How a Cease and Desist Letter Shook Lindsey Mango’s Brand

Lindsey Mango’s business philosophy has always been to ‘move fast and break things’. As a rockstar life coach, this has allowed her to grow her business in a fearless way. However, when it comes to trademarks, ‘move fast and break things’ can have some dangerous consequences. Lindsey learned this the hard way one day when she found a cease and desist letter at her door. Tune in to learn about how Lindsey weathered this unexpected dispute that shook her branding. 

In this episode, we’ll cover: 

  • Lindsey’s entrepreneurial journey 

  • Why Lindsey believes that as a business owner you must be a student of your own work 

  • How Lindsey’s awareness of attorneys changed when she became a business owner 

  • Lindsey’s surprise run in with infringement  

  • How Lindsey handled unexpected legal billing from her attorney in a way that got her bill lowered 

For more about Lindsey, check out her Instagram @lindseymango_ and her amazing podcast, Anything But Average

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