How Photographer James Patrick is Making 6-Figure Licensing Deals During Lockdown


Today I’m joined by my dear friend, professional photographer and business coach, James Patrick. On top of shooting over 500 magazine covers and thousands of editorials during his 20-year photography career, James is also the founder of Fitposium, an annual health and fitness conference, and a go-to coach for health and fitness entrepreneurs. 

James’s prolific photography career has garnered him countless opportunities for growth, including his ability to leverage his significant photo library for licensing during this downturn (which is garnering him 6-figure licensing deals despite not shooting at all!) Unfortunately, his success has also left him vulnerable to a significant amount of copyright infringement. In this episode, he shares his sometimes beneficial and often damaging encounters with copyright infringement. 

In this episode, we’ll cover: 

  • How James leveraged accidental copyright infringement into a business lead, resulting in one of the best long term client relationships he’s ever had. 

  • When you should get an attorney involved in copyright infringement disputes, and why it’s smart to handle the first contact yourself. 

  • What businesses (and new photographers!) need to understand about photography usage rights 

  • How James is leveraging two decades of photography in order to close lucrative licensing deals during the lockdown. 

For more about James, visit, check out the Behind The Image Podcast, or find him on Instagram

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