The Best Mindset for a New Venture with Andrea Klunder

Today I’m joined by Andrea Klunder, the Creative Director and Founder of podcast production company The Creative Imposter Studios! Join us for a chat about career changes, mental health, and the best mindset to have when approaching a new venture. 

In this episode, we cover: 

  • Andrea’s career change journey from yoga studio owner to podcast producer 
  • The benefits of calling your Secretary of State’s office directly if you are DIYing your LLC
  • How the Legalpreneur Membership allowed Andrea to uplevel her contract game as her team grew larger and her clientele became more high profile 
  • The IP theft incident that opened Andrea’s eyes to the importance of trademark registration

Andrea has created a freebie just for Legalpreneur listeners! Check out to download her ‘5 Questions You Haven’t Asked About Your Podcast’ worksheet. 

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