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No matter what stage of business you are in, you need to protect your assets.

We’ve got you covered.

To have a truly successful business, you have to BOSS UP and protect your most valuable assets. Including your ideas, your products, and your brand.

The legal industry is archaic. We focus on affordable legal services for entrepreneurs,
and being there when you need it most.

Welcome to a whole new approach to the legal industry.

The Legalpreneur™ Difference

We simplify legal for entrepreneurs and become their biggest champions, so they can make their positive impact in the world.

Maybe ‘legalese’ scares the crap out of you (we get it), but you should know the truth… it’s only scary when you aren’t protected. 


Partner with us and we’ll do what we do best: take care of the “fine print” so that you can grow your business. Because the last thing you should be worrying about when you’re scaling is whether or not your contracts are legit, if your website is in compliance, or about the security of your intellectual property.  

Get “Legalized” with
The Legal Protection Playbook

Learn everything you didn’t know you needed to know about the legal side of your business.

Together we will:

  • Plan
  • Protect
  • Prosper

And you’ll have access to a number of bonuses, as well as a 1:1 call with our CEO.

Only $37!

The Legalpreneur®️ Podcast

Navigating the legal side of your business can be intimidating and expensive. Each week, join Andrea Sager, former big law attorney turned lover of all things small businesses, as she explains the legal necessities for small business owners. Whether you want to start a business, just launched a business, or have been in business for years, you will learn from Andrea and the world’s most elite entrepreneurs on how to legally protect your business; and just how simple it can be.

Not all lawyers are old men wearing a three-piece gray suit.

We are fun. We are funky. We are non-traditional. We know our shit when it comes to legal and protecting your business.

Annnnnnd we’re here for you.

Not all lawyers are old men wearing a three-piece gray suit.

We are fun. We are funky. We are non-traditional. We know our shit when it comes to legal and protecting your business.

Annnnnnd we’re here for you.

About the Founder… 

Meet the Lawyer behind the Legalpreneur who is disrupting legal for businesses by PREVENTING issues before they even come up. 

Hi, I’m Andrea Sager. 

As a serial entrepreneur and a lawyer, I know first-hand how important it is for businesses of any size or stage to have legal support. That’s why I left behind big law to follow my true passion: helping other entrepreneurs meet their fullest potential by leveraging the power of the law for an affordable price.

When you sign up with The Legalpreneur, you’re not just getting an affordable attorney, you’re getting another entrepreneur with years of experience running multiple businesses who can relate to your unique needs. I’ve walked miles in your shoes, and then some. The Legalpreneur is just what its name suggests, the best of both worlds: legal and business expertise.

"I’m blown away with everything I’ve received from the Legalpreneur. I filed my first trademark, have a go to for contracts and updates to legal terms, and I love being a part of the Contract Vault as an affiliate for my clients. It’s a perfect additional resource to have for them! Thank you for everything you guys do for entrepreneurs!"


Serial Entrepreneur
"The Legalpreneur helps when dealing with difficult situations, contract writing, my LLC, and trademarks. I've been so happy with Andrea's team that I consistently refer her to clients and friends."

Elaine Lou

Established Entrepreneur
"The lawyer drafted contracts by Andrea Sager in The Contract Vault helped me with establishing clear vendor-customer relationships while the Legalpreneur Facebook group and monthly calls for members is a good avenue to learn about the current laws and legal matters affecting small business owners."


Startup Entrepreneur

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