The Legalpreneur Annual Checklist

Happy 2022! As a small business owner, one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for success in the new year is to check out the Legalpreneur Annual Checklist to make sure your business needs are up to date. It’s usually $29, but use the code “PODCAST” to get it for FREE! 

The Annual Checklist includes our Five-Step Framework, which will help you with:  

  • Contracts – Are your contracts up to date? 
  • Business entity – Remember to file your annual report & check in with your state’s requirements! 
  • Trademarks – Do you have anything new that needs to be protected with a trademark? 
  • Copyrights – What do you have that’s eligible for copyright protection? *Also, don’t forget to update your copyright year on your website and footer! 
  • A comprehensive review of your current legal needs in detail 

Don’t forget to grab your copy of The Legalpreneur Annual Checklist for FREE by using the code “PODCAST”! 

How did the annual checklist help you with your business? Tag me in your Instagram Stories, tag @andreasagerlaw and @thelegalpreneur and show me! 

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The Legalpreneur Podcast is advertising/marketing material. It is not legal advice. Please consult with your attorney on these topics. Copyright Andrea Sager Law 2022


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