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General Questions

The Legalpreneur® is owned by Legalpreneur LLC and is not a law firm.

We’ve worked with Andrea Sager—the go-to attorney for small businesses—to create and provide you with the absolute best contract templates and resources.

Nothing on this website is legal advice and an attorney-client relationship is not formed by purchasing or viewing any product or services. 

Whether you are a startup, side hustle, established, or serial entrepreneur, there are steps you may take to legally protect your business without spending thousands on an attorney!

When just getting started you will want to focus on a few important areas.  Don’t worry we created a mini-course for you, How to Legally Start my Biz!  

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The Legalpreneur® values customer satisfaction!  We proudly stand behind our products and services that we provide for small business entrepreneurs. 

When we create specific products and services, we work to ensure that we provide exactly what is delineated in all product and service descriptions prior to checkout.  

If at any point you feel that we have dropped the gavel on providing you satisfactory products and/or services, please submit a refund request. The Legalpreneur® will then review your refund request and respond within 5-10 business days.  

When reviewing you refund request, the Legalpreneur® will evaluate the download and access history of the product or service.  All contracts are downloadable immediately upon purchase and courses are also accessible immediately upon purchase.  This makes the evaluation process of refund request super easy for our customers and our business too! 

Absolutely!  We love it when our peeps are helping other small business entrepreneurs get started with their business and send them our way.

The average affiliate earns almost $100 with each referral.

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Contract Questions

The Contract Vault Bundles are for small business owners who need reliable contracts to protect your specific business and aren’t ready to invest in fully customized contracts, but are ready to get your contract game on point ASAP.

Once you purchase your industry bundle, you will get access to all of the contracts included with your specific niche. 

We constantly monitor new laws, legal updates, and best practices within the business and legal community, so we’ve got you covered with the very latest. We’ll always update the contracts in order to reflect any changes that may occur.

If you’d like to offer your own clients a template as a bonus or as part of your program package, we have special commercial pricing just for you. Send an email to [email protected] for details!

We love creating new bundles. Seriously. We’re nerdy about it. Shoot us an email at [email protected] for your request. We won’t make a custom contract for your specific situation, but we will create a bundle for everyone to have access to—and suddenly you’ll become a hero to small biz owners everywhere!

You better believe it! We’ve worked with Andrea Sager—the go-to attorney for small businesses—to create and provide you with the absolute best contract templates.

There’s a real good chance there’s something in The Contract Vault Bundles that’ll work for you. But we know that sometimes you really do need more than a template. In that case, if you need something specific for your situation, we highly suggest working directly with a licensed attorney. We recommend Andrea Sager, but you’re free to use whoever you like! If you do contact Andrea, mention us for a special rate. Email: [email protected]

Trademark Questions

The Trademark Course is for small business owners who recognize the need for trademark protection within their business, but don’t want to work directly with an attorney to file their applications. 

The Trademark Course comes with 6 self-paced modules that take you through the search, the application, and post-registration maintenance period. You also get access to bonus support materials, worksheets, & downloads!

Immediately after purchase, you will receive an email with access information to all bonuses and support materials! Please be sure to save this email for future reference.

You will have access for the lifetime of the course!

No! We can never guarantee an approval, but we do walk you through our exact processes when filing for our own clients.

No, you will have to pay the filing fees to when you file.

If you don’t feel comfortable completing your application, or you want help, you should contact a trademark attorney. You can use anyone you’d like, but we do recommend 🙂

We created the Trademark Audit because we got this question a lot!  

Perfect for the small business entrepreneur who wants to know what needs a trademark as they begin the Legalpreneur’s- [DIY] Trademark Course.

The TM Audit has a turn around time of 5-10 business days.

*The Trademark Audit does not establish an attorney-client relationship.