COVID-19 Waivers: Are They Enforceable?


Recently, I’ve had a ton of clients ask me to draft the same document: A Covid-19 waiver. 

While I haven’t yet seen any litigation surrounding someone catching Covid-19 at a business, the future of lawsuits surrounding this topic is not out of the question, so you’ll want to be proactive in order to protect your business. Stick around to learn what a Covid-19 waiver is, why your business might need one, and how enforceable they might be. 

In this episode we’ll cover: 

  • Why a Covid-19 waiver is important for non-essential brick and mortar businesses

  • The key provisions you should expect to see in a Covid-19 waiver 

  • Important considerations to keep in mind if you want your employees to sign waivers 

  • What to do if a customer or client does not want to sign a Covid-19 waiver 

  • How waivers would affect pre-standing monthly memberships 

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