt. And I was like, Okay, you got to get real with yourself. Like, there are things that you’re like, This is me talking to myself. I was just like telling myself, like, there are things that you are not performing the way you say like there are things, you’re not doing Andrea, that are holding you back. Like for example, I keep I know, high performers, like they work out, they eat healthy and digital and do all this and do all that. Well. I haven’t been working out which I don’t fault myself for not working out. But I keep talking to myself and saying like, Oh, I want to do this, but I’m just not fucking doing it. And then, literally, I think my body was just like, Alright, it’s time. And Monday morning, I woke up at 4am on my own wide awake. And I was like, Maybe you should go to CrossFit this morning at 5am. And I was like, no, just go back to bed. No, I went up, I got up and went across it at 5am. And I went three days this week, which I’m really proud of, because I haven’t done CrossFit since before Ali was born. Yeah. And it’s just like these little things that I’m catching myself. And I’m like, Hey, if you want to be a high performer, like you have to change, like, there are more things like you may be doing a lot right now you may be doing good. But in order to be great, there’s more you have to do. Right? You


Kayla Bandy  32:19

got to put in the work exactly. Like we you know, if we’re expecting someone else to invest in us, we’ve got to be the best version of ourselves. And working out is the number one thing that I pay a small car payment every month, because working out like all those things are so important. Yeah, that was one of my characteristics was you got to be tough. And that was a tough conversation.


Andrea Sager  32:43

And it’s being mentally tough because I can go work out at any time of the day. But I’ve actually enjoyed getting up at 415 and going to work out to CrossFit at five because I get my workout done. And it’s all about discipline because well it’s okay. So basically I stopped snoozing my alarm, because yeah, I stopped snoozing my alarm. And because I was like oh shit. It’s all about discipline. And so, all week, I’ve been working by like 636 45 in the morning, so I’m able to get so much more done. And I feel good. Like,


Kayla Bandy  33:17

yeah, I feel you. I mean, I you know, I knew all of this as your best friend like when you said that where it was coming from and all the things so yeah, small Crisis averted? Check. Still protect their business. Go ahead. When I said entrepreneurs can still get their business protected. The Legalpreneur is still here.


Andrea Sager  33:39

Yes, we’re not going anywhere. There are many days you guys that I have those thoughts, though. But that was the first time I ever spoke it out loud. And I actually felt sick to my stomach. I was like, Oh, that actually doesn’t feel good to me. And so I was like, okay, that’s not a thing. But I got out of my system. So


Kayla Bandy  33:58

that’s a great action. Like those of you who have thought about quitting, like say it out loud. See what it feels like?


Andrea Sager  34:04



Kayla Bandy  34:06

Yeah. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.


Andrea Sager  34:09

Yeah. Well, do you have any final thoughts as the operations manager? My backbone, my right hand, my everything?


Kayla Bandy  34:19

No, yeah, it’s been fun. I can’t imagine what life would be without it like it’s an adventure every day. But I think that like a good person for in summary for your operations person is someone like an athlete. Like we’re constantly chasing endorphins, and every day is a new play. I will say however, we ended the last episode with things you say that get on my nerves. Have you thought of any they have a good one?


Andrea Sager  34:48

I’m gonna say things. Say that get on my nerves.


Kayla Bandy  34:56

This needs to be a tic tac series. I


Andrea Sager  35:01

don’t know if it’s things that you say or more of like the tone of them. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I think sometimes it’s just the tone. I’m like, Oh my God, this bitch, right?


Kayla Bandy  35:14

You know, so I will say that, like, I know exactly the moments that you’re talking about. And it only happens like, I would say every two months ish. Like when it comes out, I’m like, You need to take a break. And it teaches me in life to like, gosh, Billy man, he can get on my last nerve. And when I feel it coming, I’m like, Okay, you should go or go out or do something different. That’s funny that you say that.


Andrea Sager  35:43

There’s really nothing that you actually say that gets on my nerves. I think sometimes it’s just the tone.


Kayla Bandy  35:48

No, bitch, I haven’t sent that email out yet.


Andrea Sager  35:56

Listen, one day, we’re going to be hiring and all of y’all listening are gonna want to apply because y’all are gonna be like, I want to work with those two.


Kayla Bandy  36:06

I hope they do. It is really a great time. Like working with Legalpreneur is so fun. Not just because of fun, what a cliche word. But it’s not just fun, because of like Cassius Gray, like all of the people that we work with are fantastic. But it’s really rewarding. Like you’re working with all kinds of entrepreneurs from all over the country all over the world with all these really great ideas. And small businesses are going to change the


Andrea Sager  36:32

world. And we’re literally changing an industry. Yes,


Kayla Bandy  36:36

exactly. But yes, thanks for having me. This was fun. I’m excited. If you guys liked it. Make sure you comment. I want to come


Andrea Sager  36:43

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