The Trademark Course

Rather than spending money on a big law firm, we want to see you put money into your business. Avoid spending thousands on attorney fees with The Trademark Course! 

We’ll teach you everything you need to know in 6 Modules + 1 Bonus Module and 6 Downloadable Worksheets + 1 Bonus Worksheet. Each Module comes with Bite Size Videos of Andrea breaking down every step of strategizing your trademarks, applying for your trademarks, and enforcing your trademarks + worksheets to practice your new Legalpreneur skills!

The Trademark Course also includes FREE bonus access to:
✚ The g[LAW]ssary
✚ Andrea’s Specialized Search Method
✚ Licensing Agreement Contract Template
✚ The Legalpreneur Community Members-Only Area


Who is this course for?

Inside the Trademark Course:

Module 1: The Trademark Basics

What is it, why you need it, and more.

Module 2: The Trademark Search

The search, trademark infringement, and more.

Module 3: The Trademark Application

Owning the application process from start to finish.

Module 4: Office Action Responses

Getting your application to the finish line.

Module 5: Opposition & Cancellation

Knowing the difference and what your options are.

Module 6: Maintenance & Licensing

Once you’re registered, what to do.

Bonus Module: How to Create a Name that Attracts & Sells

Choosing a trademark that attracts your ideal client and increases sales.

The “thing” about Legal,

when overlooked and ignored — 

Legal becomes an expensive business liability!

when embraced and understood — 

Legal creates exponential business growth!