Your Ultimate Roadmap to Legal Success

Gain full clarity on the legal stuff in your business: what exactly do you NEED, when do you need it, and how to get it done, without the price tag of a lawyer.



Legal does NOT have to be complicated.

Here’s what previous attendees have to say:

You do not want to miss this!


Secret #1

You need an LLC from day 1 (we explain exactly why and how much $ it will save you!)


Secret #2

All of the contracts you need to be using and how to get them TODAY


Secret #3

How to protect your business’s most valuable asset (hint: it’s nothing physical)

Meet Your Host:

Andrea Sager

You’re sick of the google rabbit hole and walking away more confused than when you started. Now you just want someone to give you the answers straight up.

Enter: The Legal Masterclass

You’re going to learn the exact steps to legally protect your business the right way from serial entrepreneur and top ranked trademark attorney, Andrea Sager.

With nearly a decade of experience as an entrepreneur and as the #27th ranked trademark attorney in the United States out of 40,000, Andrea knows exactly what every business owner needs to protect themselves and how to turn their legal protection into passive income.

If you’re finally ready to stop hiding in plain sight because you know you’re not legally legit – 

you can’t miss this!

We’re sharing the exact 5 steps it takes to protect your business without spending $400+ per hour with an attorney.

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