What Actually Happens When You Get Sued with Tiffany Carter

Tiffany Carter’s entrepreneurial career has been incredible, but definitely not without its bumps. Tiffany, the President of TLC Enterprises and Founder of Project Me with Tiffany Carter, experienced an exhausting 10-year long lawsuit, with legal fees that totaled one million dollars! …Even though she had done nothing wrong. Today, Tiffany graciously shares her story of what it’s like to go through a lawsuit, and how early preventative measures are key to protecting your business against similar issues.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Rules and regulations to keep in mind when creating advertising for highly regulated industries

  • The importance of business insurance for service providers and content creators

  • Reasons why you can be sued for anything – even if you’ve done nothing wrong!

  • How simple contracts could have completely saved Tiffany from her expensive 10-year lawsuit ordeal

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Also, I  recently had the pleasure of being on Tiffany’s podcast. Check out that interview here!

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