Harriette Hale’s Million Dollar Comeback From a $250k Legal Nightmare


Serial entrepreneur and spiritual business coach Harriette Hale has learned a lot in her 14 years of business, but nothing taught her more than the $250,000 legal nightmare she endured when her entire music education business was stolen (legally!) by her un-contracted management team. Hear Harriette’s remarkable story of how she not only saved her business but thrived, becoming a self-made millionaire within three years of receiving the devastating blow, all while changing her relationship with legal along the way. 

In this episode, we’ll cover: 

  • How underestimating the importance of contracts left Harriette’s business vulnerable to severe theft 

  • The money Harriette began to save when she switched from a reactive to proactive legal approach 

  • Harriette’s inspiring comeback journey from $250k in debt to millionaire in three years 

  • “Get it in writing”: the importance of matching your written contract to your verbal agreements. 

  • How having an attorney on retainer has done wonders for Harriette’s mental health in regards to her business. 

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Follow Harriette on Instagram @harriettehale and learn more about her offerings at www.askharriette.co.uk 

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