Feminine & Masculine Energy in Your Business and Life with Joy Harrington

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Business coach Joy Harrington joined me this week to help you get in touch with your masculine and feminine energy and to share how these energies affect our businesses and personal lives. Joy has done an incredible job of legally protecting her coaching business, and also shares how rock solid contracts have been a must have for her client relations. This is a must listen for the heart centered entrepreneur who wants to protect their business! 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • The differences between feminine and masculine energy
  • The importance of finding a balance of masculine and feminine within your relationship
  • How having a rock solid contract has easily helped her resolve client disputes 
  • Why people are attracted to entrepreneurs who are truly rooted in their passion 

Interested in learning more about your masculine and feminine energies? Joy recommends the book Intimate Communion! 

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Podcast-Cover-15 - The Legalpreneur