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You ready to kick all this to the curb?

No clue where to find reliable contracts—especially when you’re just starting out

No desire to spend hundreds (or thousands! why!) of dollars on custom contracts

Not sure if your contract has all the right provisions for exactly what you need

Tired of trying to make general contracts specific to your industry

Wishing you had affordable, unique-to-you legal advice in your corner

Good News


We went to law school so you don’t have to. And when it comes to contracts and protecting your first born ahem—business—like you’ve got a pack of lawyers at your beck and call, The Contract Vault is your power posse on paper.

Wouldn’t you rather focus on making money and doing good in your business than worrying about contracts and legalities? Of course you would.

Contracts you can trust to protect you are


The Contract Vault

Your biz deserves contracts that are anything but basic or (gasp!) general. This is exactly why we’ve categorized contracts to fit your unique industry. We’ve tailored the wording of each industry’s contracts differently and specifically, because your business should be treated with all the legally protected respect and high fives it deserves. Below is a sample of the 70+ contracts that are included in The Contract Vault!







Group coaching









Health & Wellness








Professional makeup

Laser Hair Removal






• Portrait

• Senior

• Wedding

• Engagement

• Event

• Second-Shooter


• Guest Post

• Sponsorship


• Service


• Service


• Co-host agreement

• Guest consent

• Producer agreement


• Influencer 

• Brand Rep


• Volunteer agreement

• Speaker agreement

• Ticket purchaser

• Event Space


• Service 

• Cancellation


• Brand Rep

• Influencer

• Wholesale Agreement

• Sales Representative


• Disclaimers

• Terms and Conditions

• Privacy Policy

• Independent Contractor

• Employee

Is this awesome or is this AWESOME? We know. We keep telling you!

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This is what you get:


All Access Pass to Our Industry Specific Template Contracts

Unlimited access to attorney-drafted, industry specific contracts. We know Google is great, but in the legal arena, experts with law degrees are way greater!


All Updates and Additions

We are constantly monitoring new laws and best practices in order to ensure customers have enforceable contracts. Any time a contract is updated, you’ll be the first to have access. You’ll also have first dibs on all additional contracts we add.


Access to Members-Only Facebook Group

Picture this as an informal “business legal school” where you also have unlimited access to small biz peers to grow with. Our members-only Facebook group is THE place you’ll learn everything you don’t yet know so you’re in the know.


Live Q&A Group Call Every Month; aka FREE LEGAL EXPERTISE
This is free legal expertise, people! Grow with your small biz peers as everyone gets their questions answered by attorney, Andrea Sager. You need education. Ignorance is no defense. As a business owner, you’re automatically held to a higher standard, and we’re going to make sure you live up to it!


No Price Increases

This is our introductory offer. We plan to roll out brand new tech later this year that enables you to customize your contracts even more. When you sign up now, you get to keep your current sign-up rate for life, even when the price increases!


Contract Requests 

Need a contract that’s not currently offered? Send a request, and we will get it added! Please note, we can’t create custom contracts for you, but we will create a template to add to the Vault!

About the


Legalpreneur LLC is the GO-TO legal resource for online businesses.

Andrea Sager is your very own go-to attorney for small business. After spending just 7 months at a large law firm, Andrea quickly found out “Big Law” was not the place for her. She was told from the beginning that small businesses were not “quality clients.” As a serial small business owner herself, Andrea knew that was not true. It was that defining moment that made her want nothing more than to fill the gap between small businesses and affordable legal services.

She and her firm are responsible for authoring each contract represented in The Contract Vault! .

Ok, but are these contracts really that necessary?

Your small biz peers have a little something to say about this, so listen up!

“The Contract Vault is an absolute game changer. It has made it so incredibly easy for me to make smart business decisions & protect myself and clients.”
“Andrea's contracts have been INCREDIBLY helpful. She has helped save us six-figures in past contracts. I recommend Andrea to all of the businesses I work with!”
"The Contract Vault has been super helpful for contracts needed for my business. I am able to make sure all the necessary terms and agreements are in place for my website and interaction with customers, and was able to utilize a contract for my first partnership in my business.”

A Special Note from Andrea

“Chances are, you have clients actively looking for loopholes in your contract in order to get out of paying you. If you have a solid contract, you can rest assured those loopholes are closed.

During the COVID-19 crisis alone, I’ve saved clients over $250,000 simply by having a proper force majeure clause in the contract. Conversely, one client had to provide refunds of over $10,000 due to not having the proper clause in place. This is why solid contracts matter—they’re literally the difference between keeping or losing thousands of dollars.

So why our templates over others?

I have unique experience in the online world, not just as an attorney, but also as a serial entrepreneur with multiple ventures. I bring my business experience along with my legal experience, so you get the best of both worlds. We’ve drafted thousands of contracts and have drilled down the most important issues to ensure our templates provide the best protection possible.”

 —Andrea Sager

Get access to the Contract Vault and the support you need!

$ 999 Annually
  • All Access Pass to Our Industry Specific Template Contracts
  • All Updates and Additions
  • Access to Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Live Q&A Group Call Every Month


The Contract Vault is for small business owners who need reliable contracts to protect your specific business and aren’t ready to invest in fully customized contracts, but are ready to get your contract game on point ASAP.

While you’re signed up, you get access to ALL of our attorney-drafted contracts offered through the Contract Vault, ALL updates, additions, and any special rates with partners. Plus, you’re grandfathered in to avoid future price increases. YES! In late 2020, you’ll also be able to customize your contracts even more and even easier with our new tech. We truly do live in the future and we’re gonna make sure you know it!

No. Who needs trials when a sure bet is at your fingertips?

Your card will be charged $999 on the same day every year until you cancel your membership.

There is no required commitment. You can cancel at any time, though your continued membership enables you to stay locked in at the price you signed up at even after membership rates increase!

We constantly monitor new laws, legal updates, and best practices within the business and legal community, so we’ve got you covered with the very latest. We’ll always update the contracts in order to reflect any changes that may occur.

If you’d like to offer your own clients a template as a bonus or as part of your program package, we have special commercial pricing just for you. Send an email to [email protected] for details!

We love creating new templates. Seriously. We’re nerdy about it. Shoot us an email at [email protected] for your request. We won’t make a custom contract for your specific situation, but we will create a template for everyone to have access to—and suddenly you’ll become a hero to small biz owners everywhere!

You better believe it! We’ve worked with Andrea Sager—the go-to attorney for small businesses—to create and provide you with the absolute best contract templates.

There’s a real good chance there’s something in The Contract Vault that’ll work for you. But we know that sometimes you really do need more than a template. In that case, if you need something specific for your situation, we highly suggest working directly with a licensed attorney. We recommend Andrea Sager, but you’re free to use whoever you like! If you do contact Andrea, mention us for a special rate 🙂

Yes. HIGHEST of fives to you, small biz boss!