Why Hourly Legal Billing is Bad For Small Businesses

I began my career at a law firm that was dedicated to the hourly billing model. Time and time again I was told to ‘take my time’ on my assigned client tasks in order to extend the billable hours on a project.

As a person who wants to support small businesses, this common legal pricing model rubs me the wrong way. It leaves the door open for small businesses to get overcharged or scammed. As a small business, you deserve to feel supported and protected by your attorney. That’s why I believe that flat fee pricing for legal services is integral to your success.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • An inside peek into how the legal hourly billing model works

  • The top three reason why hourly billing is awful for you as a client

  • The circumstances when hourly billing might be necessary

  • How to request a flat fee when approaching an attorney

If you are seeking legal protection with flat rates that you can easily build into your budget, please contact my team!

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