A two and a half day conference designed to help you DREAM BIGGER by hearing from those that have already created some of the most successful businesses in the world while maintaining their mental health.

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We may be a company founded on legal protection, but Dream Bigger by Legalpreneur is all about business and personal growth.

Dream Bigger will help you get out of your own way!

Being an entrepreneur is a thrilling adventure – fact. People ignore legal because it’s scary stuff – fact. But to truly enjoy the adventure as an entrepreneur, you need to legally protect your business AND focus on business and personal growth.

The company grows ONLY WHEN we improve ourselves. When we focus on our personal growth as leaders, we inspire others to do the same.

Collaboration builds a community internally and externally. This is how we stand out, become integrated with those we serve, create deep sense of connection, and DREAM BIGGER.

Dream Bigger is implementing a culture of innovation and continuous improvement for the Legalpreneur Community, ultimately what sets Legalpreneur apart from the legal industry.

Authenticity breeds confidence. Confidence breeds authenticity. Your experience at Dream Bigger will boost the confidence needed to show up authentically to continue building your empire!

Nothing is worth doing if it’s not fun. Yes, being an entrepreneur is a thrilling adventure, yet it’s more sustainable when we truly enjoy it. Dream Bigger is bringing fun to your adventure as an entrepreneur.


OCTOBER 5 - 7, 2022
Hyatt Regency Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ


Danielle Canty is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor as well as the co-founder and President of the educational media company, BossBabe. With an engaged audience of over 4 million, BossBabe has become a household name for female entrepreneurs and ambitious women. From a hugely successful membership to signature courses and a top-rated podcast, BossBabe is empowering women around the world.

Danielle started her entrepreneurial journey in the UK as a chiropractor. And after selling her primary healthcare company, Danielle moved to Los Angeles to join her business partner and grow BossBabe into a multi-million dollar business.

Danielle’s passion is helping women build wealth. She has been featured in leading magazines like Elle and Success and interviewed some of America’s most successful female entrepreneurs like Jamie Kern Lima, Mona Kattan, Cindy Eckert + many more. She believes that women get to be unapologetic about their ambition and dreams, which has led her on a mission to create and share impactful content that will help women from all walks of life change their current situations.

> Co-Founder of BossBabe
> Host of the top-rated BossBabe Project

> Business Start-ups
> Leadership
> Community Builder
> Content Creation
> Membership Growth

Alli Webb is an N.Y. Times Bestselling Author, Canopy President, Co-Founder of Drybar, Squeeze and Becket + Quill. After spending 15 years as a professional hair stylist, Webb left the hair industry in 2005 to start a family, but after being a stay-at-home mom for 5 years, Webb decided to find a way to continue pursuing the creative side of hairstyling at a new-mom pace. She began offering affordable in-home blowout services to her mommy friends, which quickly expanded into a mobile operation by 2009. In 2010, Webb opened the first Drybar in Brentwood, CA. 10 years later and over 150+ locations across the U.S., Webb’s Drybar has exploded into a nationally recognized and highly sought-after brand.

Webb diversified the Drybar brand, creating a line of products and tools sold at popular retailers such as Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ulta, recently selling this product division to Helen of Troy for $255 million. Webb has been on the cover of Inc Magazine’s “How I Did This” issue, named the “100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company, featured on Fortune magazine’s “40 Under 40” list, Marie Claire’s “Most Fascinating Women” and recently Inc. magazine recognized her as one of “The 100 Women Building America’s Most Innovative and Ambitious Businesses.” Webb appeared on season 10 of ABC’s Emmy nominated hit show “Shark Tank” as a guest shark in 2019.

Staying true to her signature approach to beauty and self-care, Squeeze, follows suit in the affordable luxury space as innovative massage concept that lets you book and pay online – the latest extension of her expanding empire where she operates as an active angel investor, advisor and co-founder. Squeeze’s first location is in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Studio City with several other locations across the country set to open in the next year.

Most recently Webb joined the Canopy team as President. Canopy’s best in class humidifiers are making big waves in the beauty industry and building innovative beauty devices. Canopy’s first product is the reimagined humidifier to focus on providing functional benefits for healthy skin, hair and scalp. In addition to being anti-mold, easy maintenance and design-led, Canopy has an innovative aroma diffuser built in, with a new aroma kit dropping every few months. Canopy will continue to bring new products to the beauty & wellness category that will elevate people’s skincare routines.

Webb also joined forces with LA based jewelry designer Meredith Quill to build yet another new brand, now known as Becket + Quill. Both ladies share a passion for beautiful, affordable luxuries that don’t break the bank. By using precious metals where it matters most and complementing them with alternative materials that look gorgeous and maintain quality, Becket + Quill makes it easy to indulge and give a gift that lasts. It’s high end, not high spend.

Webb is currently writing her second book and resides in Los Angeles, CA with her partner Adrian and their four children.

Pauleanna Reid is a celebrity ghostwriter who helps high-profile leaders and doers turn their personal stories into powerful brand assets. As a result of years of experience building brands, and serving as a communications advisor across various industries, authority figures continue to trust Pauleanna with their legacies. Leveraging these achievements, she founded The WritersBlok, a full-service ghostwriting agency, composed of a team of content ninjas responsible for some of the most talked-about pop culture moments, books, and noteworthy speeches. With features in Black Enterprise, Essence, and XONecole, and leadership partnerships alongside WealthSimple, Google, LinkedIn, and more, Pauleanna’s wit, ability to manage high stakes crises, and her mastery of impossible deadlines are exactly the traits that today’s tastemakers find so remarkably appealing.

Using her storied career and personal experiences as a catalyst, Pauleanna has become a highly sought-after speaker, guest lecturer, and media personality. Often mixing context with humor, her zone of genius includes: storytelling, entrepreneurship, youth engagement, and mental health awareness. With a firm belief that personal fulfillment and professional success can co-exist, Pauleanna is no stranger to the public stage, consistently sharing her best practices and biggest mistakes with her thousands of devoted followers.

As a purpose-driven leader, she is passionate about helping people see beyond the limits of their circumstances; her first love as a journalist proves that there’s always more than what meets the eye. As a senior contributor at ForbesWomen and freelance reporter Business Insider, Pauleanna lends her talents to reporting on female leaders who are shaping the future. She is dedicated to amplifying Black voices, and unsung heroes, whose stories of triumph aren’t often seen in mainstream headlines.

Starting with a number two pencil and a dream, she began her writing career producing news reports for notable Canadian media outlets, including the National Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, and the Vancouver Sun; a readership that exceeded several hundred thousand across the country.

As a successful journalist by her early 20s, Pauleanna penned her debut novel, Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother, a loose adaptation of her life story. Despite dropping out of college, struggling with her mental health, and experiencing bullying and abuse in her teens, today, Pauleanna draws from her unique life experiences to powerfully encourage others to face and conquer their challenges. With this mindset, in 2015, Pauleanna founded New Girl on the Block, a mentorship program for millennial women in transition. The heart of the organization helps tackle Gen Y’s biggest obstacles, and equips every student with innovative solutions to get them ahead in life. From recent graduates to new business owners, and career changes to quarter-life crises, Pauleanna has successfully mentored more than 200 women, globally.

If she isn’t holding a pen, or fostering next-generation leaders, Pauleanna is re-imagining a new world, and crafting an exciting one of her own. In recent years, she has pursued her love for volunteerism in Wollongong, Australia and in Ghana, West Africa. She also continues to passionately devote herself to higher education. Pauleanna holds a certificate in Women’s Leadership from Yale School of Management – Executive Education. Not only does she illustrate versatility, but she proves that the secret to her success lies in her ability to give more than what she takes from the world. She understands the importance of tuning out those who try to box you in, in order blaze your own trail and write your own story from an authentic place.












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The world’s most elite entrepreneurs and people you didn’t know you needed to hear from are bringing the no-nonsense to the stage, so you can take your business to the next level.


Can’t make it in-person or want to re-live the incredible speakers? Get access to recordings of all speakers even after the live experience has concluded.

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Meet your new tribe of business owners focused on DREAMING BIGGER. There’s no easier way to change your mindset than to be around those that already have a bigger mindset. No doubt you’ll find your new business BFFs here!


Discover new resources you didn’t know you needed in your life. And if you’re a business owner wanting to get in front of 500 of your ideal customers, send us an email for sponsorship info to [email protected]

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Bring the kids!  An entrepreneur shouldn’t have to choose between the business and family. Daycare is included with both the General and VIP pass options!

Money Scaling Investing Mindset Growth Self-Care Money Scaling Investing Mindset Growth Self-Care

Money Scaling Investing Mindset Growth Self-Care Money Scaling Investing Mindset Growth Self-Care

Money Scaling Investing Mindset Growth Self-Care Money Scaling Investing Mindset Growth Self-Care



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+ Welcome Party
+ Daycare for your Children
+ Expo Hall
+ Healthy Breakfast & Lunches
+ Swag Bag
+ Dream Bigger Attendee Directory
+ Recordings of All Sessions
+ Exclusive Discounts from our Partners


+ Welcome Party
+ Daycare for your Children
+ Expo Hall
+ Healthy Breakfast & Lunches
+ Swag Bag
+ Dream Bigger Attendee Directory
+ Recordings of All Sessions
+ Exclusive Discounts from our Partners
Hyatt Regency Phoenix


Hyatt Regency Phoenix
122 North Second Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

*Discounted room rate available! Information provided post-purchase.