Why Bankruptcy Was a Great Decision for LinkedIn Expert Scott Aaron


Today I am so happy to have Linkedin and network marketing expert Scott Aaron on the show! Scott’s incredible career has been a rollercoaster, and in this episode he graciously shares his story. Learn how he has traversed such challenging experiences as bankruptcy and copyright infringement, and why he believes that these challenging experiences have made his business and brand stronger on the other side.  

In this episode, we’ll cover: 

  • How a strategic personal bankruptcy was a great decision for Scott’s professional goals 

  • Why you shouldn’t feel fearful or ashamed of bankruptcy 

  • Exactly how bankruptcy affected Scott’s financial health 

  • Scott’s experiences with copyright infringement and how they led him to protecting his training method

  • Why strategic legal protection must be built into the bedrock of your business 

If you’re seeking training for network marketing or LinkedIn, look no further! Scott has incredible resources to help you. For information about his books, trainings, and podcast, visit www.scottaaron.net. Or, follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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