The Power of Creating a New Identity

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As a small business owner, your personal stuff often overflows into the business stuff, and vice versa. It’s certainly true for me. That’s why this week I’m getting personal. So much change and growth has occurred in my life in the last two years, and it has greatly impacted my business, my passions, and my purpose. 

In this episode, I’ll cover: 

  • Why it was so important for me to finally do something because I wanted to 
  • How selling the law firm I built has helped me move toward my true passions 
  • How my personal view of my identity has changed through my divorce and healing journey
  • How focusing on your own growth can create powerful mindset shifts to help you re-envision current aspects of your life
  • The book I’m currently writing, and when/how you can get a copy! 

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Podcast-Cover-10 - The Legalpreneur