Prioritize Legal to Grow Your Business with Orit Krug


I’m so happy to be joined this week by Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist Orit Krug! Two years ago, Orit became the very first dance/movement therapist to bring her services exclusively online, and in doing so she waded into very uncharted waters. In our chat she touches on how she navigated the terms of her board certification and licensure while building a brand new business model, and how she finally got over her fears of legal in order to let her business grow. 

In this episode, we’ll cover: 

  • How creating a global community through her podcast, Mind Your Body, opened her eyes to the need for dance/movement therapy in the online space. 

  • The murky regulations that Orit navigated while trying to set up her online therapy business. 

  • How growing her team finally made her address the legal aspects of her business. 

  • Orit’s subconscious block around legal, and how she overcame that fear to grow her business. 

  • The clarity and release that Orit felt when she finally sought legal support 

For more about Orit and her offersings, visit

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