Dena Greenbaum: Are You Too Old For TikTok?


Are you too old for TikTok? Maybe not! Today’s guest is Dena Greenbaum, co-host of the 2 old 4 TikTok podcast! Working on the business side of film, Dena found herself searching for more creative freedom. As a woman in her 30’s, TikTok was a revelation! The platform offered new and exciting opportunities to create and engage with a larger audience which was exactly what Dena was searching for. 

In this episode, Dena breaks down the latest trends and future predictions of this fun tool. We discuss how millennials can tap into the potential of the social media platform of the future. TikTok is so much more than dancing teenagers, although we do think that trend is here to stay! 

Dena reveals how to get the most out of TikTok’s creator fund and when you should consider leaving it behind. TikTok offers access to a global audience and financially rewards creators who transcend language barriers. She discusses some of the most profitable creators and what makes them stand out on this competitive platform.

Key Takeaways:

[0:45] TikTok is the future of media!

[2:20]Testing the algorithm with Elite TikTok news

[3:57] Stepping away from the business side of film and embracing the creativity of TikTok

[6:00] If you want to be successful put your own spin on what successful creators are doing

[7:23] Successful millennial TikTok influencers to pull inspiration from

[10:15] The creator fund: creating something that has timeless longevity that you can grow

[11:30] At the moment, Youtube has superior financial incentive for creators

[17:55] How the algorithm fluctuates, catering to your likes and hiding unengaged content

[19:00] Yes, there is a market for TikTok dance instructors



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Legalprenuer transcript:

Andrea Sager  00:03

Welcome to the Legalprenuer podcast. I’m your host Andrea Sager founder and CEO of Legalprenuer Inc. As a serial entrepreneur and someone that works exclusively with small business owners legally protecting their business. I’m dedicated to covering common legal issues faced by business owners, providing you with the business knowledge you need to catapult your business’s growth and showing you just how some of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs have handled these legal and business issues themselves. In true attorney fashion. The information in this episode is not legal advice. This is for informational purposes only and you should always consult with your attorney before implementing any of the information in the show. Hi, welcome back. Today I am joined by Dina green bomb she is the host of the podcast too old for Tik Tok. Y’all know that I am a huge fan of tick tock so I’m really, really excited to have her here. Dina, thanks so much for joining me.


Dena Greenbaum  00:59

Thank you so much for having me. I love talking all things tick tock. So this is very exciting. Yes. So please


Andrea Sager  01:05

give me your background. I want to hear how you got to love talking all things tick tock and how you got started on tick tock.


Dena Greenbaum  01:12

Sure. So I went to film school. So I was always interested in content media, I work in the film and TV industry. And I actually one of my good friends sister was in college. I’m 34 sisters a lot younger, and showed me Tik Tok. This was in 2019. And I went home and I scrolled on the app for four hours. And it was three in the morning. And I was like, this is the future of media. This is the best content I’ve seen. I really didn’t hop on board to Instagram. I’ve like never posted on my personal Instagram, I just use it to stop people. And I was just not a big social media person. But I was like, There’s something here. And I would tell my friends, I was like, you have to check out this tick tock app. And they’re like, You were too old for that. This is your you know, you’re 34 or I was, you know, 33 at the time or whatever. And I was like, No, it’s not just dancing teenagers. And I would give the same spiel over and over again and say like, it’s more than just dancing teenagers on the app, like you could learn stuff, I laugh, I cry, it’s the best way to enjoy content. So I eventually convinced my friend, Melissa to get on tick tock, she also became obsessed. And then we created the podcast tools for tick tock, basically, because we were just then trying to convince all our friends to join. And then the pandemic happened. And it seemed like everyone joined because people were looking for things to do and now it is what it is today. And that’s kind of how the podcast started.


Andrea Sager  02:46

I love that. And so what is your favorite kind of content to create?


Dena Greenbaum  02:51

Basically, I created it account called elite tic tock news, based on a New York Times article that I read by Taylor Lorenz. She’s great on Tik Tok. She writes, she’s kind of on the tick tock beat. Yes. So her article about elite tick tock is about it’s basically kids in high school would pretend to be brands. So you’d have an account that was like Burlington Coat Factory, but it wasn’t actually the brand. It was brilliant cover and they would interact with like fake Costco or fake Skittles. And then there’d be fake people trying to be colors or states even. So I thought this is it. Like there’s so many kids doing this. There’s no one aggregating this information. So as a test to myself, I said, can I create a you know, tic tock account that reports the news on these accounts. So it was elite tic tac news. And within a few months, I got shot up to like 50,000 followers. And that just grew my love for tic tock more because I was kind of just testing the algorithm and testing what worked, what didn’t work. I have a personal account as well. I do a lot of New York City content. And basically, you know, kind of just not day in the life but just things I see in New York. A lot of my for you page is very New York heavy, the food scene, the restaurant scene there. And then you know, and the podcast has been my main source of love for for creating.


Andrea Sager  04:16

I love that. Tell me about your background, a little bit more from film school. What like, what was your career like? Sure, yeah.


Dena Greenbaum  04:23

So I study production, and I would create content, but I was always more interested on the business side. And I went and I got my MBA at Columbia, and I’ve always been kind of the business and physical production side of TV and film, but I feel like the podcasts and Tik Tok kind of creates that void I had where I didn’t feel creative, because I was on the business side and that kind of like fills that what No, I


Andrea Sager  04:51

get that 100% Because same with me. It’s like your lawyer like you’re supposed to just like be locked in the office all day. And I’m like, no, like, actually, I make my own rule. Oh, and I get to create as much as I want, and then just kind of like, do as much business as I want. But I have more fun creating. And so I totally get that it’s been funny seeing the transition from not even clients. But I think the general public realizing that, hey, not all lawyers are in this buttoned up three piece suit. They can be because I remember my first like, the first version of my website I had on there something about just working at home in my pajamas. And I just like, that’s just who I am. I’m like, when I got fired, I told you that I got fired. And I threw away all my suits. I was like, I’m never wearing another suit again. I mean, now, I love blazers, but I threw them all away. And I was like, I just want to sit at home and work in my pajamas. So many people were like, I just love how you work at home in your pajamas. I’m like, I didn’t really think anything of it. Like that’s just me. And so I love it like for you. I know. That’s just like, Yes, I love business. But also, like I love to create like this is my creative outlet. This is my spirit. This is who I am. So I totally get that. As a quick reminder, the Legalprenuer book is coming out at the end of this month. I am so excited. It’s been a labor of love and Legalprenuer, the business owners guide to legally protecting your business will finally be in your hands. If you have not already pre ordered your copy. Get to it now the actual price of the hardcover book will be more than the pre sale price. And if you are getting in on the pre sale price, you actually get over $2,000 in bonuses. So run don’t walk go get the Legalprenuer book right now while it’s still on preorder. So when did you initially start posting on Tik Tok? And do you have multiple accounts? Right?


Dena Greenbaum  06:54

I do. Yeah. So my first the first night that my my friend’s sister showed me tic tock and I was on it for like four hours. I have a turtle I’ve had the same turtle since I was six years old. That was like, I’m very camera shy. So it’s like maybe I you know, do something with the turtle. I posted a video you know, and it got 400 views but to me I was like that’s a lot of people are watching this people are commenting is like this is so fun. It was a very silly video. So that is kind of the first step. And then after watching and this is advice I give to creators all the time, if you want to be successful, just watch other successful creators and put your own spin on what they’re doing. Because you want to show your personality but you know, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. So watch other successful creators and see what’s happening. And that’s what I did, the more I started consuming and kind of got it down the rhythm and I said you know that’s what I got the idea for the Tick Tock account and other things just started working and who are your favorite creators to follow to not copy the work but to get ideas for trends are you know what’s really working on Tik Tok? Yeah, I follow a lot of millennial accounts. It’s just kind of you know, my age group. So rod is a huge Korea’s and he shot up I remember seeing his first videos and then he really just took it and ran with it. David Michael Burke, like he is one of the funniest people on Tik Tok. We interviewed him and his comedy is top notch. We also interviewed Davis Burlison. He’s younger, he’s definitely Gen Z. But he shot up to fame on Tik Tok and created the show what’s poppin and I it’s so entertaining. He just goes around interviews people in Washington Square Park, and he’s so good at it. It’s like Billy on the Street, but for kind of Gen Z. Yeah. So I follow you know, an array of creators. It’s mostly comedy. That’s kind of what I gravitate because I want to be laughing You know, there’s enough bad things in the world that I go to tick tock to kind of find my my piece and get some smiles and laughs But yeah, if you look at kind of the creators, we’ve interviewed on tools for tick tock, you kind of could see what we like to watch because anyone who we’ve interviewed we love watching their content.


Andrea Sager  09:15

Do you know who Coco moco is? I don’t actually you should follow her. I love her she. So she starts all her videos. Basically, she’s made her career off predicting successful trends are like the next big thing. And so right now, she’s probably my favorite person to watch as far as what’s like what’s next, like what’s going to be working? So you should definitely check her out. She’s great. Yeah,


Dena Greenbaum  09:39

thank you. I will. Yeah,


Andrea Sager  09:41

I and just like you I remember. So I used to always watch Tik Tok when I was married and it definitely, I mean, time is just like so different. Now. I’m trying to think back when I first started watching tick tock had to be 2018 And then 2019. But when I left my ex husband when we separated, that’s when I really really got deep into Tik Tok. And that’s actually when I really started taking tick tock serious, and so was the, towards the end of 2020. And I remember starting to get those notifications from tick tock like, Hey, have you been scrolling too long? And I was like,


Dena Greenbaum  10:23

Don’t judge me. Did you notice they have a new woman now who? And I was like, oh, you know, I that we’ve been on the app so long now. They need new people that we can actually hate because anyone who tells me to stop scrolling, I’m like, automatically, like, I hate you don’t do this to me. Yeah.


Andrea Sager  10:40

Oh my gosh. So I’m curious. Have you been part of the Creator fund? Have you been part of the Creator marketplace? I’m curious if you’ve been on that side of Tik Tok? Yeah,


Dena Greenbaum  10:50

for the elite tick tock account, I was in the Creator fun, I stopped posting on that account, because that side of tick tock kind of is dissipated, which is also a tip to any creators is, you know, create something that will last a while and you could kind of mold and grow. And then the podcast kind of took over. So instead of creating more on tick tock, I use the podcast as a way to, you know, be in the TIC tock world. But we’ve talked to you know, so many creators who are in the Creator fun and in the, you know, to the Creator marketplace. And I think it what’s funny is originally the people did not want to join the Creator fund, because they thought their views would go down. I don’t think there’s any proof of that. I have no idea if that’s true or not. But you know, so who knows, but I think tick tock does need to catch up to things like YouTube or just paying creators more, way more. Yeah. And time and time. Again, I think that’s going to be tiktoks biggest issue is really trying to keep up with the other platforms in terms of keeping their creators happy and on and, and they’re doing that, you know, I’d be interested to hear are you in the Creator fund


Andrea Sager  11:59

for your account? I used to be? Well, I think I had, so the most I made I think was like $50 in a month. And I of course, we heard all the rumors like, oh, it’s affecting views this and that. And so, and I’ve never, I’ve never ever ever been one to be like, Oh, I’m shadow banned, or shadow ban. I’m like, no, like, I just don’t think that’s the thing. Like, yes, you might get suspended, but shadow bent like this to me. It’s not a thing. And but I tested it. And I remember I was like, I’m just gonna test it. See what happens. And then I don’t I don’t remember the results. I just never turned it back on. So I was like, I don’t care about about like getting six cents a day. Yeah, exactly. It’s so I just never turned it back on. But yeah, the I mean, I guess people are still making money. I but I just remember reading a lot of I don’t want to say negativity, but a lot of people were not happy with how much they were making compared to YouTube, like YouTube is killing it. And actually, you know who Lois houses. He’s the School of Greatness. He has a podcast.


Dena Greenbaum  13:03

Oh, Louis. Yes, I do. I do. Yeah. So he,


Andrea Sager  13:06

I talked to him. In October, he came to our mass, the mastermind that I’m in, he came and talked to us. And he basically, he was like, YouTube will not lose, YouTube cannot lose. And like, literally from that moment, I was like, Oh my gosh, I really do have to start posting on YouTube. Because I never really had a YouTube channel. I had one. I created one mini a couple of years ago, and to see those videos, Deena, those will make you laugh. That was like my Andrea Sager law count, which there’s a couple of videos and I thought I was going to delete them. But I was like, No, this is going to be great memories years from now, for people to go back and be like, look at her first video. So I just left them there. But now we have our Legalprenuer account, which we’re picking up. But I remember Louis just he started with a lot of courses, and courses and masterminds. And he was making multiple, seven figures and turn it all the way. And because his goal is to impact 100 million people a week. And so he’s really doubling down on his podcast and doubling down on YouTube. He said for many years, he didn’t know that all you had to do was touch a button to monetize YouTube. And he was like, literally overnight. I was making several $100,000 a month.


Dena Greenbaum  14:22

Wow. Yeah. Amazing that he pretty much lost out on that. Yes, yes. He was funny.


Andrea Sager  14:28

He was like, he was like, literally overnight. I was brought in a another income stream of I think it was like 200 or $250,000. And he was like, it makes me sick to think about how much I left that behind. He’s like but it’s okay. And but now he what he’s doing is record the podcast. Now. They’re obviously like posting bits and clips on YouTube to have more content, but they’re also translating it into other languages. So they’re hiring voice actors. He explained all that to us. I just thought that was really cool how his goal is to impact 100 million people per week to be great. That’s amazing.


Dena Greenbaum  15:03

Yeah, that kind of reminds me of Kwame on tick tock. Do you know who Kwame is? I don’t know if he’s a guy and maybe I haven’t. His tick tock is kind of transcend language. So there’s no translation needed. But basically, he just reacts to dumb tick tock dumb people on tick tock dumb things he sees. And he just goes, like, he does this little shrug. And his reactions got so popular, and he doesn’t speak at all. So you could be in any country and understand what’s going on. And I think I read some article that in his creator fun, like, he just gets millions upon millions of views, like he’s actually done really well. But he’s parlayed that into something, you know, some a great career, and now he’s probably on YouTube. But yeah, it’s so smart to just kind of come up with something that transcends past the US and kind of goes global.


Andrea Sager  15:53

Yeah. So I would love to hear what are your plans for the podcast? What are your plans for tick tock? I’d love to hear.


Dena Greenbaum  16:00

Sure. Yeah, for tick tock, I just like being in the Tick Tock world. So I love talking to creators like yourself, and other creators who have been successful, even smaller creators, I think, who are doing a great job and engaging with these really interesting communities. It’s just a way for me to be in the Tiktok fold. And then on the podcast, we also talk about trends and just because I’m such a consumer, I love seeing trends and kind of hearing what trends pop up on other people’s for you patient maybe not my for you page. So that’s the goal with the podcast is to continue to kind of talk about the trends interview, really interesting creators and just be in the Tick Tock world and talk about tick tock as it is my favorite thing to do is scroll through that damn app.


Andrea Sager  16:46

I love it too. Well, I want to know what is your current favorite trend?


Dena Greenbaum  16:51

So I still get and this is an old trend, but it’s still popping up on my for you pages that Nicki Minaj song One thing about me when people tell that really, and they try to act and I’m not going to do it. Yeah, yeah. It’s really I think it’s really hard. You need to like be really on the beat and some are funny because they’re not. But you know, some people tell a one minute story that will take you through these ups and downs. It’s like my mother, you know, killed this person. And then you know, had a sister that I don’t know and like, all within this Nicki Minaj song, so I get a ton of those. I’m actually I’m getting tired of it. I need to like scroll away quickly. Because if I hear that song one more time, I will not be happy. But that’s definitely a big trend. I keep getting.


Andrea Sager  17:37

I’m curious on your free page because I was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago. Do you get any dancing trend videos because I have not lately and I’m like, is this just dying down on Tik Tok? Or is this just not on my for you page because I used to really enjoy doing dancing trends. Yeah, I


Dena Greenbaum  17:53

love that question. Because I think I go through cycles are there sometimes I get no dancing trends at all. But I find that if I love a song, and I watch it, like one video to the end, I’ll get that song over and over. So I’m like a huge Beyonce fan. So that coffret dance all over my free page. I still get it too. It’s like, again, an older trend, but people are still doing it. So that’s one but I think when that one dies down like I don’t see any other dancing trends, it’s really just cuff it and Beyonce.


Andrea Sager  18:24

I wonder if dancing trends are just kind of like dying on Tik Tok.


Dena Greenbaum  18:27

I wonder I don’t think they are I think as long as we have like Meghan Trainor song was huge, huge dance one. I think it’s just like the ebbs and flows of the algorithm and the free page and shoe


Andrea Sager  18:41

I used to always want. What I thought would be a really good idea is having dance classes, like people to host dance classes just to learn like actual Tiktok trends or like certain dance moves that you saw on Tik Tok. I’m like, Man, that would make it killing maybe just for me, but I would love to have one.


Dena Greenbaum  19:02

It’s funny you say that because I was actually in Central Park. This was probably a year ago and I saw a dance instructor teaching teenagers and for me, they definitely look like tick tock dances. So I think that actually does exist. People do want to learn these tick tock dances and there are instructors out there who will teach you Oh, that’s


Andrea Sager  19:21

so smart. Oh, yeah. Good idea. Well, Dina, this has been so much fun. Please tell everybody where they can find you. If they want to follow you be your biggest fan all the things.


Dena Greenbaum  19:32

Yeah. Thank you so much for having me. This is super fun. The podcast is tools for tick tock. You could find it anywhere Spotify Apple anywhere you listen to podcast, follow us on Instagram and Tiktok tools for tick tock pod and we have a blog and website tool for tick


Andrea Sager  19:51

I love it. Thank you so much. Thank you. Here at Legalprenuer we’re committed to providing supportive legal community for all business owners. I know how scary the legal stuff can be. If you found this information helpful, I would be so grateful if you could share it with a fellow business owner. And quite frankly, it doesn’t cost anything to rate review or subscribe to the show. Your support helps me reach more listeners, which allows me to support more business owners in their entrepreneurial journey. Have any questions or comments about the show? Feel free to drop me a line on Instagram I promise I read all of the messages and comments. And if you want to be a guest on the show, or know someone that would make great guests simply fill out our application form and a team member will reach out if we think it’s a good fit. I’ll see you in the next episode.