The Contracts You Need to Legally Protect Your Business

Every business is different, and that means that every business will need different contracts to ensure their protection. On the surface you might think that downloading a free template you found through a Google search or copying a friend’s contract will make the cut, but in reality you’re leaving your business vulnerable by going this route since the details are not tailored to your products or services. Yet, how can you be sure of what contracts you really need? 

In this episode we’ll get to the bottom of that big question by breaking down the basic contract needs in many of the most popular types of business. 

Learn about the contracts and agreements you’ll need: 

  • For E-commerce businesses

  • When working with influencers and brand reps 

  • In the coaching and wellness space

  • When you’re providing creative services 

  • For podcasting 

And this is just the tip of the contract iceberg! 

Do you need more contract guidance? 

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In this training you’ll learn about the contract needs for even more industries, the content that you should include in your contracts, when you should use written contracts vs. terms listed on your website, and how you can get contracts without spending thousands or copying someone else’s work. 

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The Legalpreneur Podcast is advertising/marketing material. It is not legal advice. Please consult with your attorney on these topics. Copyright Andrea Sager Law 2020.

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