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The online community of small business owners looking to protect and grow their business with a strong legal foundation!

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Legal tailored to entrepreneurs at every stage of growth

The Start-Up Entrepreneur

“I needed to find out more about legally getting my business started but I was so overwhelmed that I had no idea where to start. I almost went back to my 9-5.”

The Side-Hustle Entrepreneur

“Local attorneys did not understand my online business and thought my side-hustle was a joke. It was obvious they did not see me as a valuable client.”

The Established Entrepreneur

“My business is growing so much faster because I know that my business is legally protected. I no longer fear legal, I use it is a growth strategy!

The Serial Entrepreneur

“I am consistently coming up with new business ideas and I had to find a better way to do legal that was financially responsible for my start-ups.”

The Legalpreneur gives small business owners access to:

With The Legalpreneur

Access legal resources that fit the small business owner's budget.

Sleep better at night knowing your brand is legally protected.

Save time google searching the legal know-how to legally protect and grow your biz.

You are part of a community of like-minded small business owners.

Legally form your business formed and save thousands later.

Access industry specific contract templates your small business needs.

Let infringers know you mean business.

You have someone in your corner to answer all your legal questions

It is time you had the legal protection your small business deserves!


The Legalpreneur Membership

Imagine what would happen if you could focus on running your biz—without the fear of legal. What if you…

Could actually utter the words, “Let me run that by my lawyer,” and mean it

Could sleep easy at night, knowing your brand was being protected to the fullest extent of the law

Had someone you could trust in your corner to run business ideas by to do business with confidence

Had a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that brought out your true creative power

You can have it all and more! Your new community of entrepreneurs is waiting for you.

More Legal Resources from the Legalpreneur!

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Get the Legal Protection Playbook

The Legal Protection Playbook is for the entrepreneur looking for a step-by-step solution to legally protect and GROW their business with less stress.





This course targets the most important areas of legally protecting and growing your small business.

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File as a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

In order to become a real business and remove your personal liability from the equation, you need to file as a Limited Liability Company as soon as possible.

You now have the opportunity to save on attorney fees as a small business and file your LLC.  Let The Legalpreneur take care of the paperwork, we know the process best!

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The Contract Vault Bundles

Access to industry-specific contract templates drafted by real attorneys. A bundle of contracts specific to your online business niche to cover all of your business needs.

Offering 20+ niche specific contract bundles with contracts tailored to each industry’s needs and common practices. 

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The [DIY] Trademark Course

Protect your small business without the price of a lawyer.

Take our “everything you need to know course on Trademarks and save all the attorney fees. 

We’ll teach you everything you need to know in 6 modules + 1 Bonus Module with all bonus support materials you need to file your own trademarks!

Celebrating Legalpreneur Success

Melissa: Startup Entrepreneur

Melissa: Startup Entrepreneur

"So simple to plug and play these contracts. Takes the guesswork out of the legal side of my new business. I used the group coaching contract within the Contract Vault when folks sign up for my online course."

Service: The Contract Vault

Danielle: Serial Entrepreneur

Danielle: Serial Entrepreneur

"I’m blown away with everything I’ve received from the Legalpreneur. I filed my first trademark, have a go to for contracts and updates to legal terms, and I love being a part of the Contract Vault as an affiliate for my clients. It’s a perfect additional resource to have for them! Thank you for everything you guys do for entrepreneurs!"

Service: The Contract Vault, Filed LLC, The Trademark Course, The Legalpreneur Membership

Chris: Serial Entrepreneur

Chris: Serial Entrepreneur

“Andrea's contracts have been INCREDIBLY helpful. She has helped save us six-figures in past contracts. I recommend Andrea to all of the businesses I work with!”

Service: The Contract Vault

Elaine Lou: Established Entrepreneur

Elaine Lou: Established Entrepreneur

"The Legalpreneur helps when dealing with difficult situations, contract writing, my LLC, and trademarks. I've been so happy with Andrea's team that I consistently refer her to clients and friends."

Service: The Contract Vault, Filed LLC, The Legalpreneur

Sheena: Established Entrepreneur

Sheena: Established Entrepreneur

“The Contract Vault is an absolute game changer. It has made it so incredibly easy for me to make smart business decisions & protect myself and clients.”

Service: The Contract Vault, The Legalpreneur Membership

Christa: Startup Entrepreneur

Christa: Startup Entrepreneur

"Andrea is so knowledgeable! I am just getting started with my blog & business, but The Trademark Course is answering so many of my questions and it’s really getting me going! For example, I was able to start the LLC process and will be soon filing for trademark protection. I’m enjoying the Trademark Course a lot! It’s a pleasure! And the Contract Vault gives me peace of mind, which is priceless."

Service: The Trademark Course, Filed LLC, and The Contract Vault, The Legalpreneur

Syazana: Startup Entrepreneur

Syazana: Startup Entrepreneur

"The lawyer drafted contracts by Andrea Sager in The Contract Vault helped me with establishing clear vendor-customer relationships while the Legalpreneur Facebook group and monthly calls for members is a good avenue to learn about the current laws and legal matters affecting small business owners."

Service: The Contract Vault, Legalpreneur Community Monthly Q & A Sessions

Rosie: Established Entrepreneur

Rosie: Established Entrepreneur

"The Legalpreneur helped me set up my LLC and I am working through the Trademark process with my company name."

Service: The Trademark Course, The Legalpreneur Membership