My Journey to The Legalpreneur – Life, Friendship and Entrepreneurship with Guest Host and COO Kayla Bandy

Do you know your Legalpreneur history? Today is a special episode with my best friend and Chief Operating Officer, Kayla Bandy! She has witnessed my ups, downs, and everything in between. Her insight into the inception of The Legalpreneur makes her the perfect host for today’s episode, as she asks me hard-hitting questions about life, love, and entrepreneurship. 

Friendship and business can mix, and I believe our tendency to over-communicate has contributed to the success of The Legalpreneur. Our friendship began in Pikeville, Kentucky, because well before I entered the legal sphere, I was a student-athlete on a bowling scholarship, and Kayla was my coach. Today, Kayla is still coaching me through every haphazard idea I have for The Legalpreneur.

We take a trip down memory lane and laugh about the evolution of my entrepreneurial journey. Looking back at the moments of blind faith and the thrill of starting my own firm. Expect to hear the good, the great, and the best moments of The Legalpreneur’s history!

Key Takeaways:

[3:40] Mentoring Andrea as a student-athlete

[5:00] Identifying as an unrepresented minority 

[6:00]  Maxing out student loans 

[9:00] From Poshmark to opening a boutique

[12:00] Starting a firm with a $36 K severance package 

[14:30] Winging it with my first client 

[17:00] Marriage, mistaken miscarriages, and tubes tied

[19:30] The hiring process and creating roles within the firm

[22:00] Hiring Kayla: Balancing friendship and employment 

[26:00] Divorce and the birth of The Legalpreneur membership

[28:30] Overcoming imposter syndrome when teaching attorneys 

[30:00] Communication is the key to success 

[32:00] Less is always more 

[33:30] Lessons from a single entrepreneur

[34:00] Figure it out! It will all come together!


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Legalpreneur transcript:

Andrea Sager  00:03

Welcome to the Legalpreneur podcast. I’m your host Andrea Sager founder and CEO of Legalpreneur Inc. As a serial entrepreneur and someone that works exclusively with small business owners legally protecting their business. I’m dedicated to covering common legal issues faced by business owners, providing you with the business knowledge you need to catapult your business’s growth and showing you just how some of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs have handled these legal and business issues themselves. In true attorney fashion, the information in this episode is not legal advice. This is for informational purposes only and you should always consult with your attorney before implementing any of the information in the show. Hello there welcome back. Boy, do I have a surprise for you? But before we get into the surprise, I have to remind you about the Legalpreneur membership, all access to your very own attorney. What are you waiting for unlimited emails a phone call every month document review, contract templates, a discount on additional services business audit trademark search, like all the things, the link is in the show notes, go sign up, get your own attorney and let’s get to it. Okay, so I’m super excited because I have a very special guest on the podcast today. And that is my everything my right hand and business my best friend in real life. I’m sure many of you have heard me talk about her. Y’all have probably emailed if you came to dream bigger, you met her? None other than Miss Kayla Bandy, who is the Chief Operations Officer at Legalpreneur. She is here Not this week, but also for next week. So this week, we are actually doing a fun little episode to have her interview me. And then next week, I am interviewing her. So make sure you do not miss either one of these episodes because I promise it’s gonna be juicy. I mean, Kayla knows everything there is to know about me. So like, you know, this episode is gonna be great. So Kayla, welcome to the show.


Kayla Bandy  02:12

Hi, are you


Andrea Sager  02:14

scared of y’all she is She She made all these questions. And I’m so excited to hear her list of things that I say that annoy.


Kayla Bandy  02:30

Yeah, when you asked me to jump on the podcast, I was excited because when you listen to the podcast, especially like powerful women in business, they always have episodes with like their husbands or significant others and so on. So my Oh, this is perfect. So it’s gonna be fabulous.


Andrea Sager  02:48

Yes, yes, you are. And just to give you some background, Kayla and I met in college. So for those that don’t know, I went to college on a bowling scholarship in Pikeville, Kentucky at the University of Pikeville, which is the tiniest town in America. And I met Kayla there because she was a coach. And because she had already graduated, she graduated in 2008. I started there in 2010. And we met and it was fate. It was fake. We slowly became best friends. And she’s probably a big part of the reason why me and my ex husband even started dating. Oh, gosh, that was that’s a whole episode in and of itself. Man. She was my maid of honor. And she was like the first person that I called to be like, Ah, I think I’m ready for a divorce. So Kayla, you’re the interviewer here. So go ahead and take over. Yes,


Kayla Bandy  03:46

that was perfect, though. where you started, we’re gonna go back back into tax. Yeah, so you were going to school, I was working at the university because I can compete professionally. And you were kind of like a mentee at that time.


Kayla Bandy  03:59

So really, I think when I like you meet a lot of student athletes throughout the process, but one of the biggest things that happened was you’re competing in a mountain laurel festival. And in this process, you have to have a date number one who is you know, gotta be pretty well spoken. Be prepared to talk to anybody and go through this process. Well, the last part of this competition, if you will, there’s an interview process. Well, btw, your future husband. Yeah, well, at that time, he was your future husband and you know it, you know, he’s prepping you for this speech. You come into this interview and you like nail it. And at that point, like that’s kind of like what sets you apart from the rest was this girl’s got it going on. She’s got a good sense of humor. We can cut loose in the office, but she’s destined for great things. And it was very obvious at that moment. But throughout like let’s say, Okay, you’re moving towards graduation you apply for law school, which was kind of entertaining itself. I remember the one question that you had was, it’s asking me my, like your race. And you’re like, do I put that down? And like, yes, you put that down, like whatever your race is, that’s what you put. But I now in 2023, like, evaluating that, like you, what did it feel like, in that moment bringing that topic up when you were just applying to law school?


Andrea Sager  05:26

Yeah, that was a huge thing, because I actually didn’t know if I was considered an underrepresented minority. And because in Houston, where I’m from, I’m the majority, I was not a minority. And then of course, I go to Pikeville, Kentucky. And I’m like, one of eight Hispanic students at the entire university. And so I was like, I just I do I put that I am an underrepresented minority. And I remember that so vividly. Because I had no idea. I was like, well, here I am. But at home I’m not.


Kayla Bandy  05:59

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I now looking back on it like that was a pretty powerful moment that we just kind of swept underneath the rug, like it was nothing. But so you get accepted to law school, for a number of reasons. But law school is expensive, and it’s scary. So what do you remember, like the thought of like, this is going to be expensive, this is going to be scary. I’m going to school with like these people who have gone to extremely reputable institutions, and we’re all coming together at this law school.


Andrea Sager  06:27

So my ex husband, he was a big factor into where I went to school. But basically, we decided together, I will go wherever I get the most scholarship money. And I because at the time, I was supposed to be going active duty. So I commissioned ROTC through ROTC in the army, and I was supposed to be an active duty officer, but they gave me an educational delay to go to law school. And the Army won’t outright pay for your law school, but they will repay your student loans. And so the idea was, let me just max out all my student loans, and I’ll have the most amount of money to live off of, and the army will just pay back my loans. So I went to NKU, Northern Kentucky University for law school, and I ended up paying 5000 a year so it was almost a full ride but not quite. And I maxed out my student loans every year to live off of to though I didn’t have to live that. You know, that poor but yeah, I ended up not going active duty. So now I’m stuck paying my student.


Kayla Bandy  07:33

Yeah, I so that’s funny. Like, that was also like kind of how this relationship started to. I remember when you went away for a while to like training or something. You write letters, I pulled those out. I got somewhere. But yeah, that’s, I mean, I think that at that time, we really didn’t when you applied, we had no idea what was coming. But I think the moral of the story was we figured out in this moment, life lesson thing was, it’s going to be scary as hell, and things are gonna seem like they’re way beyond their reach. But I mean, you made it happen. So when did the boutique come in, in this process?


Andrea Sager  08:10

So I started, Okay, y’all, Kayla, not only like worked at the school, but she was also the residence director. And I was an RA resident assistant. I don’t remember what the term is. So I got paid to like, be over like one dorm. And I was the worst example because I’m always a mess.


Andrea Sager  08:29

It was everywhere. I can’t even walk


Andrea Sager  08:33

clothes everywhere. But I bring this up because my closet was full of Express. I always shopped at Express. And so when I graduated from college, I knew I was about to be poor because I wasn’t making as much money as because I made pretty good money and undergrad because of ROTC. I also had a job like so many things. Well, leaving undergrad going to law school, I knew I wasn’t going to be making as much money and so I started selling my clothes on Poshmark. Okay, and that’s really where it started. I just started selling everything. But then it just grew from there. I then I started flipping clothes from the thrift store because btw my ex husband, he loved going to thrift stores. And eventually, I remember looking at clothes that and thinking Hey, I wonder if I could sell this, buy this and sell it for a profit on Poshmark. And I did and I that became like my new thing. I would flip clothes. And then I saw a lot of people on Poshmark buying wholesale boutique clothing and reselling it on Poshmark. And so I said hey, I want to do that. But I also want my own website. So that’s when I started the boutique. I remember I officially started the boutique clothing summer of between my first and second year law school. And I think it was also because I had a job between the two summers working at a law firm in West Virginia and That was when I was like, I hate it here. And I thought it was just the firm. I didn’t think it was like working. I think it’s just the, like, law firm environment that I don’t like it, but I thought it may have just been that law firm. And so I was like, Okay, I got to do something else. And so I started my own clothing boutique on the side. And that’s, that’s how that started.


Kayla Bandy  10:27

So how long did you keep the boutique for? And when did you decide to sell it?


Andrea Sager  10:31

2015 is when I started it, and then I sold it. 2017 2018.


Kayla Bandy  10:37

So about that time you’re graduating from law school, right?


Andrea Sager  10:40

Yep, graduated and started at the big firm, because, you know, I thought I had my dream job. Working on the 13th floor in Cincinnati watching a Cincinnati Reds game from my office. I was like, oh my god, I’m set by life. And I quickly realized, Oh, my God, this is



awful. Absolutely. Awful. Yeah.


Andrea Sager  11:02

But BT was staying home. He so we had Thomas, my last year, my last semester of law school. And the plan was Bt will stay home with Thomas when I start working. And that’s what happened. And so when I start my job, and I come home, and I’m like, Hey, babe, I’m miserable. Like, cool. You can’t quit.


Kayla Bandy  11:25

I’m taking care of this kid. I’m doing your boutique stuff. We got a dog. I think you guys had a cat.


Andrea Sager  11:31

Yeah, we had a dog. Yeah. Oh, Teddy. And Marco. I missed them so much.


Kayla Bandy  11:37

Yeah, they’re good dogs. I remember visiting that house. And when you guys had that house, you were still working. I think you brought up at the time. Like I think I might be quitting. That was probably one of the first time it’s on my Oh, okay, cool. We just had a kid and we’re going to quit our job. Awesome. Yep, that’s exactly how we scripted this. Yeah. So you leave the firm? Or you’re still in Ohio. How long after did you decide to start your own? Obviously, when you left, you’re starting your own firm. But you’re still in Ohio. Yeah. So Texas, I can’t remember.


Andrea Sager  12:09

So what happened? We had actually put our house for sale on a Monday and Wednesday, and I didn’t have a job. I was at the time I was applying for jobs in Houston. Because Beatty didn’t want me to start my own firm. He wanted a sure thing. He wanted the steady paycheck, which I understand I get it.


Kayla Bandy  12:29

Well, and at this moment, you have quit this other job. So he’s like,


Andrea Sager  12:33

No, I didn’t I did it. And so Wednesday and Okay, so Monday, I we put the house for sale. Wednesday, I remember texting him and my camps gonna quit today. Like, I’m so miserable. I fucking hate this place like I’m done. And he says, Just wait. So we have a contract on the house. And I was like, okay, you know what I can do? Like, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, I can do that. And then Friday, my boss and the managing partner walk into my office, and they give me two options. They say you can basically be on a pip a performance improvement plan. Or you can take a severance package and go find another job. And I was like, Babe, give me my money. I’ve taken this severance. Yeah, I was never so excited to my entire life. And I think this was like one of the first moments where I was like, I don’t know if I can stay in this marriage, because I cannot explain how excited I was to get the severance. And I always tell people that I manifested getting fired because I am like five minorities rolled into one. And I knew they had to offer me a severance. And so I’m so excited. Like, I just got this $30,000 paycheck from this firm, which is more than enough to get us a new house in Houston, we can move to Houston, start my own firm that like all these things, and we list because I had told him that Wednesday, I was like, we have enough money saved, and then you know, we can just move and then we get this $30,000 windfall. And so I am so excited. And I go home. And he’s is I mean, he is so and you know like BT mad. And I like I will never forget, like how I didn’t know what it meant at the time. But what I was experiencing was just not feeling seen and supported. And that was like the first time that I was like, I don’t know if I could stay in this marriage. But anyways, I got fired on a Friday, I launched my firm that night, and I had my first client.


Kayla Bandy  14:35

What did that feel like to have your first client who wants to actually we talk about impostor syndrome a lot? Yes. But like in the workplace, even today. So what was that like to have the first client that says, I want to pay you for you to take care of this?


Andrea Sager  14:48

So from the boutique that I had, I had a whole network of boutique owners that were constantly coming to me at the firm, but they couldn’t afford the firm rates. And finally the firm said, Hey, we don’t want these small businesses. are not quality clients. I knew that was not true. Because I saw this consistent stream of people asking for help. They just couldn’t afford their rates. And so I posted in these Facebook groups that I was in for boutique owners, and immediately I was like, Hey, I’m officially out on my own, because I had been telling them like, Hey, I’m gonna start my own firm. And I was just making shit up as I went, honestly, I was like making up prices. And the last month at the firm, I was basically teaching myself how to do trademarks. And so finally, I’m out on my own. And that I remember that first night I actually, a lot of people requests, they wanted more information. But one girl was like, hey, I want you to help me with this data. I’ll pay you. I can’t remember she actually paid that night, or if it was like, the next day or the next week, but she 100% was my first client and I will never forget that.


Kayla Bandy  15:54

That’s fantastic. Yeah, we read a lot of Amanda Francis books that you put me on here. And like everything about your story is everything that she preaches, like that first person that pays and then it’s off to the races. Yeah. So you got the clients coming in. You guys moved back to Houston. Yeah, I’m doing my like, twice a year visit down to see the seghers agers working from home. And I’m like, This is insane. She’s working from home like this sounds like a dream job. Then I could compete all the time. But you seemed pretty busy. You had a lot going on. I remember one of the visits. I came down. You were pregnant with



Ali. Yeah. And


Kayla Bandy  16:33

you thought you lost her?


Andrea Sager  16:34

Yeah, that was so that was July 2018. Yeah, two weeks before I started at the big firm, we miscarried. And then you were there in July, which I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this. On the podcast. I just finished taking the Texas bar exam. Yeah. Listen, I remember I was having like stomach pains. And so I was like hurrying up trying to finish the exam. And the thing is, when you take a bar exam, there’s literally hundreds or 1000s of people in this one room. And you have to go home and upload the answers when you have Wi Fi. I never turned in my fucking answers. Because I get home. And I’m I think I’m having another miscarriage. And I was there. Yeah. Somebody else there. Yeah. So you were there. And it was, that was like, not a great weekend. But and then I we didn’t have insurance at the time because we just moved to Houston. He was starting to be a teacher. But he his insurance hadn’t kicked in yet. And so I literally we spent a whole month thinking that we had miscarried. And so literally the day that the insurance kicked in, I went to the hospital. I was like, Hey, I think I miscarried, because I was I was, this is TMI, but I was throwing up, I was still having symptoms. So of course, I’m like trying to self diagnose at home. I was like, I just don’t think the whole baby has passed. And so we went to the doctor, I was like, Hey, I think I need to get a DNC. And they’re like, well, there’s a baby in there. So I was like, what? Like, now that was a great day. Because literally, we spent a whole month thinking we miscarried. And at that point, that whole month, it was so depressing, because I was like, I’m can’t do this again. Like I’m never getting pregnant again, like going through two miscarriages in a row like, Fuck this. Never again. All right, and then we find out we’re still pregnant. So then we’re like, great, but I’m being negative, my blood type. And so then the doctors were like, Well, shit, you if he bled all this time. You like there’s, I forget what it’s called. But basically, when your blood is negative, it can attack the baby. And so I spend like the whole freaking pregnancy, freaking out thinking that something’s gonna be wrong with the baby. So I was like, the doctor, my my OB. So Thomas, I had to have a C section with Thomas and so I had to have another one. And she was like, well, since you have to have a C section, we can go ahead and tie your tubes if you want. And I was like Absa freaking lately, I am never getting pregnant again, like physically and messes up my body. But mentally I cannot go through this again. So luckily, Ali came out chunky as hell healthy as hell. Sassy as hell.


Kayla Bandy  19:18

I was gonna say she’s a fighter.


Andrea Sager  19:20

And they tied my tubes and this girl and ever getting pregnant ever again.



That’s funny. Yeah,


Kayla Bandy  19:26

she came out a fighter, that’s for sure. All right, so Ali’s here. Things are okay. At home business is going really well. When do you decide? Alright, I have enough money coming in that I’ve gotta hire somebody. And plus, I’m completely overwhelmed.


Andrea Sager  19:42

Are we talking about Cassie here? Yeah, that was your first hire. Yes, yes. So then that’s funny how I found Cassie too. So I remember posting towards the end of 2018 Like, I need to hire somebody. But this is my very first hire. I have no idea exactly what I need. And so basically, it’s very vague. I’m like, I need help. I now know exactly what I need. But from Poshmark, there was this girl, Nicole and Nicole, if you’re listening, I will always be grateful for you for sending me, Cassie. And she’s like, Hey, my sister in law, she’s getting her paralegal degree. And she’s finishing up and she can probably help. At the time, I was like, This is gonna be a very part time position. But hopefully it’ll grow to full time. And it was literally fate because Cassie was in her last semester of finishing her paralegal degree. And I think she’s doing like a co op. And so she started January of 2019. And I was like, girlfriend, I don’t know exactly what I’m gonna need. But I need somebody that can just figure it out, learn, grow with me, and increase in hours. And she’s like, Well, I think this would be perfect because she had her first daughter at the time. And so she wanted something remote. And she wanted something just really part time to, you know, make a little bit of money while she’s still finishing school. And it was literally perfect. And she’s always been somebody that can just figure shit out. And we literally have just like, grown together so much, Cassie and I, and she maybe I should interview her on the podcast, that’d be a good. And now, Cassie is really the main one in my email. These days, my email really stresses me out and overwhelms me. But Cassie can literally run the whole basically run the whole firm by herself. Yeah, she’s grown and just, she’s incredible.


Kayla Bandy  21:26

Yeah, I think that like listening to you talk about the first tire, especially with Cassie. It’s very much like, you’ve got to figure out one of the pain points as we’ve grown as the hiring process. And when you hired me, I mean, it’s the



same story. You had no idea. We had no idea what you were gonna do. Yeah. So


Kayla Bandy  21:44

like that first successful hire that you have. Like, I think that, like those of you that are listening, that are thinking about making your first hire or the next hire, I think you really gotta lean into the reason why those hires worked. And yeah, it is. Can you figure it out? And do this on your own? Yep. Yeah. So then you hired some attorneys along the way to help with the load with that. But when you got to the point to hire me, that’s what we need to talk about know people. So best friends. Were you scared to hire your best friend? Yes. And


Andrea Sager  22:19

I think I mean, I can’t remember, I think I did tell you like, look, no matter what happens, like I value our friendship more than anything else. Because I mean, that’s what scared me. I mean, I, I’ve seen it as the attorney for so many friends that have gone into business together. And so I was like, I need help. But I don’t want this to ever get in the way of our friendship, because I value this more than anything. And that I mean, that was what I was mainly scared about is just our friendship going sideways, which I think I think now like we really are just like, like, besides you and Billy, we are pretty much life partners, and we get on each other’s nerves.


Kayla Bandy  23:01

Hi, that’s another episode.


Andrea Sager  23:05

But when it got to that point, so I hired you whenever I decided to launch Legalpreneur, as the side hustle to the law firm. And we were launching the contract vault, and I wanted to really do a big push with affiliates for the contract vault. And I needed an affiliate manager, because at this point in the law firm, I think we had like, seven, eight people, seven, eight employees. And they were all maxed out. And I needed you I needed somebody else. And I was like, Look, I think this is what we need this affiliate manager, and I had paid Laura sprinkle. She’s like the affiliate Queen about teaching and running affiliate programs. We did the VIP thing with her. So she really is the one that trained you and taught you. And so we launched the contract vault. And at this time, you guys, she and so you’ll hear more about Kayla side of it next week, but she was coaching one of the top NCAA bowling programs in the country. But obviously, this was April, May, June of 2020. Yeah, COVID had just hit and she didn’t have a job, or she she was getting paid. But they weren’t competing. And I was like, Well, I think and she I remember you called me you were like, I don’t know if I’m gonna have a job. And so you were kind of freaking out. And I was like, well, I need help. And that’s how it started. And we launched the contract vault. And then I don’t even remember when I started paying you. Because at first it was like very part time. And then at some point, I was like, Okay, let’s just do this full time. And slowly but surely. So she went from affiliate manager to just like operations manager. I don’t remember how that shift was made.


Kayla Bandy  24:58

Well, I think that at that point You had a lot of contracted, like independent contractors working on different things. And, you know, those contractors were for set amounts of time. And so when they were, you know, in in contracts, it was time to take over the things that they had built for us. Yeah. So in the affiliate program, like, hello, I didn’t even know what a WordPress was at that point. What do you eat or bread? Oh, okay. It’s this elaborate thing that when I go to these websites, I can see the back end. But I think that the part time work was great, because we got to see if it was a good fit. And if I could figure it out. And we could also, like, figure out the working relationship of the friendship. Yeah. But I think that part of the reason for my perspective that it worked, like you say that we had that conversation, but that conversation really wasn’t had in those exact terms, because we were just on a level where it was just kind of understood. Yeah, like it was more valuable. So yeah, then we’re be bopping along and we’re doing great. Things are going awesome. And then one day you say, Hey, I have this idea. Oh, here we go. And that’s when you were like, okay, like, we need to go all in on this Legalpreneur membership. Well, before


Andrea Sager  26:13

that, that you’re gonna say, what the day that I called you and was like, Hey, I think I am going to get a divorce.


Kayla Bandy  26:19

Oh, well, you know, that was a visit when I came down. And you had been like talking about being


Andrea Sager  26:25

Yeah, you came, I had told you that I wanted to divorce and you were literally coming in the next week or two weeks later. And I was like, all wait to say something until after you leave. So it’s not awkward. But then it literally just ended up coming out like the next day or so. And then it was awkward when Kayla wasn’t.


Kayla Bandy  26:44

Yeah, it was a terrible visit. Oh, my God, talk about you need a whole tick tock channel about that time of our life. Like I came down and it was the most awkward time ever, because I valued my friendship with BT too, because BT was, you know,


Andrea Sager  26:59

funny, alias halogen. Yeah.


Kayla Bandy  27:02

And so it was really hard for me because, like, I really wasn’t in the middle. Because obviously, like, we were best friends, whatever. But it was a really hard time because I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless. Like, okay, obviously, yes, you need to get out of this relationship. It is not healthy for either of you. But, but this sucks, because he’s also, you know, a good friend of mine, too. I don’t know if BT listens to your episodes, but hopefully he does. And he hears that because I felt like it was just a bad time. Like it was just anyway. So yes, you get a divorce. Well, I come down and I’m like, holy shit. This is real. Like she’s not joking around. This is over. Yeah. But yeah, that’s when it was kind of like took the business to another level, though. Because you had to make it work. You were single mama now,


Andrea Sager  27:47

huh? And then literally a year later is when I was like, Hey, I think it’s time to go all in and Legalpreneur.


Kayla Bandy  27:56

Yeah, exactly. And it was scary. So it’s still scary. Yeah, so yes, but it was right. Because we have clients all over different countries even coming into the membership. We’ve got all these attorneys coming to us that are like, I think we launched the Legalpreneur. Admitting a little failure here thinking that attorneys came out of law school just like you. Yeah, yeah. And they don’t


Andrea Sager  28:24

they do not. And for those listening, I don’t know if I’ve admitted this said this on the show. But I if there’s one thing that I struggle with, it is imposter syndrome. With attorneys. I struggle with that every single day and Kayla’s. Like what the hell are you talking about? Because I still feel like I’m a baby lawyer. And I feel like I, like attorneys aren’t going to want to learn from me. But time and time again, that’s been proven to not be true, because attorneys reach out to me all the time, like, Hey, can you coach me? Can you mentor me? And so launching these products to attorneys, or I was afraid to do more, because I thought, honestly, I think I just thought they would make fun of me for trying to teach them. Because I think inside I feel like I don’t have anything to teach attorneys. But I think within the last really three to six months, I truly have come to realize like, Hey, I do actually have a lot to teach, and other attorneys can learn a lot from me. And so now that’s really what I’m diving into. Yeah, absolutely.


Kayla Bandy  29:30

I mean, we recognize the need, yeah, that we need to train them because our clients are incredibly valuable to us, and they deserve the best. And so we found out that we got to train attorneys, and here we go. So yeah, we got clients coming in from all over. We have attorneys, and that feels really, really good that we’re launching the Legalpreneur attorney course soon. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that. But yeah, that’s coming really in the next. I don’t know, probably, Adrian brings me these ideas and she’s like, Hey, I had this idea. So how long will that take to build? Okay, yeah, I can’t do it overnight, but


Andrea Sager  30:06

and then by the time we’re done, I’m like, Hey, I have another idea.


Kayla Bandy  30:09

Right? This is for unlike that this is going to transition nicely into things you say. But yeah, you. Let’s just transition. So Andrea says here, she’ll get the note the morning calm. Yeah,


Andrea Sager  30:28

yeah. So just so y’all know, like Kayla and I. So because we work so closely together. And because we are real life best friends, we talk to each other. We call each other no less than 10 times a day. And that’s not an exaggeration. I normally I’ll take the kids to school, and then on the way home, I’ll call her. And we’ll get caught up on Hey, what are we doing today?


Kayla Bandy  30:52

Oh, yes, yes, yes. But we’ll talk about that more when we talk about it. Yes, we communicate a lot. But I also think that that’s what makes it so successful. The operations, the see, oh, if we’re being fancy that I’m called, what makes it so successful is that there is I mean, you’re basically in a relationship with that person, like, you better be real comfortable. So that but that’s for another episode. So okay, thanks. You say, there’s one thing I want to get done? Well, I got a list of 25 things to do. Where would you like for me to put it on the list?


Andrea Sager  31:29

And I told her that let I remember, I think, Oh, the deck, the investor deck. I think that was the last thing. I was like, hey, there’s one thing I want done today.


Kayla Bandy  31:39

Yeah. And then two hours later, she’ll call and say, Hey, there’s one oh, about this other massive project. All right, you ready for number two? So I worked all night. Oh, great. She worked all night. Which means that let me get my pencil and paper out. That means that she’s worked on another massive project to add to the list. I feel like we need music here for it. But um, okay, here’s a good one. So when she says, Hey, can you create an email to send out about this topic? So I’m like, type in what she says. So then I’m like, okay, cool. I’ll make it better. So I type it up, and I send to her never fails. It’s too wordy.



What do you read and still wordy?


Andrea Sager  32:33

Oh, my God, that I do. Yeah.


Kayla Bandy  32:36

But that’s a good entrepreneur lesson, right? That it’s too wordy, because I feel like we’ve been successful because less is more.


Andrea Sager  32:44

Yeah, that’s a good lesson. Just overall to those listening. If you’re like, I don’t know what I’m getting out of this episode. Don’t be too wordy.


Kayla Bandy  32:51

Yes, exactly. Exactly. So and then the other kind of comical one I wrote down was I am hilarious.


Andrea Sager  32:58

I am hilarious. Oh, you want to talk about the text that I sent this morning?


Kayla Bandy  33:03

That is I think the podcast is not rated on that level.


Andrea Sager  33:09

It is not rated on that level. You cannot know the text and I said, but I think it’s really hilarious because and I’m sure this is just the business list of things. I know. It’s just because personal life things Calum Sure. That has like a whole long list of things. Yes. But I know one thing that Kayla is really happy about personal life wise for me, is that I am no longer like stuck on a certain person.


Kayla Bandy  33:37

Yeah, the dating life. The single entrepreneur. Things you’ve learned



a lot. A lot. Yes, yes. Yes. Anyway, so


Kayla Bandy  33:48

yeah, what I hope that your listeners took from this. Number one, the history of legal foreigner, and how we got here today. But number two, the main thing I’ve learned from working with you is messy action. Yeah. Figured out. We just figure it out together. Yes, yes, yes. But yeah, that’s all the questions I have as far as like where we’re at. Yeah.


Andrea Sager  34:16

All right. I hope you all have enjoyed this episode. And we actually were thinking like, man, if we enjoy these episodes, we need to see if the audience enjoys these two episodes of us, because maybe we’ll do this every once in a while, like Andrea and Kayla episode. So please drop us some feedback if you liked it, or because your friendship like


Kayla Bandy  34:39

this. That’s what I want to know.


Andrea Sager  34:43

Do you call your best friend 10 times a day? Oh my gosh. Anyways, I hope you liked this. I realized I had never been interviewed on the podcast. And so I was like, Hey, do you want to interview me and then I interview you. So that’s what this week is Nick? you’ll hear from Kayla, and let us know and we’ll see ya hopefully get to work with you and Legalpreneur.


Kayla Bandy  35:06

Thanks for having me.


Andrea Sager  35:10

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