Steady Stream for Solos

Are you ready to grow your client list, build a 7-figure law firm and become the company of your dreams?

I’ve been asked thousands of times how I built a multi-million dollar firm, as a solo practitioner, with minimal law firm experience. How I went from being fired from my very first big law job, seven months into practice, to being seen in places like Forbes, Business Insider and CNBC/Bloomberg, and it’s all right here in this course.

Keep calm, and imagine if:

This was my non-negotiable list when I first launched my firm. I made every single one reality, and I’d love to help you do the exact same. Because you deserve it.

Take the time to imagine how your life could change, if you decided to turn it up a notch in your business – if you decided to go all in on yourself. What sets successful business owners (yes, you’re a business owner) apart from unsuccessful ones is their willingness to try new things, believe in themselves, and give it their all. It’s about consistently working towards the results you want. 

Trust me, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur most of my life. I’ve started companies with nothing, and scaled them to acquisition. Bring the work ethic, grit and determination, and I’ll give you the strategy that works every single time. 


It’s time to finally build the framework for growth and expansion. It all starts with this decision. Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations and go after your wildest dreams.

Welcome to Steady Stream for Solos. Where we get serious about building the business of your dreams.

What's inside SSS?

The Lawyer & Entrepreneur Behind The Legalpreneur

Hi, I’m Andrea Sager, CEO/Founder of Legalpreneur Inc. 

As a serial entrepreneur and a lawyer, I know first-hand how important your business is to you. It’s your baby. It’s how you put food on the table. It’s your legacy. 

But sometimes that responsibility creates an overwhelming pressure that clouds you from being able to see the full picture. It’s what happened to me, and it’s why I created a fail-proof system, that helps me get out of my own head and really feel into my business.

And you know what? It’s always helped me exceed my wildest dreams. Just a few months after launching my firm, I’ve had attorneys from all over the world reach out to me for coaching and mentorship. And then it clicked – this was my calling. The small business owners I’ve always cared so much about included attorney’s too. 

As a divorced mom raising 2 beautiful kiddos while growing an epic business, I know ANYONE can create the law firm of their dreams as long as they have the right tools and resources. And I’m ready to give them to you.

Ready? Let’s get to work.

Andrea Sager

This Course is Perfect For You If...

Take a peek into SSS:

We’re covering everything in 6 weeks beginning June 6th, and you will finally be able to stop worrying when you’ll get your next client.



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Identifying your Client

+downloadable worksheet


Providing Value

+downloadable worksheet


Packaging your Offer

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Where to find your Clients

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Mastering the Sales Call

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A marketing/PR team is an amazing way of tracking clients, but it comes with limitations. A marketing team won’t be able to talk to clients for you. That’s something only you, or another lawyer can do. That’s why it’s important that you learn how to bring in your own clients – plus, it’s not hard.

The best time to sign up for this program was yesterday. The second best time is right now. Every single law firm, no matter how old or new, needs clients. If you’re just starting your practice, the one thing you need to secure your financial future is paying clients. And that’s what I can help you with.

Sometimes, we let our fears prevent us from taking the right step forward. In Steady Stream for Solos, I talk about the importance of mindset. If you’re worried about failing, then this program is definitely for you.

Of course you can. But if that’s what I’m giving away for free, just think about how incredible this course will be.

This course is meant to save you time. We’re attorneys, business owners, and human beings with other responsibilities. The last thing any of us have is time to waste. But if I’m being honest, getting a reliable flow of playing clients gave me the freedom I’ve always wanted, by allowing me to invest in myself and my business.