Legalpreneur The Business Owner’s Guide to Legally Protecting Your Business Title

Welcome to your pocketbook advisor, written by me, Andrea Sager, former big law attorney, turned serial entrepreneur.

In the middle of raising my two kids, running a 7-figure business, and finalizing the details of my divorce, I wrote a book. Not just a book. I wrote THE book. The one that’s going to change how you think about your life, your business, and how you think about your money.

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Legal Protection Playbook Bonus

The Legal Protection Playbook

Your 3-part, self-paced course that gives you play-by-play to legally protect and grow your business.

Plan, Protect, and Prosper!

With FOUR must-have bonuses:

+ Bonus 1: What is an S-Corp? 
+ Bonus 2: Common Legal Pitfalls that will Cost You Time and Money
+ Bonus 3: Business Foundations Worth the Investment 
+ Bonus 4: Legal Strategy Session with Andrea 

The Legalpreneur Membership 

Your all-access subscription service that puts an attorney in your back pocket and keeps your hard-earned dollars in your wallet.

FINALLY! Your own attorney for all of your business’s legal needs for less than the average hourly rate each month.

The best part? All of this is available to you whenever and wherever you need, on the Legalprenur app.

Use coupon code LPBOOKLPMEMBERSHIP at checkout for 15% off your membership!

File My LLC

Let us take care of the paperwork for you, we know the process best!

We have made it easy to remove your personal liability and file as a Limited Liability Company without the attorney fees.

For State LLC filing fees click here.

Andrea’s Recommendations for Business Foundations

AJ Ferraro –
Shannon Weinstein –
Kimberly Ferguson –

Nationwide – click here

The Contract Vault

Finally. Access to industry-specific contract templates drafted by real attorneys.

A bundle of contracts specific to your online business niche to cover all of your business needs.

Legalpreneur Payments

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when Legalpreneur Payments goes LIVE. 

Tired of a payment processing system that doesn’t understand the wants and needs of small business owners? 

Legalpreneur Payments will be the answer to all of your payment system woes!

The DIY Trademark Course

Rather than spending money on a big law firm, we want to see you put money into your business. Avoid spending thousands on attorney fees with The Trademark Course! 

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to file your own trademark applications. Each Module comes with Bite Size Videos of Andrea breaking down every step of strategizing your trademarks, applying for your trademarks, and enforcing your trademarks + worksheets to practice your new Legalpreneur skills!

Get a head start and download your copy of Tips for Choosing a Trademark here.

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Template Downloads


When downloading your Cease & Desist template and Demand Letter template you will MAKE A COPY to your device and then edit the highlighted fields of the template. 

Do not request edit access.

The g[LAW]ssary

A practical guide for the legal side of your biz.
You’ve probably heard of all of the terms included in The g[LAW]ssary, but I’m willing to bet that you don’t know what all of the terms really mean or how they apply to your business.
The goal of The g[LAW]ssary is to power you with the necessary legal business terms that you need in order to sound knowledgable and professional when conducting your business.

About the Book

Quick storytime: I manifested my first job as an attorney. You know what else I manifested? Getting fired from it. There was a part of my soul that knew I was never meant to be a traditional attorney. But then, there were also societal expectations on what I should do. And for some reason, I gave more weight to what I should do than what I wanted to do. Until I couldn’t anymore.

This book chronicles that journey. Actually, it’s the book that I wish I had the day that I started my law firm. In these pages, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to start and scale your business, from your first day of business to your 100th and beyond. It’s one part legal, and equal parts personal and business. Because I truly believe that the key to running a successful business is surrounding yourself with equally successful business owners.

So let’s do this together.

Praise for Legalpreneur: The Business Owner’s Guide to Legally Protecting Your Business:

Whether you're about to launch a business, or have been running one for a while, legal questions come up regularly. Andrea's comprehensive legal book will make you feel empowered to make smart decisions to protect yourself for the long run.

A must-have for creatives and business owners everywhere. My only wish is that I had this book earlier in my career.

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About Andrea

Andrea Sager is the CEO and founder of The Legalpreneur, a legal tech startup that focuses on offering affordable legal services to businesses of all sizes. While working at a corporate firm, Andrea noticed a gap in the legal industry – no one was catering to the small, innovative start-up brands dominating her social media feeds. As a serial entrepreneur, she knew firsthand the importance of building a business with a solid legal foundation. However, she also knew that many new businesses simply did not have the funds to do so. This realization led to the development of Legalprenur; because legal services should be accessible to everyone. 

In addition to running her own company, Andrea is a Houston-based mom of two, who is passionate about all things health, wellness, and business.

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