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Keep your brand out of harm’s way while you focus on growing your brand to its fullest potential!

This Legal Success Bundle is for you, if:

I am a Small Biz Entrepreneur.

You’re a small business owner ready to put in the work to legally protect what you have worked so hard to create.

I am so Overwhelmed.

There is so much information about legally protecting your small biz that it has left you overwhelmed and confused!

Learn the 5 steps that will make things EASIER inside of your Legal Success Bundle!

I want to Be Prepared.

It is only a matter of time before someone steals your stuff, and -trust me- you want to be ready when it happens!

It is yours.. PROTECT IT.

I need Peace of Mind.

Last night’s google search left you confused, with no action plan & no closer to legally protecting what is yours!

Train with like-minded entrepreneurs, TAKE ACTION.

I am anxious to Get Started.

Trademarks, copyrights, contracts, file as an LLC, where do you even begin?  

I am on a Budget.

Spending money on something you are not familiar with, like legal, is uncomfortable.  

That’s why Legalpreneur created the ultimate bundle to give you the confidence you need to legally protect your business!

The legal stuff may seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Included with Your Legal Success Bundle:

Legal Success Framework Bundle LIVE Training


The 5 Steps to Legally Protect Your Small Business

Live Training Date:
July 21, 2022 at 12PM CST 

On the LIVE training you will learn:

How to make your business legally “official”.

Should you file as an LLC, Corporation, Partnership, etc?

How to make your business legally “official”.

Should you file as an LLC, Corporation, Partnership, etc?

What do you do WHEN someone steals your stuff?

From your business’ name to your photos, find out exactly what to do WHEN someone steals YOUR work.

Contracts, does your small business really need them?

What contracts does your small business need and how to implement them into your business.

Trademark or copyright, which one and when?

What are they and do you actually need to be worried about them as a small business? HINT: Yes!

Payments, how should you accept them?

Are you using a payment processor that does not protect service providers from chargebacks? HINT: PayPal is not designed to protect the service provider.


✚ 4 Things Your Contract Must Include

✚ Trademark Info EBook

✚ Annual Legalpreneur Checklist

✚ Legal Success Framework Guide

Your downloadable legal success guides:

4 Things Your Contract Must Include

Learn what to look for in your contracts so your business is always legally protected.

Draft your contracts with confidence by learning the specific must have aspects of each contract.

Never wonder again if your contract includes the right things with this downloadable legal guide.

Trademark Info Ebook

Your guide to fully understanding trademarks.

Stop wondering what can and cannot be protected with a trademark and settle the confusion about trademark classes once and for all.

A downloadable legal guide to understand trademark basics, trademark classes, and each step of the trademark process.

Annual Legalpreneur Checklist

Maintain legal compliance each year with the Annual Legalpreneur Checklist.

Do not waste your valuable time and your hard earned $$ having to “starting over” due to failing to review your business periodically.

The Annual Legalpreneur Checklist includes the legal review topics that you could pay for an attorney to review for you, but you can DIY- the Legalpreneur’s way!

Legal Success Framework Guide

The small business owner’s ultimate guide to legally protecting your pride and joy –ahem– your BIZ!  Build a rock solid legal foundation to keep the money you make without getting sued or in trouble with the government. 

A downloadable legal guide to get you started AND organize the process of protecting and growing your small business with legal!

Get your Legal Success Bundle today!

Meet Your Host!

Hi, I’m Andrea Sager. As a serial entrepreneur and a lawyer, I know first-hand how important it is for businesses of any size or stage to have legal support. That’s why I left my big law firm to follow my true passion: helping other entrepreneurs meet their fullest potential by leveraging the power of the law for an affordable price.

When you get your Legal Success Bundle, you’re not just getting access to the know-how you need to legally protect your business, but it is coming from me, an attorney, and a fellow entrepreneur with years of experience running multiple businesses who can relate to your unique needs.

I’ve walked miles in your shoes, and then some. You are going to learn how to save valuable time and thousands of $$’s by legally protecting your biz! See you at the LIVE training included with your Legal Success Bundle!

B.B.A., Business with an emphasis in Accounting
J.D., NKU Chase College of Law 
Admitted in Ohio

Legal education for entrepreneurs just like you:

7 - The Legalpreneur
8 - The Legalpreneur
10 - The Legalpreneur
9 - The Legalpreneur

With your Legal Success Bundle, you’ll get access to:

The 5 Steps to Legally Protect Your Business LIVE Training *valued at $999

In 60-minutes you will learn exactly what five steps you must take to legally protect and GROW your small business. The LIVE training also includes Q&A for you to get all of those legal questions keeping you up at night- ANSWERED! 

4 Downloadable Legal Success Guides *valued at $99 each

✚ 4 Things Your Contract Must Include

✚ Trademark Info EBook

✚ Annual Legalpreneur Checklist

✚ Legal Success Framework Guide

What entrepreneurs just like you are saying:

Thank you SO MUCH I already feel like I have learned sooo much !

Sierra- Start-Up Entrepreneur

UGH! Now that you mentioned it... someone DID snatch my business domain an squat on it since I filed my TM app

Andrea- Start-Up Entrepreneur

Incredible! The Legalpreneur has protected my business on more than one occasion!

Sheena- Established Entrepreneur

I love the Legalpreneur!!! I feel so blessed to have found Andrea. As a start up investing in a legal sounds scary. The fact that her mission is to help people like me is seriously soooo powerful. I could relax about business decisions and felt more in control. I felt safe. If you’re a new entrepreneur legal stuff usually isn’t your forte and the Legalpreneur makes it easy and affordable which is what I need. Seriously soooo grateful. I can’t thank her enough.

Miranda- Start-Up Entrepreneur

Just saw your webinar again and it is always great to hear you explain it again. Thank you. I plan to get my company started soon and would like to use your services and also become an affiliate for your company. Thanks again for all you do.

Donald- Start-Up Entrepreneur

Great job! Very helpful information and very knowledgeable on materials!

Travis- Serial Entrepreneur


FREE. It is an incredible resource to save you time and money when it comes to legally protecting your small business or side hustle!

Online entrepreneurs that built the biz, want to legally protect the biz, AND SAVE THOUSANDS!

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