Life Update

Episode 195- Life Update

I really like to share what’s going on in my life and keep you all updated on the journey that I am traveling.  This episode I am sharing my latest decisions on where I am going to living and why.   Life is not what I expected,  but the moves I am making are all moving toward the long term goals of where I want to be.

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Episode 195: Life Update Transcript

Andrea: [00:00:03] Welcome to the Legalpreneur Podcast. I’m your host, Andrea Sager, founder and CEO of Legalpreneur, Inc. As a serial entrepreneur and someone that works exclusively with small business owners legally protecting their business, I’m dedicated to covering common legal issues faced by business owners, providing you with the business knowledge you need to catapult your businesses growth and showing you just how some of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs have handled these legal and business issues themselves in true attorney fashion. The information in this episode is not legal advice. This is for informational purposes only, and you should always consult with your attorney before implementing any of the information in the show.

[00:00:45] Hello. Happy Friday.

Andrea: [00:00:48] Welcome back to the podcast. I have a life update which you may or may not have already caught on to, but I want to do a full episode about it because I think it’s important and I want you guys to know what’s going on. But before we get into it, of course. In case you missed it, Legalpreneur live is now dream bigger. We’re talking all things business and personal growth. Tickets are actually not for sale right now. We’ve had to put everything on a wait list because things are getting a little crazy. And on July 11th, we are having a humongous blowout sale. When I mean humongous. I mean, like 70% Off of your VIP ticket, plus like another added bonus. However, this offer will only be available to those on our text list. So text the word event to 8322253164. Yes, 70% off of your VIP ticket. And there’s another amazing thing in there and you’d be like, What the heck? Have you gone crazy? No, I have not gone crazy, but text me. We will get you all the details. And seriously, nobody else is going to get this offer. You have to be on the text list. This will be available for 24 hours only on July 11th to get you a ticket to dream bigger. So happening October 5th of the seventh in Phenix, Arizona, covering all things business and personal growth. Okay. So my life update. I have lived in a beautiful, beautiful home in the heights in Houston. I after I left my ex husband. September slash October of 2020. I moved into an apartment nearby and it was fine. It was great. It was a good transition and I felt very called to move to a different part of Houston just because I was like, I’ll never, why not? Why not? I may not ever have this opportunity again. And honestly, what happened was my best friend also SEO Kayla, she came down and we went to the Astros game, game six of the World Series where the Astros lost. It’s still heartbreaking. Well, we went and. The day after a couple of days after we went and drove around Houston and ended up eating at this place called MKT Market.

Andrea: [00:03:17] And we just saw all these people walking around. Everybody was outside having a good time. And if you remember last week’s episode, like my number one way to raise my energy is to walk. And she literally said, Andrea, you need to live here. Like this is your vibe. And this was a Sunday afternoon. I said, You know what? You’re right. Literally pull up the apps to find rentals around. Found a home, not even literally like 500 feet away. It was it was a four story townhome looking thing was a single family and found it for rent and went back to see it with the realtor the next day moved in that Saturday, literally less than a week. I moved in and I have had so much growth, so much joy in that home and that I’ve lived in probably ten homes in the past ten years. And that by far has been my favorite. The community, I mean, easy access to everything. I would walk everywhere. And so, you know, like I love being outside. I walked everywhere. The trails are right there. That’s when I really started walking was when I lived there. And then and when I moved there, I was like, Oh, this would be great to actually get the kids into schools around here because they were it’s a better area, better schools, just higher caliber and. What happened was so my ex-husband is a school teacher and he started like getting him like applying him to schools, which it’s all public school.

Andrea: [00:04:47] However, down here in Houston, we have dual language programs. And Thomas, my son, actually got into the dual language program in the school district where my ex teaches, which is 45 minutes away, where I was living at the house. And so I was like, shit like this. Obviously, I’m excited that Thomas got into dual language. But I knew I’d have to move back because I was and I was starting to get tired of the drive. I mean, I would take the kids to daycare and literally it would be like 2 hours out of my day to drive back and forth, even just in the morning or just to pick them up. So I was getting tired of that drive and so I knew I wanted to move back before Thomas started school. However. So he starts in August and the plan was to buy a house once the other house sold to my. Let’s take it back a little more. So my ex lived in the house that I had bought before we split up and then he moved out. And so finally I put that on the market. And so it’s like, okay, I’ll sell that house and then I’ll buy a new house and that’ll be where I live. Well, the house still hasn’t sold like it’s a very big house, like too big and it needs a lot of updates and that’s why it hasn’t sold.

Andrea: [00:06:00] Like, I’ve had three contracts on that house and all of them have fallen through, which is people are like, What are you talking about? This market’s crazy. And I’m like, Yeah, but it’s a very big house and needs a lot of updates. Nobody wants to take on the project. Completely understandable. So. I knew I needed to move and I found somebody to take over the lease at the house in the Heights because I didn’t want to wait until August to find somebody to take over. And I had somebody now. So I was like, Sure, I’ll just go ahead and leave now. So. I have moved in with my parents and I my parents have like begged me to move in with them since I left my ex-husband. They were like, just move in. This will be great. We can help you with the kids. And I’ve never even been, like, open to the idea. Never, ever was I open. They mentioned it. I don’t know how many times. And I was like, no, like I want my independence and I love my peace. I love being alone. I love it. Well, about a month ago I went golfing with my friend and him and I like on the same level about a lot of things. And we were just talking about like what was going on like in his life, in my life. And then I went and saw my mom and.

Andrea: [00:07:11] She was like, Why don’t you just move in with us? And she said it. And immediately I was like, That’s the solution that I need right now. And immediately it takes my friend. I was like, my mom just like said I should move in with him and I’m actually thinking about doing it. And he was like, Andrea, you know what? I think that’s a great option for you right now. I know you love your peace and being alone, but I think that’s a great solution for now. And I’m like, you know what? You’re right. And so I moved in with my parents last a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been great. Honestly, I was very like, I don’t want to move in. Like, I want to be alone. I love this area. But then I got excited because I will also be very transparent and tell you guys like I have been like I’ve almost well, no, not almost. I have depleted all of my savings, like everything that I had because going through the transition to Legal Preneur, the company, it’s been it’s been a really, really tough transition only because I mean, not only because, but I mean, going from like service provider in the law firm to startup founder. It’s crazy. And I for a long time I did pay a lot that I didn’t have to for my ex husband and yeah, it’s a whole thing but.

Andrea: [00:08:28] I then got myself excited because I was like, Oh, I can actually build up my savings because I don’t have to pay for three places to live. So, oh, by the way, I’m still paying for the apartment. My well, my brother lives. He moved into my apartment that I initially had, but he pay he does pay me for that. I still pay the mortgage at the house that’s listed. And then I had been paying for the house. So all in all, it’s like 8000 in housing. At least a month, I think. But so I depleted my savings and I’m like in the space where I’m like, okay, I want to rebuild this savings. I want to rebuild. I just feel. Way comfortable again, I. I look back now, I’m like, oh my gosh, I was in a great position and now I’m not in a great position. However, I’m slowly making the decisions and making the moves to be in a great position again. So that is my life. Update I’m living with my parents and you guys, okay. This was supposed to be like a very temporary solution. Until that hell sells, I think I’m actually going to remodel that house and then put it for sale. But let me tell you, living with my parents has been great so far. So I don’t know if you watch the video version of the podcast, but I’m actually working in the poker club that I used to own because they don’t get started till the evenings.

Andrea: [00:09:49] And so I was like, Hey, can I just come and sit and work? So I don’t have to be at my parent’s house all day long? And they’re like, Yeah, absolutely. So I work from here. But let me tell you. My dad’s retired. My mom works nights. My dad does all the housework and he does laundry. So you guys, I literally like I haven’t made it. My dad loves my parents both they love having me and the kids there. It they just have so much fun. I have so much fun and I get help with the kids and it’s just like it’s been a great arrangement. I don’t know if it’s always going to be like this, but so far so good. The kids are so happy to be around the grandparents more. The grandparents are happy to be around the grandkids more. I’m just happy that I am starting to save more money. I’m happy that I get my laundry done. And yeah, it’s a great arrangement so far. So that’s my life update that’s going on. And don’t worry you guys, if you’re a dream bigger, you will get to meet my kids and most likely my parents. I think I’m going to bring my parents and my kids absolutely bring the kids because I want them to see the event, see what I actually do for work. So, yeah, she’s managing bigger me. My whole family.

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Episode 195- Life Update